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Just a quick update to folks not here.

Got some pick up in on friday and a great bbq over at brian's place. Ottawa has been spectacular as hosts. Day one of the tournament has been great play and lots of games. Couple of highlights. MKE/CHI is looking hot as hell right now, blowing through their first day. Alexis, Robbie and Jen are top of their bracket as well. Tomorrow, we finish out the round robin and get on to the elimination round. Best game of the day was brian, allen and johnny vs doug, zach and paul an intense match that ended in a one one tie. 

Currently, i'm the leading goal scorer for the tournament, 16 goals,

Gold sprints are great, kremin was the surpise with his second place time and ken currently leads 

more soon,

photos up at




doug paul zack

2nd pieter adam dave

3rd brian allen johnny


MVP round Robin goes to Ben SChicago 



Northern Standard


 Real quick so I can get some sleep.

Yes The reigning champions Doug Paul and Zach will bring the trophy back to NYC once again. ( insert curse words here!) the combination of adam dave and pieter being the runners up

and third place goes to the Mallets of Mayhem squad of myself Allen & Johnny

Jonny ( madison ) is the mutha fu$%#ng king snake at scoring goals averaging 3 goals per game a total of 21. nice much more to fiollow.

COUPLE OF SHOUT OUTS REAL QUICK :Ben, Dumptruck( with like five flats. ) Angelo is the MAN! put so much work in to this. Thank you! Wayne james AK Robbie alexis jizza and jen well done

This was with out a doubt a great weekend with all the clubs bringing thier A-GAME.

Full report to follow.

side note F*^k you Kremmin

Thanks for the updates! 


Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008

St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


map props ottawa


slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Fucking GREAT tourney, guys.  The Mallets of Mayhem are an amazing crew of incredibly dedicated men and women.  I left NYC thinking that there is no way that I will have as much fun this year as I did last, however last years NSPI was trumped only by this years event.  It was great playing with Pieter and Adam and it was amazing to see how the level of play has increased yet again (Props to the DC crew! You guys have REALLY stepped up your game).  Too many people to thank by name but you all deserve a big sloppy kiss (like the one Pieter gave me).  Thanks again, EVERYONE!!!

mvp!  is those fucking ski goggles in your pic you bourgeois pig?

le jackal wrote:

mvp!  is those fucking ski goggles in your pic you bourgeois pig?


Yeah, it was the first pic I came across when searching my computer for a profile pic.  Skiing is my first love, we're just seperated for the time being. 

downhill winter polo.

got any old poles?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

In all my years of skiing, I NEVER purchased a set of poles...I always borrowed them from some sap at the rental shop and never brought them back.  I learned that from working in rental shops when I was a kid.  People would walk in and just want to rent poles, If they looked like a ski bum who didnt need to spend 5$ on renting poles, we just handed them to them.  All my friends would have these fancy adjustable poles when we would go touring, I just had a couple of sets of varying lengths...GHETTO!



this is the best thing ever said during a polo match. robbie rulez


"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16