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polo à vélo


So i'm bummed about missing the NSPI.  And i miss polo and lots of other things about Madison.  But shit, i'm in Paris for five months, i can't complain. Especially since i got in a good a couple hours of polo today, after going more than a month without a real game.  

Chris from the NYC polo crew got to Paris a couple days ago for vacation.  And Jon and Eileen from Wisconsin who have been livin in Berlin for a while showed up, after biking much of the way from Germany last week.  Jon might be going out with Eileen, but he and i gots all the chemistry on the court, something the Hunter Bros have suffered with in pickup play in Madison.  So Jon and i are going to London to play in the Shoreditch thingy in London next week with some Berlin dude, and Eileen's got a team coming in from Berlin too. 

There is definitely polo talent here, not to mention some really fashionable track bikes which some people don't seem to mind crashing around on.  We just need to find a court that has a wall at the each end, cause right now if you take a slapshot the ball can end up in the river. Hopefully we'll be back at Palais de Tokyo in the fall if they empty the fountain, maybe we'll throw a tourney around then too.  Heard rumour of a tourney in Lausanne or Geneva for September if anyone's around.  Oh and Paris now has Velib', the coolest public transportation project in the world... i definitely want to organize a Velib' polo game. Full fenders, internal 3-speed hubs, generator lights, baskets, chain guards ... puts everyone on an even, slow, playing field. 

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nice to meet you in Paris, see you on saturday for the return match!!

 Velib polo! good idea Kevin


LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/

PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


well done kev, let's talk soon about the site which is looking great!!!

Thanks to everyone I played with in Paris, and especially to those who lent me a bike or mallet. It was great to meet you all and I appreciate the chance to play quality polo on two separate occasions while in another city. Here are a few pictures from Sunday's games, at the Petit Palais: