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bringing polo to the people

pretty much everyone you know, knows that you play polo, because it eventually finds its way into conversation at some point if you have been talking with someone for more than 10 minutes right? there are some standard conjectures about the concept of this game as it plays itself out in a newbie's mind without seeing it live, ranging from dangerous, to difficult to just plain silly. as a recruiter, how do you sell the concept of polo to someone new to this idea and sedate their concerns. and even when you think you have sold them they say, "oh ya, i'll come out next time," and never do. i understand not everyone has to be sold on the idea, as some people think its the most brilliant thing ever and jump in with both feet without so much as a nudge, but what kind of nudge can you give to the ones that do need it? the larger and long-standing clubs probably have the opposite problem of having too many people and not enough playing time, and might welcome infrequent players as it gives more time to the regulars. i dream of that day.

Here is one thread about getting new people to play and keeping them around.


There are others as well but I can't find anymore.

to clarify, the post is not so much about finding people, but more about encouraging the people you have found that have shown some interest to actually come out.

free beer is incredibly useful, especially up here in canada jawn. we used to have nights in east van where it was hard to get six people out and i would always call out 'free beer for the first six'. worked every time so far, consider it an investment.

for sure you have to actually get them out to see it, most people really don't have any idea what you're talking about until they see it. a good part of this is playing in a place where people can see you, as opposed to some abandoned tennis court out in the sticks. giving them bikes and mallets to use helps a lot, most people are reluctant to smash their bikes up for a little orange ball.

when talking to people i usually play down the falling-off-your-bike aspects, unless i know they are never ever going to play in which case i play them up.

mostly i tell people that it's the most fun i've ever had on a bike, and that it's so good it's addictive.

more kenball played by more people in more places more often

"most fun I've ever had on a bike and that it's so good it's addictive"

x 2 million.

On my facebook page - a little something about me:
"I'm addicted to a little game called bike polo; until you play it, you just won't get it"

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as it happens i just came by a free six-pack (slipstream at that! YUM!) which i wouldn't be too heartbroken about giving away to a good cause! brilliant idea and timing!

This usually comes up in conversations and When they start asking how and what not, I just show them the video that is the sceensaver on my phone. That usually is a little more stimulating. Definitely the free beer helps and a loaner bike does too. Also alot of people that "might" be interested have a computer. So offer up a great link to a vid that you like and bet them to watch it sometime.
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We are playing more than once or twice a week. It was our schedules not matching that kept the would be players from coming out.

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