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Boston/LA EWR Polo Jerseys for CHEAP

Somebody buy these. They normally go for $160 but these two are on ebay for under $50!
I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they were size medium. I am not affiliated with the seller in any way, was just searching ebay for polo stuffs and found them. Too good a deal to pass up (if you wear size L). Dude from our club here in Chicago has the one pictured above and it's awesome looking.


Los Angeles

"I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they were size medium."
(if they had Chicago)

I got a New York one a while back off Steep and Cheap for $35.

I've only ever seen the LA and Seattle ones before. What's the history behind these?

John H wrote:

I've only ever seen the LA and Seattle ones before. What's the history behind these?

I think they're basically a lot like your "Chunk" bike polo gear...

Found this with a google search...

"I asked Chris Fallon, the sales shepard at EWR about how the idea for the bike polo jersey came about. He said that it was on one of his cross-country sales trips that he began to notice a re-emergence in bike polo.

One of the things that struck me wherever I went was a new found fascination with an old sport I was quite familiar with, Bike Polo. But this was not your father’s Bike Polo with its soft grass fields; this version had been picked up and transformed by the messenger/fixie generation into a fast hard surface street game. It is exciting and NEW.

He and Bill Sebell, the president of EWR, joked about how it would be fun to create a “polo shirt.” However, the more they joked about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. They wanted to create a garment that was functional but also gave a wink towards bike culture.

So much of cycle wear is strictly about performance on the bike. It ignores the desire folks may have to show their love for cycling by their clothing choices without being afraid to step out of the context of riding and go into a bank or a pub looking like they just stepped out of a plastic factory or a peloton. We did not produce Bike Polo jerseys just for or even necessarily for people that play the game, after all, how many folks that buy and wear rugby jerseys actually play Rugby? It’s about style and wearing your “colors" as it were.

Wool by its very nature is a performance material (as you well know) so why not design something that speaks to one’s love of cycling and is fashionable and fun first but still works great on the bike. That has been an underlying goal for most of what we do."

I've got an Oakland one and it is bomber. surprisingly good quality- has survived many a drunken seagrave.

Will kill a fool for a Seattle one.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

how i can have one of thoose?