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Bike Polo Spring Break HOCKEY game....Pensacola Ice Flyers vs Fayetteville Fireantz

how many folks would be down to go to a Southern Professional Hockey League game Thursday night. Tickets will be around 8-12 dollars. BIKE POLO SPRING BREAK OTEN on the jumbotron along with beavis

you know who on the jumbotron?


Count me in eh!


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey

yep, yep, yep!

Between The Lock-in, Spring Break, and Adam's Tournament, I wonder if we shouldn't just establish ourselves as a junior hockey league.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


Count me in


anyone else? 8-10 bucks for group tickets!

I'm for it.

i know theres more that want in on this.