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Do you always wear your helmet/protective equiptment?

Sitting in the emergency waiting to get stitches in my head for a gash caused by a mallet.

I don't often wear a helmet at pick up, I have knee/shin pads I wear sometimes, and lacrosse gloves I won't play without. Will wear all 3 at tourneys.

Wondering how often people gear up? Always? When pick up gets 'intense'? Only tourneys?

i only wear my face mask when this mallet is in the throw in pile:

hotbike wrote:

i only wear my face mask when this mallet is in the throw in pile:

Yeah Mike, yeah. just, yeah. . . .

I always wear jorts.

<---- see?

I bought the gear on purpose. I wear the gear with purpose.

In other words yes I always wear my helmet, gloves and kneepads. But I'm also the kid who wouldn't swing off the tire swing into the river.

I wear tons of gear every time i play: facemask, helmet, lacrosse gloves, shin/knee guards, bike shorts, shoulder brace, bike shoes.

Yup. Always wear helmet, lacrosse gloves, and knee/shinpads. Aside from the hassle of carting gear around on polo days, there's not any downside to wearing it, and a lot of advantages.

yep. Even when playing B-ball with 12 year-olds. Little blighters can be vicious.

Is that over at the art academy?

We play polo in the ATL

always helmet (with eye shield) and always lacrosse gloves now. it nauseates me a bit to think of how often i used to play without a helmet.

I always use my gloves too, the helmet, not so much, but then again, I know DC polo plays some st. louis shit... here in colorado, we're kinda like a mix of midwest and cascadia play, we have finesse but we also have the checking and screening...

always helmet, kneepads and gloves 99% of the time.

-my stomach is a pickle-

I remember when I was the only guy wearing a helmet at tournaments. Everyone would bitch when they were told they needed a helmet.

I almost always wear a helmet. I don't tend to wear my face mask under our lights because I find it more difficult to see. I think in general gloves are more important. I almost never play in flippy floppies.

I agree with Rory

Glove > Helmets

Brain bucket - always
Mits - always
limb protection - sometimes
Protective rosary on my neck at all times to fend off evil doers - tournaments only

I'm the idiot riding into concrete pillars at 10-15 mph with no protection at all. Just lucky I guess?

Always wear the helmet and gloves, but less for the protection and more just to be used to 'em. I mean, yes, protection is good, I just don't wanna throw myself off because something feels slightly off.


So yah. Helmets going to be an "always" thing now.

yeah... that's exactly why i wear mine. I got bonked on the backside of helmet last night from a stray mallet.


ice hockey helmet and grill, lacrosse gloves and knee pads.



A break from polo

And this just in from my Nationals team mate:
"the damage is more extensive than I first thought, not in intensity, but in scope. The medial ligament is damaged, the posterior cruciate ligament (behind the knee) also suffered a virtually complete tear, and there are associated prominent bone contusions. Luckily the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is intact and the meniscus suffered no damage.... obviously I am out for the Autumn tourney. Nationals I'm not too sure as yet..."

Lewis, I think you should have sub catergorised this post under "you're not taking polo seriously enough"


Sorry Damon, i was unsure when creating the post where to categorize it. If only we had tags instead.... HAH!

Besides, you didnt really need to post D, i already knew you always use protection ;)

always always wear my helmet. i had a stupid fall one time and a slammed the back of my head on the ground. thank goodness i was wearing my helmet. and by that time i had only been wearing it for about a week.
after a knocked my knee to shit, i always wear my shin/knee guards.

gloves have proven very beneficial. almost after every night of polo, my hands were scratched and bloody. hurray for the $25 franklin hockey gloves!

the only thing i dont wear on a regular basis are my girls lacrosse wire framed goggles. those are more for tournaments. although i have had a few close calls in pick up. i might have to dig those out more often.

stay safe ya'll!

give blood. play polo.

Helmet is on unless I'm by myself, gloves are always on. First tournament after I got my first pair of lacrosse gloves I subbed in a late night pick up game and almost immediately got my thumb smashed. still have a scar and it didn't work quite right for a while.

