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brake levers

I generally use whatever i can find but do any folks out there have any preferences on this?

I just switched to one of those dual control brake levers that pull both the front and rear with one lever. seems to be working well, just have to make sure you adjust the front to be a bit slacker than the rear so when you go and grab a handful of brake your not going OTB

going over the handlebars not your thing?

I use one as well. Total POS but I can stop fast then anyone running just a r.brake every time.


this is why front-brakers like the set-up so much, because they can stop faster. stopping faster means they can cut faster and in essence just go faster, especially into tight situations, because they can maintain more control over the speed of their bikes. as soon as the rear-braker locks up all of the stopping power is just in the skid, whereas the front-brakers can endo the bike up on top of the front wheel.

Endo 2

lets have a stopping contest. i win every time.

ben its stopping on a dime, not stopping on a fence

ok fine i wont use the fence. the thing is we got to bolth get up to a strong and equal speed and then reach a mark or have someone yell and then i stop faster.

But pulling both brakes will also stop me faster and more safely then a f.brake only user as well.

We got a hold of a bunch of the dual control levers, a few guys tried it but no one really stuck with them. I have one sitting at home and have been hesitant to set it up.



Some one somewhere was making a much better built (read: expensive) one lever for both brakes system a couple of years back. It had some kind of frame-mounted mechanical device that regulated the amount of lever-pull-force going to the front and rear that amounted to a bicycle anti-lock-braking-system.

The guy from U.S.Bike Polo (the 'official' grass league) posted a myspace bulletin about it. Any body remember the product name?

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