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New Adidas prototype polo shoe!

I went to portland the other day only to discover that 503 polo was livin large playing at the Adidas north american headquarters. While I was there, I managed to get some snapshots of the shoe, which looks pretty good, and if they see a large enough market for them, they'll put it into production. If you think these shoes are baller, let em know!

Pics at http://prophetmargerine.tumblr.com/

This shoes are super Hot!! I want me a pair.

"We don't need no education"

They should be giving these (yes, baller!) shoes to polo players. We're what, a few relatively visible urban cyclists out of the uncountable (read: market) all who want bike shoes that don't suck?

You all have to tell Nike about this over there in Beaver town! Addidas is going to beat them to please bike polo in their own back yard? ... potential sponsors competing for your attention ...? Tell Nike that they can sponsor PDX and Addidas can fly a bench team in from CAlifornia ...

Credo quia absurdum

x2 to this. The reflective material is nice but I think a lot of people fall with clipless so it might be too steep of a learning curve for the relatively inable to ride bikes.

You can make your own hi top clipless shoes, DYI has always been a part of bike polo.

You didn't show the best part! I also would like to seek royalties if these shoes are ever mass produced because I pushed the high-top aspect hard as heck. Gots me some weak ankles.

  • adidas and dogs 030.jpg
  • adidas and dogs 029.jpg

whoa those are awesome!!

questions: is the bit over the toe pretty strong? (ie protecting toes in spokes) Was yr whole club involved in designing them or just a few of ya? lastly, how many were made and how can i get a pair???

The toe part has some pretty thick rubber, but it's not steel toed. I actually suggested a steel toe as a joke, I don't think it's that big of a concern personally. The Adidas person who came to polo asked a bunch of us about the desired features of it, but no input was given as to actual design from what I heard. And unfortunately, they said at the exhibition that the shoe (there was only one, not even a whole pair!) strictly a prototype and probably won't be made.

Kind of a bummer, but hey, it's cool that even prototypes of poloware are being made by companies like Adidas.

that sucks they ain't making it, those are the first pair of cycling specific shoes i think i've ever been genuinely interested in...

they remind me of a pair that drew from fort wayne made a while back..

If you haven't wore the 661 Filters, try em out. Not high-tops, but pretty damn comfy and durable (all things considered). Took me like 8 months to destroy my first pair, which is pretty good for me in terms of shoe-life-span.

You don't like any of the Five Ten stuff? Pricey for sure but if we're speaking of interest only these are way classier than that ugly purple/yellow adidas pictured above.

And the low top variety:

also, owned by addidas

And for 40$, you can get the Sette Nix, which look almost identical and have treated me well so far

  • imgres.jpeg

Get rad

While I also bought a discount shoe rather than the expensive five tens, those hardly look identical. The Sette Nix's are the sketchers of spd shoes! But I bet they work just as well at their intended purpose and that's all that matters, I agree with you there 100%. Nice shit is just fun to have sometimes, though.

pete wrote:

Gots me some weak ankles.

By this I am not surprised.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

is this the official shoe of the new format?


carve. smash. eat shit.

No, that would be these.

  • hockey cleats.jpg

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

cross thread reference ftw!

The Adidas Design Team Interns:

Ed Baigrie: graphics
Cheri Clarkson: apparel
Anna Myers: gloves and footwear

Big thanks to them for working with us to make some great prototypes!