I think in the instance of gloves and knee pads the equipment should always be worn, not for safety thouygh. It can effect your movement and therefore your play, better to know what you can and an't do when the time comes down to it. Helmets are just smart, I've bapped my head on the pavement before, thankfully always with a helmet on but I got lucky because for the first year I never wore one. practicing alone I don't tend to worry.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Helmet, check
gloves, check
knee/shingaurds, check
face guard, check

I wear them every time I play(accept that one time I left my face guard at home). Ever since the crown this last year in East Van when I got my cornea scratched by a red ball coming in at what felt like 90 mph. shortly after I got back I started looking around for face protection and found a pair off lady's lacross goggles for $3 at good will. There are a lot of fast chip shots in pick up and I don't wanna ruin my chances of playing in a tournament cause of some crappy accident. I wear that shit all the time. Plus it makes me look mean.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

timtim wrote:

Plus it makes me look mean.

Nope. Softy.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

The less you wear, the scarier you are. And being really hairy helps too.

for those that don't wear a lid...why not?

Why hasnt anyone answered this yet? If we all know the risks associated with polo and many have seen the effects of not wearing any protection, why are there still helmet-less players?

Kid trying to look cool or complacency. Everyone without a helmet has responded with a "oh I need to get one soon" generic response.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

they probably would say "I don't fall on my head", which is good enough for me.

that's the same reason I don't wear a helmet when I go jogging.

to me, the best thing about a helmet is that it holds up the facemask. but to each their own.

however, I kinda think that smaller clubs interested in recruiting and retaining new players could probably benefit from reducing the gear they wear on days with new players.

Very reasonable people pass on giving polo a shot when they see stormtroopers playing.

bikepunk wrote:

Why hasnt anyone answered this yet? If we all know the risks associated with polo and many have seen the effects of not wearing any protection, why are there still helmet-less players?

I don't wear helmets because i don't like helmets, they're uncomfortable and hot. The only time i have ever worn one is when it was mandatory when i would race. I own 3 rather nice ones, but never wear them. i also don't wear seat belts or saftey glasses when i use a drill.

I crashed out hard on Thursday. I'm so glad I had my helmet on. There was a colored scuff on the court from my helmet, and even with this, I managed to still hurt my shoulder and get some road rash on my face. If I had no helmet, I cringe thinking about what condition I'd be in.

The more I play, the more I love my safety gear. I'll be moving to a full face mask now. Enthusiastically.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Speaking of which, I just had the nastiest changing of a bandage ever. I had been using a breathable bandage and tape, but today I used a large water-proof band aid on the shoulder. I'm just going to let this air-out...

I don't think I'm going to get shoulder pads, but I won't rule it out completely.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

none of my injuries would have been protected by gear except one. chainring into the ankle/bruised shoulder/smashed toe/ mallet induced forearm gash not protected. though the one time i used a mallet with no cap on the shaft and didn't wear my shin gaurds, BAM mallets collide on joust core'd my shin.
I recen;ty started urging people to wear more stuff. a lot of gloves, and finally some helmets, but i'm working on it. i need to get a lid. gonna call my bern rep and see what i can get from him.

Always with an helmet.
the plop sound of the head of a guy in geneva in early 2009 made everybody agree about wearing helmet everytime we play a game. there is way too many ways to get injuried badly in this sport.
Plus if you get used to play without helmet, putting one for tourneys become an real handicap.

Why the heck would you need this kind of mallet? Just asking for accidents.

  • scoopmallet.jpg

Innovation always comes with risks and trying to find a better mallet will almost always require a monstrosity before a better mallet is achieved.

Also if you aren't comfortable playing near it don't and talk to the maker. We're all people here.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Not that it's relevant to your point, but I'm sure that's illegal under the "any opening bigger than" rule.

