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Are the Mamba X as durable as the Mamba?

I think the Mamba X looks cool, but I'm wondering if there is going to be a noticeable durability drop off in losing the full grain leather of the Cow Mambas.

Has anyone seen enough of these things side-by-side to know?

If I don't have any particular feelings about leather, am I better off sticking with the regular Mambas?

I have owned a pair of Mamba Xs since November of last year and the glue came undone recently separating part of the sole toward the front of the shoe. Nothing shoe glue can't fix but still a bummer. However, they are awesome shoes, very comfortable but I plan on getting a pair of the regular Mambas whenever these give out. It might be awhile though, they have definitely held up really well for playing on them 3-4 times a week.

If you don't have moral obligations I definitely recommend the regular Mambas. I have the Mamba X's and they were great the first few months and then like Arnold's, the sole came unglued. I had them reglued at a logo show repair shop and they are already coming apart again. If I wasn't a vegetarian I would go with the regular Mambas. That being said, I would order the Mamba X again since I prefer to not wear leather.


I've had the same issue. Arnold and I got ours at the same time and my rubber sole is also pulling away at the toes. But I've had more issues with stitches pulling out. The hook side (bottom) of the hook and loop (Velcro) on the compression strap has come up on the left shoe and I've pulled one of the lace loops out on the right shoe. That and I've blown through at least 4 shoe laces. The eyeletted holes are strong, but sharp if you cinch them down real tight like I do.

But like Arnold said, they're incredibly comfortable. The ankle protection has saved me more than a few times, and not slip-sliding around the grocery store is a major plus.

Some shoe glue and a zip-tie and I'm back in business. I talked to James With a Beard at Everburbs and he said something about the new Mamba Blacks having improved stitching with polo in mind. I'm looking forward to seeing those. If that's so, I'll be replacing my current Mambas with the new and improved ones, though not any time soon.

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The glue on mine came undone after two months, tops. Get the mambas.

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Though I'm not sure if the sole glue is correlated to the upper material, it looks like Cow Mambas are the way to go. Thanks for the feedback guys.

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