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Nutcase Helmets for WHBPCs 2011?

I contacted a company called Nutcase Helmets (I Love My Brain), they make some pretty nifty helmets. I know a lot of you are keen on Bern, but Nutcase has some pretty decent helmets, as well as spiffy designs. I told them about bike polo, something they had never heard of, and they already sound very excited on getting a team custom page set up. I asked if they would be able to do something for next year's World Championships and what kind of deal we would get on bulk.
So pretty much what I am asking is, who is the creative director when it comes to these things? When are we deciding on where next year's championships are going to be held? And how are funds acquired in order to support such a huge event?
If there were custom polo helmets available to players, or limited edition WHCBPCs helmets, would you get one?
Should we hold a design contest? Just figured it would be a fun unique way to hold your brains in.

Check out Nutcase Helmets here

Thanks for the enthusiasm and your sponsor idea.

Please read this thread for the best possible answer to all your questions you listed above.

thanks for the link. i had read it before, but then it turned into 20 replys of typical forum bitching.
i will run this by Joker next time i see him. but still, what do you guys think about custom helmets?

give blood. play polo.

listen to sveden. If the only thing custom is the logo its proly not worth it. If it was a custom fit polo helmet thats another story. There realy is'nt a prefered helmet for polo. Closest to it is a bern. If the company your talking to will make a custom fit helmet now we're talking.

they have the street style helmet that is popular. but the custom design im talking about isnt just a little sticker in the back of it, but the whole thing is covered with a graphic. i can ask them if they have anything with a light face guard or visor.

give blood. play polo.

See if they would be willing to sponsor by doing team helmets of three that are team specific for each team and either give them to each team or make them ridiculously cheap. Add another ten bucks to the reg costs and each team gets their team helmet which also has the Nutcase logo and the WHBPC logo on it. Require that each team wear that helmet at the tournament.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

that was one idea i had, since helmets are required in tournament. some people don't have one, and would be more likely to wear one at worlds especially if it has WHBPCs on it. i think that would make one helluva souvenir.
Since Nutcase has several different helmet styles that are sport specific, I am going to see what kind of 'polo specific' helmets they can come up with, like people had been discussing with Bern about the clips for a face mask.

give blood. play polo.

Nice Jinxy. I wonder if anyone has used one of these helmets? You should try to get your hands on one to test there quality.

I agree...that's awesome Jinxy. I haven't personally tried their helmets but I have heard good things from some other cyclists who have liked their helmets. I'd love to hear what they have to say about it...let me know if there's anything I can do to help out with it.

they have water and snow helmets with ear covers.
would ear covers be too much? anyone lose a lobe yet during a game?

give blood. play polo.

I dig the eye protection on the moto version, but the helmet seems like it would be super hot... not venting. I might try to just get some of the goggles

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