I know this is kind of old, but I made that mallet for a friend in my club in Colorado Springs CO. He can/could/will actually shot off of that wedge side. It was like a funky chip shot from 30 or 40 feet out. He can/could/will lob it over your mallet at speed as you try and take the ball from him. He can/could/will use that side of the mallet for scoop tricks and or scoop passes. His name is Adam Smith. I took that picture just before SC qualifiers in Arkansas 2011. This mallet pretty much set the rule for elliptical holes that exceed the mallet diameter of what ever the standard is now. He does not play polo anymore, but that style of mallet scored lots of goals before 2011 qualifiers. Progress....haha.

That will never work.

I never get on a bike without a helmet, period. Our club also makes it mandatory that you must wear a helmet when you are on the court. I would rather have people bitch at me for making them do so, rather than cleaning up their brains off the court.

ddub wrote:

Very reasonable people pass on giving polo a shot when they see stormtroopers playing.

Not only is this very true, but it is also hilarious!

Lacrosse gloves : always
Hockey helmet with visor : nearly always (not wearing when I just wanna play easy)
Knee guards : depends on how grippy the ground is
Elbow guards : almost never

I'm kinda thinkin' that the more protections you wear, the more ruff you're gonna play (no fear style) so I hardly ever wear knee pads, but the helmet is almost mandatory cuz of mallet hits from other players.

Remember one day Manu forgot his helmet at home but played tough. It ended up with a scar like Lewis is showin' up there just cuz someone fallin' in front hit him by swingin' the mallet in the air tryin' to balance the fall.

I don't always wear my helmet, when I don't I stay away from any situation that can be considered dangerous. This usually means I make circles by the goal. One thing I've noticed when I break this rule is that since I'm used to wearing a cage I put my face right in the midst of everything. couple of close calls in pickup that were entirely my fault.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I'm clumsy, so i always wear a basic bike helmet, kneepads, and gloves.
Thinking about getting a hockey helmet and fitting it with one of those hurling facemasks.

Just buy a hurling helmet.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

any one nows about glasses to protect the eyes, made with a nice material?

My worst falls seem to be when I'm doing something totally lame (the latest while practicing shots by myself) so my policy is to wear protection all the time. This means helmet, gloves, elbow pads and (now after my latest fall) knee pads. Few things suck more than losing out on time on the court due to ninja balling yourself. Meh.

When ever I am playing bike polo I use all my gear, period.
Helmet with face mask: Check
Shinguards: Check
Franklin Gloves: Check

In our club it is mandatory to play even in pick up with a helmet and no one bitches about it. I have been playing for over a year with a face mask and I am so glad I do it cause I had at least 3 straight swings of mallets at my face. I think more and more facemasks should be mandatory, we had a couple incidents of people being hit in the face and not wearing a facemask, to me it makes so much sense to wear one.
It is a good point to always wear your gear cause they affect how you play.

on the flipside, though, I do get hit in the face more often since I started wearing a facemask.

In addition to increasing the size of the target, having a facemask also affects my style of play in potential face hitting situations.

e.g. If I didn't wear one as much, I wouldn't need one as much.

for what it's worth.

(while playing polo)

I've noticed myself having this trouble as well. When I don't play with a mask I feel like I have far more close calls since I'm used to being more guarded. If it wasn't for my glasses I probaly wouldn't bother with the cage.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Helmet, lacrosse gloves, knee pads - always. My knees are pink from scabs and last week's scabs being gouged from the next week's bail. But those are from 2007. No face cage yet, but the one time I didn't wear my helmet, I got checked from behind and smacked the back of my head on the court. Not fun.

You can tell the vets, and aggressive players by the gear they wear. I'm an aggressive vet (37), so because I don't heal like I did in my twenties and I try to play like I'm 21, I wear protective gear from ankle to knee, elbow pads, hockey glove on my mallet hand and full leather motorcycle glove on my brake hand as well as a full face lacrosse helmet. If you make a living using your brain or your hands, it is best to protect your money makers, or play like a pansy.

you betta bring the Heat!