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WHBPC jerseys now available for pre-order! Only $50

WHBPC jerseys now available for pre-order!  Only $50

The World's jerseys are available for pre-order. Get yours at:

What size is that handsome man modeling?

Large, and yes he's a handsome polo player.


And that is a bargain!

Only 46.73 Australian bones!

Or $47.69 Canadian!

I wish I had more money to spend on things

Me too Pete. Me too.

who made em and where?

What's on the back? What if any branding is on these? These are fucking hot and I want one but I gotta know what's on the reverse side!

Can we see a larger version of this image on your website? I'd like to know what all is on the jersey before I buy one.

  • jersey.png

i found this pdf file.

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