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Burro Bags wheel covers now available!

BUrro Bags wheel covers
burro bags wheel covers

Burro Wheel Covers are the perfect solution to the wheel cover dilemma. Their Cordura construction means polo balls drop instead of bouncing across the court. Their quick and easy installation and removal means you can put them on right before a match and take them off before you ride home. All without taking off your wheel! They fold or roll up nice and small so you can store them in your messenger or backpack NO PROBLEM!

We're starting off doing black with black trim for now. Colored trim option available this Summer. Purchase includes one wheel cover set for one wheel. Available in 700c or 26" sizes.

More Info
700c or 26" sizes
3M industrial hook and loop fastening
quick and easy installation / removal
Black Cordura with black nylon trim

Purchase Here:


Not for sale outside the Southeast, sorry.

These are pretty and all but do they actually provide any real protection to the spokes from a full slap shot? seems like the spokes would still bend (maybe break) behind this fabric. I'm aware that spoke protection is only one of the functions of a wheel cover but am curious to what others think.

We tested them pretty throughly and they do a great job in protecting the wheel. We have one instance where a fairly large player stepped on to the wheel and broke some spokes but i feel that even normal wheel covers would have been compromised. The plus is that they wheel covers were easily removed and the spokes replaced and wheel cover re-installed all in a very short period of time using no tools. In my experience with the wheel covers, and i have been testing them the longest, i have maybe broken one or two spokes..

26 inch = 390g
7000c = 490g

Stay tuned for many more developments like colorways, custom screen printing for teams and artist series... Keep the topic flowing, I"m more than happy to answer any questions.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Is that 390g for two sides of fabric?

each side of the wheel color is 2 ply. Inside is recycled billboard vinyl and hte outside is cordura. The 390 grams is a total wheel cover(both sides).

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

For what its worth, 3 of the Lancaster City Bike Polo guys have been using them for about 2 months (myself included.)
Observations are as follows:
-they do a fine job of protecting the spokes, not as good as board, but good enough IMO for polo wheels
-they deflect a lot less than board, which if you're aware of it, leads to a good block/trap type situation
-if you ever get a flat or need to access your valve stem, these are INCREDIBLE. just un-velcro at your stem and you're good to go.
-i ride about a mile to polo, and crosswinds are a bitch. you can fold these up in your bag for the ride over, and install in about 3 minutes.

Downsides, some of us have had trouble installing on the rear, with cog/freewheel rub, and especially guys with surly-esque chain tensioners. other than that, pretty great.

http://lancastercitybikepolo.com/2011/02/22/burro-bags-wheel-covers-ftw/ for a review

agile for my size.

No more polo wheel covers from burro??!

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