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I sorted all the "gear" threads the other day (see http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forums/gear) and realized there are no threads about gloves. Since most of the gloves out there only last a few months of polo abuse, i thought i'd see what people are using.

My ideal glove:
* good palm protection for landings hands first
* knuckle protection
* durable, especially at the fingertips
* not too bulky.

So far the best i've found are these Hutchinson Freeride MTB gloves pictured above.

Any other tips?

I've used these for about six months, found them on Amazon for $25 shipped... they now appear to be like $50... not worth that much, imho.

When I got them, I immediately used hockey tape to tape the finger tips and "thumb crease" so they wouldn't wear through. Once a month I put new tape on and at last tape swap there was a small hole on the left hand (i'm a lefty) pointer finger... i think it was because my nail was a little long for a couple weeks and it wore through... otherwise they're holding up ok.

$4.99 from Harbor Freight. Super cheap, mallet hand lasts a few months (3-5?), but the steering lasts quite a bit longer. Obviously not as nice as others, but for the price, not bad, plusI'll probably lose one at some point.

Link to the store, but I always buy a few when I'm near a physical location: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=93640

I also have a pair of these for $9.99. Have a few rubber pads, and are just overall thicker. I use it for my steering hand sometims, but they're a little too thick for my mallet hand:

hotbike wrote:

$4.99 from Harbor Freight. Super cheap, mallet hand lasts a few months (3-5?), but the steering lasts quite a bit longer. Obviously not as nice as others, but for the price, not bad, plusI'll probably lose one at some point.

Link to the store, but I always buy a few when I'm near a physical location: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=93640

I have a pair of these, obviously from the same factory in China, but yellow and branded Super Cheap Auto ($14 in Australia... which is cheap for gloves)
I use a small piece of iron on mender on the inside and outside of the mallet hand thumb, that has been the number one failure point for all my gloves. pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanbicyclist/3988993187/

I also have a small pair of the the Mylec gloves which are too small for me... brand new. ended up costing me $70 ($30 and $40 postage - or the other way around) they look *very* nice and as soon as I sell these locally, I'll buy a medium. (I broke my hand in 08, maybe these would have saved me? then again I should just try not riding into brick walls)


I use the brooklyn machine works English Niks DH gloves. The palms on either pair I bought have not worn out, ripped or otherwise damaged and they offer a ton of protection on the knuckles and palms. Downside is they are pretty pricey and not terribly breatheable. Check em out

I like your polo.

The description says "A rubber-molded exoskeleton"-- How's the ventilation? My hands get super sweaty, rubber molded sounds hot (and not in the good way)

I wear women's gardening gloves.

I second this.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I like everything about these gloves except the palm. Very little padding and it wears out pretty fast. The knuckle guards are excellent and stand up to chainlink very well. They size on the small side, the first pair I got were mediums, they burst at the seams after about 3 weeks. The next pair I got were extra large and much better. I've only needed to do a tiny mend on a seam after about 2 months. Get at least 2 sizes larger they'll last longer.

Mr. Do just bought a pair of these.


Franklin Street Hockey Gloves. He bought the junior size because that was all that was available but they fit. They are around $25 in price.

They feel really great and are a lot like lacrosse gloves in the fact that they have padding on top and not much on the bottom. Which is a good and bad. I can see the palms wearing out really quickly and in a crash I think they'd get shredded.

Still a pretty good deal for those on the cheap.

This looks like just about the best pair of gloves I've seen. (Similar-ish to the Mylec ones)

Now the challenge is finding them and from somewhere that will actually ship them to me.


On second thought don't bother. These things won't hold up to more than 2 weeks of bike polo play. The seams have already begun to rip around the edges of the palm.

i haven't bit the bullet and forked out for these yet, but they look pretty awesome. they also come in black, and oakley generally has a pretty good warranty system so if they wore out, you may get a replacement

Holy Moley! MSRP $70!!??

ya but carbon fibre is fast! right?

if you guys like hockey gloves, there is a huge blow out sale right now on Eagle gloves


$29-39 for gloves normally priced at $75-100

dunno how long this sale will last, so check it out!

give blood. play polo.

