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Hip protection gear

Hip protection gear

So I was at REI a week ago and noticed they had these hip pads, and since I've had my share of wrecks (mostly from using clips and bike shoes that did not clip out as quickly as the accident happens) I was wondering does anyone like/use these for tournaments? Personally, I am going to buy one for the SOcal winter polo picnic tournament, but don't have funds for another week or two. So, if anyone likes them or dislikes them this would be a good place to drop the dime...


I wear them, but only to make my figure more shapely in a cocktail dress.

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As soon at financially able. I'm sick of my bony ass looking flat.



I was under the assumption all polo players had quads like chris hoy. No?

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so obviously over-compensating for... something.

I like the pads on the sides, but I don't think those in the back are going to ride with the seat that well.
I'd probably end up cutting those pads off.
The cool thing about REI (Return Everything Inc.)
Is that you could return them for a refund (if you're a member)
I take everything I buy there back (after I've worn the shit out of it)
Try em' out, and let us know how they ride.

i think football girdles would be a little better. you can remove the tailbone pad and just use the hip pads. i was going to try this out this year, but then i realized, i don't take that many bumps. my GF should try them. from april til november shes nothing but bruises and scrapes.

emoxfag wrote:

my GF should try them. from april til november shes nothing but bruises and scrapes.

pass. too easy ...

I have something similar except they're only padded on the sides. I used to use them for Mountain biking, but lately I wear them more for polo. They work great.

I bought a pair of motocross shorts that have a chamois and removeable pads on the hips, thighs, & tail bone. This is what I got, I really like them the pads aren't bulky at all and the chamois while not as padded as regular bike shorts is good enough for riding to, from & during polo. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/6/10/8653/ITEM/Troy-Lee-Designs-P...

those moto-x shorts look awesome...

i used cheap-o gardening knee pads as hip pads for skateboarding because of constantly slamming on my side. i imagine they would hold in place decent wearing cycling shorts in polo.


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It seems that when I do crash, I crash hard, and onto my hips/wrists/elbows/head. Obviously I wear a helmet, and I will be looking into padding for the wrists that leaves you mobile, but the hips are just something you don't want to fuck with. You can cause major problems in the long term, and obviously the football gear isn't suited for a bicycle seat or wearing under clothing. Try the REAL sport of football, not hand egg. Goalie Shorts, should provide a moderate amount of protection, fit under your clothes, and ride the bike seat fine.



There are these football compression shorts from Nike.