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St Cago brake lever

St Cago brake lever

Hey everyone, I wanted to put this discussion in it's own thread cos it is "for sale" and I didn't want to completely hijack the dual brake set-up thread.

So here is the first run of St Cago dual brake levers. As you can see from the terrible and blurry photo, it is pretty much the same plate and rod idea first posted by Hannes with some more fit and finish to make it stronger, better aligned, and more sale-able.

All parts are machined from 6061 aluminum. The plate is 6mm thick so you get lots of meat where the fine adjusters thread in and it shouldn't bend in a crash. The plate is also keyed into the lever body and the cable slot for a rigid installation. On the long pull models, the keyway is machined at a slight angle so that the fine adjusters point towards the rod. This way the cables don't rub on the adjusters, and you don't need to turn and lock the rod in the lever. The short pull models have a square keyway for the same reason. The plate is mounted to the lever body with a countersunk machine screw so that there isn't anything blocking you from tightening the fine adjuster jam nuts, and the adjusters can be brought in closer to the lever body.

The rod has saddles machined into it so that your brake cable ends fit into it positively. This should keep the cables from twisting, and it gives you something a little better to tension the cables and housings against.

So, yeah. Not for sale just yet. Give me til the end of the day to get some stuff worked out. It'll be 30 dollars, though. Comes with the lever, of course.

I'll copy and paste this reply from the dual brake set-up thread regarding selling the plate and rod without the tektro lever:

it's pretty likely that it would fit on other lever bodies. All the ones I measured at polo last night were about the same thickness. The keyway is 14mm wide and the key is just under 3mm wide, to fit into the cable slot. Measure up your stuff and let me know if it will fit.

The other problem you would have is drilling the 8mm through-hole in the lever. 1st, it has to be exposed. The part of the lever with the hole for the cable end in it goes into the lever body on some brakes. You need it to not do that, so the pin won't hit the lever body when the lever springs back to the starting position. 2nd, drilling that hole straight and parallel to the plate is a huge pain in the butt. We had to build a fixture to hold the lever in a vise, and bored the hole on the mill with an 8mm endmill. The levers are cast aluminum, which is pretty soft, and does not like being drilled with regular bits on a press.

If the hole ended up a little crooked, it probably wouldn't hurt anything, it just wouldn't look as nice.


what model tektro levers are those?
edit: nm i saw it on the other thread. tektro 319

Those levers both look right-handed. Are they ambidextrous or do you have left-handed ones too?

Good eye. They are, in fact, right handed. But they are also bmx/flatbar/universal/ambidextrous. The lever will be parallel to the bar you clamp it to, left or right side. If you mount it on the left, it will be nut up, which may be a little less clean looking, but I was going for universality above aesthetics or having to buy and fit parts to multiple lever bodies.


For what it's worth, when possible I run my levers reverse with the nut up on my polo bike. Makes the rare knee-to-bar contact that much less damaging.

Ah! Good point, Brad. Since I use cruiser bars, it's easier for me to ding my knee with the brake nut.

Was there a deal on righties?

you can buy singles in right hand for BMX

shit yeah, lucky. you know i want one. just let us know how to pay you.

quick question: i currently have a dual brake setup and a flip flop rear wheel. the rear brake engages when in the polo gear, but i have to keep the v-brake open when commuting because the pads don't align when the wheel is in the commuting gear. with my current lever, this makes braking so much less effective because the lever was designed to have both brake cables tensioned. do you think your lever will have the same issue or are the cables truly independent of each other?

carve. smash. eat shit.

Tension on each brake can be set at the lever with the fine adjusters, but the cables can't be that independant of each other if the lever pulls 'em both at once.

Without having seen your bike, I'd say that there has got to be a way to get your wheel into a similar enough position in the drops that your brakes can be adjusted to hit in both set-ups. Carry two chains or mess with your gearing or something.

Send me a note through my profile here to arrange purchases. I'll get you the paypal and shipping info.


the problem i was experiencing with the shitty lever does not happen with your lever. when the rear brake is disengaged, the front brake works just as well as it does when they're both connected. my commutes will be much safer. thank you, lucky.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Testing will start soon, thanks Lucky. Excited to run it!

