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Important NA Hardcourt election details

Hi all. With less than three days left until club representatives are due, and just over a week before our regional representatives will be confirmed, here are the details to keep in mind:

Club representatives

- Club representatives must be chosen and declared on each club's page by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday Sunday, January 10th. After choosing your representative, go to your club page and enter the representative's "League" name into the field provided.
- Ballots to elect regional representatives will be sent only to club reps identified on their club page.

Regional representatives

- Voting for regional representatives will take place from Jan. 11th - Jan. 15th. There will be three representatives elected per region by the club reps in each region.
- People who wish to be on the ballot for the regional representative election must declare their candidacy / accept their nomination(s) in the "Candidates...NA Hardcourt" thread on your region's page by 11:59 PM on Jan. 10th in order to be eligible.

Election details

- On Jan. 11th, ballots to elect regional representatives will be made available to club representatives in each region.
- Club representatives will vote for their top three choices.
- The three people in each region who receive the most votes will be the regional representatives.

Any questions about this will receive a prompt response.

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Thanks Ben, very clear.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Thanks for the clarifications Ben. However, in Cascadia, January 10th is Sunday...

Canada gets an extra day. Stronger herb up there.

Thanks Lisa. We'll get that fixed.

"After choosing your representative, go to your club page and enter the representative's "League" name into the field provided."

Important detail. I put the kid's real name in three times before I gave up. Thanks, Ben. See you next weekend.

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BTW, "League" name = username. Start typing the username and the field will autocomplete.

Oh and you can check to see if your club has a rep on this page: http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/clubs/northamerica

this question probably belongs somewhere else, but when i go to that club link, new orleans's club shows up twice, one associated with no state and one associated with louisiana. do we need to fix something so it only shows once?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Fixed. The state wasn't indicated on one of the court locations. Soon i'll be abstracting out the court locations from club pages to make this easier. I.e. you add a court separately from a club page.

cool. thanks.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Ok everyone, tonight at 11:59 PM EST is the deadline for:

-choosing a club representative and entering their "league" name (username) into the field provided on the club page. Any club rep who is not identified on their club page will not receive a ballot for the regional election .

-declaring candidacy / accepting a nomination to run for regional representative. People must declare their intention to run in the thread provided on the regions page in order to appear on the ballot.

Thanks all.

I just added the club rep for Edmonton but I would also like to have him be the manager of the club page as well. Who can do that for me?

:Edmonton/East Van Bike Polo:


Kev would be the person that could clear this up for you. Thanks for getting the rep in there.

Kev/Ben. The wrong Meg is listed as Portlands club rep. Not to say that Meg from DC isn't awesome. She just doesn't live here.
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