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Cricket Helmets for Polo

Cricket Helmets for Polo

Hey, looking to get some thoughts on playing with a cricket helmet? Does anyone play with a cricket helm? Have you seen anyone play with one?

Personally I think they look cool and are super comfortable.

Also I think they would be safe for polo as taking a cricket ball in the helmet is pretty much the worst it gets in terms of balls.

Any thoughts?

Woody from (somewhere near london) or East vancouver depending on the time of year plays with one. Also, I think jordan from (somewhere in australia) plays with one as well.

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For the lulz.

Kevin in DC plays with a cricket helmet.

You are right, they look pretty cool:

  • 420296_820313064261_1378010966_n.jpg

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At least 3 guys here in Dortmund play those helmets. They are cheap, have enough impact protection and the face-mask is great (very less visual limitation). A very good choice for polo imho.
I use one of those face-masks for my bern.

I like that the face cage has a 180 degree sightline without any cage limiting your vision. I think I may buy one...

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I've recently decided to get one myself. I was inspired by a player from (I think) COMO.

What about impact between your head and the ground?

They got foam n' stuff.

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where was this picture taken?

From an ebay listing for a cricket helmet.

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I was thinking that the only down side is that they might no be safe to use on a Bike? Like not designed for that type of contact.

But the size and shape of the cricket helmet is similar to say a Bern helmet, but the cricket helmets do not protect the back of the head as much...

But I'm of the philosophy that any helmet is better than no helmet.

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Bobby and Kevin use them here in DC, and Bobby's only complaint is that the chin strap doesn't have a "y" joint so the helmet rocks back and forth. It's a good helmet for mallet-helmet and ball-helmet impacts, and has a good wide view. The vertical view due to the bill is a bit restricted, so looking down can block out the field of view completely. So if you play looking down a lot, I guess that's a bit of a liability. Ventilation is comparable to a Bern Watts.

Neither Kevin or Bobby have commented to me if they thought that ground-helmet impact was good/safe.

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I used one for a while, have now switched to a hurling helmet.

They don't have much protection in the back.
The long peak makes it hard to look upwards, and invites the ball into the eye gap.
Not great ventilation.
The helmet nuts are a potential safety issue, as they stick out.
But the positive is they are designed to take impacts from a hard leather ball at 100mph, and they have good vision.

They are good if you have one anyway (I also play cricket), but i wouldn't really recommend going out and buying one if you can get a hockey or hurling helmet.

Cool, thanks for the advice... certainly some pros and cons.

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Jordy from Brisbane, Australia used it at WHBPC 2011. Not good for riding safety, but great for mallet and ball protection. I think he's since switch to a Hurling helmet as well - they seem to offer great visibility and safety while not weighing a tonne.

To the guys recommending Hurling helmets... are those just readily available where you live? Am I missing something?

They look great (what few I've been able to find), but they seem to be in the 80-100 euro range, which is like $800 USD or something. Where should I be looking if I wanna buy one of these things?

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I have thinking of buying a hurling helmet for minutes now, much longer than my normal attention span.

You can order them here, http://www.oneills.com/accessories/helmets.html ... but they are like $106CA... which is like $106 US ;)

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Only problem with hurling helmets is that they don't offer a lot of head protection- basically a plastic shell and a very thin layer of foam. The facemask design seems like the ticket for polo though.

Yes, living just over the Irish Sea, it's easy for us to order directly from them.

Personally I recommend Mycro over Oneills, just based on how it fitted me. I think the majority of players in the UK who use a facecage, use Mycro helmets, there are also lot of Hockey helmets, some Oneills helmets and cricket helmets.

But I imagine in places with a large Irish-American community you must be able to get hurling helmets too?

Maybe ask these guys: http://www.wdcgaels.com/

Ha, back when I was in Boy Scouts, we actually did an athletics merit badge or some shit and chose Hurling as our sport. I got a couple Hurley-sticks (or whatever you call them), which I still have somewhere, from those guys.

Good call.

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Woah! The colors! I think I might grab one of these.


Captain America anyone?

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they already have the mke bike polo themed one http://www.oneills.com/accessories/helmets/hurling-helmets-helmet-green-...

Check out the bike polo bible GOALHOLE for face cage reviews:


I got a hurling helmet and I love it. just enough cage to keep a mallet or ball out and it doesn't feel like a brick strapped to my head. I love the bern watts but after using a mycro I can't go back, howl is correct about protection. There aint much padding at all... so I guess if your not a fan of helmets but want a face cage it's the helmet for you.
edit: I would also love to try my watts with one of those titanium cricket face guards or a protect full cut with one.

"rubber side down boys"

does it get hot? I like the vents on my setup (hockey mask on bike helmet). I also like being able to take it off quickly without a bunch of fussing around.