10" size only, but they have 32 different color combos! larger sizes are a bit more.

thanks for the heads up.

that's why i said $29-39 :)
i love that they have so many different colors. i freakin love this website

give blood. play polo.

aah i see, sorry bout that. dontcha love the hockey/polo crossover though?!?

Who cares, them niggas at MKE Cycle offer the bomb gloves... 11" Franklin gloves--and othertwise--*great* gloves for a good price... $26-$28... can't beat it... Hewitt comes tight on this deal...order now or be dead.

i ordered the 10" of the Franklin gloves last week. temporarily out of stock, but only for about another week.

i hope these things are worth the wait.

give blood. play polo.

best gloves.

Fixcraft has the 11" ones that it seems MKE is sold out on.








i just picked up the Franklin street hockey gloves from Fixcraft (also can be found on MKE) I'm a girl with small hands so the 10" fits alright, maybe a little loose but eh, i will manage.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem: Because the hockey gloves are meant for a more relaxed grip,
(imagine the difference between the grip from your mallet and the handlebars... ) the bottom knuckle of my left thumb has a gnarly blister (from gripping the handlebars so my knuckle sticks out and rubs against the padding)

has anyone else ended up with this kind of blister? how did you fix it? cut out that part of the glove? reinforce it with softer padding?

give blood. play polo.

Lacrosse gloves over hockey every time. Lacrosse players, I guess, need a firmer grip? No stiff thumb piece, comfy as hell and malleable. These didn't even have a transitional period for me. I bought them and played in a tournament that day. Ask Julien about them. Reebok lacrosse.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

okay, last night I figured it out
there is a fairly dense piece of foam that i carefully took out of the glove cutting a slit into the fabric on the inside.
The foam was about 3/16" so i shaved it down to about an 1/8" now the foam is more flexible but is still there for impact. although i dont think your driving thumb has much to worry about hiding under that handlebar. eh. just in case.
so hopefully after this my blister will go away and be the last cut/scar on my hand from bike polo.

give blood. play polo.

Yup, yer right. I played lacrosse for years..and bike polo has the same wrist motions as cradling a lacrosse ball.


dam, you ordering a pair of these?

Absolutely not. I was just posting them as a reference for others. I still don't fully understand all this padded glove business.

You should be able to buy them here in town anyway.

I've been using downhill gloves, but a guy in my club showed up last night and had these and they look sweet. They're from Home Depot, so no problems finding a local supplier.
The Carbon Fiber could be bigger and on the second knuckle as well, but the top of the hand protection from wall/bar/mallet is nice.

Firm Grip gloves w/ CF


We play polo in the ATL

I just bought a similar pair from home depot for $25 with lots of knuckle and finger protection too! The padded palms are a nice bonus compared to my $70 Answer MotoX gloves..which I trashed easily.

i've used these gloves. they have good palms and fingers, some knuckle protection, and they aren't bulky.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Lots of people talk about slim gloves saying "they aren't bulky", as if its a plus. I have not heard ONE person who has played with lacrosse gloves complain about the bulk. It simply isnt a hindrance.

As far as I'm concerned there are NO negatives in playing with lacrosse gloves. Only safe hands.

at the end of the day, it's a personal preference, right? lighter gloves tend to breath better, which is a plus if you live in a warm climate. i've used hockey gloves when it's cold, but for most of the year, i use a lighter glove.

carve. smash. eat shit.

No doubt its personal preference.

But if people are holding out from buying gloves that are ACTUALLY going to protect their hands because they are concerned that they are too bulky. They shouldn't be. They might look it, but they dont feel like it.

Totally agree with you. Anyone who says lacrosse gloves are too bulky clearly hasn't used any for a reasonable amount of time. Seriously, the only malus is heat, but it's a minor one compared to not losing fingers.


Best gloves for polo I've had yet loving them. Only thing is you should order a junior size