St. Cago lever installed and tested briefly off court only.

Install - Easy and to the point
Function - So far so good!
Quality - Alloy doubler is machined well with chamfered edges.
Lever - Time will tell.

Detailed review will come after I beat the living piss out of it this weekend.

  • stcago_doubler_01.jpg

Mailman just dropped it off. Installing tonight. Using it Sunday aka Opening Day of the New Orleans Polo Dome aka Polo Island v2.0

Rode it a bunch to get it dialed in... feels real solid. Be playin' Sunday.

Hey everyone, I made a little webstore in hopes that there would be fewer emails between you wanting and you getting. This should also help to alleviate the problems I've been having towards the end of a batch where more than one person claims the last of a particular size and style of mallet head.

This also marks the official introduction of the Tournament edition heads. All the details of that are on the site, which will also be linked to in my signature.

As of right now, I've only worked out shipping for US orders. I'll get to Canadian, European, and AustrAsian as soon as I can. If you are not from the US and you're itching to place an order, contact me through my profile here and we'll work something out.

Thanks, everyone. This is kind of a big deal to me, and I couldn't have done it without all of your support and feedback.



As always great job, lucky. i hope you'll be meeting the demands of polo players for decades to come (or at least until I can't play anymore)

carve. smash. eat shit.

stuff looks great. can't wait to see it in person.

Since this is the most current St Cago thread I'll do this here:

Orders shipped out today (levers and heads) to Pittsburgh, Richmond, Bryn Mawr, Rochester, New Orleans, London, Cambridge, and Lexington.

If anyone is having any trouble with the new store, please let me know. I've never bought anything from myself through the site, so I don't actually have experience with the shipping calculator and paypal interface.

Speaking of which, it is my mission to get the international shipping options set up this week. Until then, just send me an email for all overseas (and Canadian) orders. We'll take care of shipping off-site.

Thanks a lot everybody.


I tried to place an order twice. After filling out my account information the site crashes. I'll try again today.

Big Cartel crashes or Paypal crashes?

Either way, it's way beyond me. If you have the problem a third time, just send me an email. We'll work out your order off-site.


Lucky, is there a shortage of short pull levers? When I went to the web store to try and figure out total cost to ship a lever and a couple of mallet heads it came up with a message that said "short pull levers not available for shipping to Canada" or something like that. Any idea when that will be rectified?
otherwise the web store looks awesome.

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

No, the issue there is that I still haven't set up the shipping options to Canada. Just contact me via email and we'll arrange an order and shipping. I think there are 4 short pull levers left from the first batch.

There is only one Long Pull lever left, though. And one Tournament single. But I'll make more of those before NA's for sure. Orders ship today to Manchester, England and Bloomington, Indiana.


got mine yesterday. installed today. sweet.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Hey everyone,

I'm going to take the store down on Thursday evening so I can pack for the Midwests. I'll restart everything Tuesday, May 25th after I've counted back in whatever I sold in Minneapolis. Any orders or inquiries received over the weekend will be dealt with when I get back.

I made a bunch of stuff this time around, so I don't anticipate selling out of anything completely at the Midwests. Also, I plan to make another batch before NA's and yet another one before Worlds so don't worry if something says "coming soon" on the store. It's really, actually coming soon.

Any orders received between now and Thursday afternoon will be sent out before I pack up the works for the 10 hour drive up the Mighty Mississippi for the 8th Bi Annual Mid West Bike Polo Champeenships.

Thanks a ton, y'all.



Got mine yesterday in the post, and fitted last night, it feels solid as, took no time to set up. I removed the spring from the lever pivot and replaced with a thin washer, just to make the lever a bit lighters (as there's 2 brakes pulling against it). Sweet. Pics soon lucky.

Had mine on for a few days- still dialing it in. Midwests will be the real test.

Finally got Canadian and most European shipping options set. Merci, Guillaume for the motivation.

There is a jump in costs for both Canada and Europe -bound packages over 4 pounds. This is the weight limit for first class post and the beginning of priority international service becoming the cheapest option. This works out to be right around 10 mallet heads, depending on which style you're ordering. I'll post this in the Q and A on the store site, too, but if you're going to get 10 or more heads for an overseas (or over the 49th parallel) order please email me and we'll set up shipping off the site.

Australia and Asia are next on my to-do list. Right after I win the Midwests.




Hey if you want a tester in Melbourne, I'm your man :D
I'm jerry rigging something together but I much prefer the look and quality of yours!

Donny will have one on his bike at Nationals this weekend if you want a closer look

Hey tell donny i call dibs on it when he retires next!

It's a shame his new bike is way to big for me (60cm!) otherwise I'd be quite keen to call dibs on it when he retires too!

What the fuck!!! He is NOT that tall!!!!

Maybe he has long ranga arms??

The store is open again. All of the inventory numbers are updated after selling stuff at the Midwests. Out of Tournament singles for a coupla weeks. Out of brake levers for a coupla months. If the 20 people who bought one could send me some feedback and reviews, I can include those suggestions in the design for the next batch, which I hope to have done before Worlds in August. Here's what I've heard so far:

1) Start with a better lever. I would like to, but it will add cost.

2) Make it a kit that I can put on the lever I already have. I'm working towards this, but not every lever is shaped the same, you may end up having to file or dremel the plate to fit.

3) Use split adjusters and a slotted plate so cable changes are even easier. Yes.

Anything else? Thanks in advance for all your help improving the design. Together, we should come up with something well-built and useful.



this probably goes along with the better lever request, but it would be nice to have a lever with a hinged clamp so removal of grips isn't necessary. loving mine so far. thinking about getting another one for my delivery bike so i can hold something in my right hand while still having great braking.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Heads shipped today for DC, Bloomington, Paris, and Tokyo. Thanks everyone!


Is there a new batch of levers coming any time soon?

Are these available for purchase still?

Heartland Regional Rep

Sort of. I have 10 or so short pull levers and some kits on hand.

I recently bought the machine tools that I need to make the heads and lever parts on my own, as I moved away from the cheap but unreliable machinist I was using in St Louis. There is a learning curve, but I should be able to have a dozen more of the long pull levers ready in the next coupla weekends.

All this stuff will be going to fixcraft, as my new work schedule prevents me from getting to the post office any time except Saturday mornings. They ship every day and actually enjoy answering emails in a timely fashion. It's all being worked on, but slowly. Hopefully heads and levers will be in stock by the time the summer tourney traveling season really gets going. Sorry for all the delays, everyone.


My email is nsm969 at mail.missouri.edu if you could contact me with info about getting one of the kits from you (shipping, price, payment method). I will talk with the others and we may get you to send a bunch of them at once. Thanks

Heartland Regional Rep

Nic, if you want to just buy a kit from him (the hardware), we can modify a $6 tektro lever very easily.

are these levers still on the market?

I emailed Lucky to see if he was still making them, not sure if he still is, but he might have a few of the kits laying about. We, Montreal,wanted some of them. He's not on his email often, but he does get back to you. And a very polite young man too.


Weeeeeell, I've never met the guy, sadly, but I do tend to assume most polo players (with the few exceptions I know of) are younger than my 45 years. But maybe that's the giveaway for greater age - him being polite...

You are both right and both wrong at the same time. I am neither especially young (for a polo player) nor particularly old (for a human being). I am also not really that polite, and certainly terrible at replying to emails.

But the real answer to your question is: Kind of. I still kind of make these levers. I have had most of the parts of a batch on my bench for months. But I have not yet been able to put the time together to finish the work.


Speaking of replying to emails...

well, put me down for one...at least.

EDIT: two more folks from nanaimo want one now too.

Enschede Holland polo group is also very much interested in one of these, how can we get in touch?

There are just a few of these on their way to Fixcraft right now. Webstore to be opening in a coupla weeks. It'll take the burden of answering emails and shipping packages off me (cos I don't have the time/inclination to do it). Quantity will be very limited until I can get another batch together, though.

Sorry and thank you.


Hey everyone. Brake levers are back in full force! For those of you that haven't heard, the new St. Cago store is up. All the classic products, new products and some new services are available. Here is the like to the brake levers:

As always, thanks for all your support!

P.S. Don't forget to follow us on FB and Twitter. Links are in the signature.