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North American Hardcourt organizing body - the first 4 months

Since holding elections earlier this year, the 21-member North American Hardcourt organizing body has had it's head down, working simultaneously to give this body some structure and also manage more pressing concerns, such as the allotment of spaces for the World's in Berlin.

First, we formed committees:

Tournaments – Jake Tompkins (Atlanta), chair. Agenda: scheduling, bids, structure, NAH tour 2011
Rules – Justin Gulickson (Calgary), chair. Agenda: standards and reffing for major/tour NAH tournaments
Tech – Kevin Walsh (Toronto/MAD), chair. Agenda: providing tech support for NAH business (LOBP, potential NAH site, etc.)
Secretariat – Ben Schultz (Chicago) chair. Agenda: managing the committees, researching legal status options, finance, insurance, elections, general admin.
Media – Lisa Moffat (East Vancouver), chair. Agenda: PR/Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Local Development – Sven Mattson (Minneapolis), chair. Agenda: court tenure, court building, history, packet design, etc.
Sponsorship – “Tall” George Wall (Colorado Springs), chair. Agenda: finding sponsorship for 2011 tour, creating sponsor packet, maintaining sponsor relations.

Second, we established what matters were most pressing. Most by now have seen threads and discussions that have come from the following committees:

Tournaments – World's NA team allocations. This has been a huge concern for people. All future inquires should go to Jake who is the committee chair. Please contact him through the forum.
Rules – what we'll be adopting for next year's 2011 schedule but which may be applied to some 2010 tournaments, at the organizer's discretion.

Other committees have been making headway, though not yet ready to bring their work out of committee:

Media – creating a list of contacts.
Secretariat – have begun looking into membership-based 501(c3).
Sponsorship – develop a sponsor packet for 2011
Local Development – creating a process/ packet for clubs to work with local parks depts.

Lastly, in keeping with our commitment of transparency, everyone should know that a vote was taken on the system for allocating the spaces for World's. Our voter turnout was not up to our expectations, for a number of reasons. For example, yours truly has been without internet at home for almost two weeks. And quite frankly, we're busy folks like many of you. We're learning how to manage this entirely volunteer effort and still accomplish these brand new tasks in a timely fashion. Doing this through the internet can make it even more challenging. So, even though we know additional votes will most likely add to the same result (the vast majority voted in favor of the proposed plan) we want to set a standard for maximum participation. At any rate, once a more comprehensive vote has been taken, you will see each member posting a brief bit on how they voted and why. This should be completed by the beginning of next week, at which point we'll begin filling these slots and finishing up by the beginning of May.

Thanks for your patience and participation everyone. We're learning quite a bit and still rolling. Thoughtful suggestions are always appreciated.

Any chance you can fill us in on the "proposed plan"? I am cognizant of the fact that a lot of business needs to be done behind closed doors for efficiency's sake and I am cool with that. However, I know that there are a lot of people watching airline prices right now and would like the go-ahead to purchase tickets to Berlin. Any info you could share would be great.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

See the World's space distribution thread that Jake started. It outlines how this would work. We'll be developing this system in the coming years but this seems to be there best way to address the issue in such a short amount of time.

I'm concerned about ticket prices too.

Are the committees and general council organized enough to entertain, revue, and vote on proposals from the great unwashed yet, or should we give it some more time to gel up? If yes, what's the timeline for proposals like? If no, I totally understand. You folks are knocking yourselves out for no reward other than our admiration and to participate in the development of our sport.

Like if someone had a great idea for a software add on to the site (to Kev), or to host a major tourney in one of the new(er) regions (to Jake), or if Burlington was about to lose their rink to a sailing center and wanted all our data on mixed-use courts (to Sven), etc.


No, no I think proposals and ideas for the organizing body are great. If you've got them, find the chair above and drop them a line. Offer help even.

Participation is what we're looking for, I'd just say that at this stage unless it's a pressing matter (like the World's) don't expect NAH to instantly jump into action. People have a right to expect that our attention be focused on World's right now but, like you pointed out, we're still organizing the body's structure. Essentially, when we have a sturdier ship we'll be able to take on more cargo.

Makes sense and well put. I'll wait until the World's allotment, then bring my cargo to the dock. Divvying up those precious Berlin slots will probably both occupy your time and force a lot of progress on systematizing your communication and voting.

Thanks for doing all of this on our behalf. I'm looking forward to the time when I can make a contribution within a functioning system, as creating systems isn't really my thing.


This is cool (edit: non-sarcastic, it really looks cool).

I don't know how you're voting... but like I suggested in the rules thread for things that have a big effect, can you possibly post a copy of future proposals--closed to comments, so we can call read it? Then the members in the city can talk to their city reps, then the city reps can talk to their regional reps, and then the regional reps can vote based on what their region appears to be in favor of.

Just a thought.



Hey Lucky, NAH as of today is only a group of people. We can help individually or as a group as possible. NAH does not have money or a budget at this stage (AFAICT). If you have a proposal or idea we're all ears.

Proposed updates to this site can be worked out with Kev.

"Secretariat – Ben Schultz (Chicago) chair. Agenda: managing the committees, researching legal status options, finance, insurance, elections, general admin"

I'm very interested in this committee's findings and how NAH will govern or have relations with regions and clubs. In my limited understanding of other sports ranking systems regional organizations sanction a number of events from which participants/teams are ranked. Once the NAH has determined what legal status it will take, maybe regions should follow suit by getting the same legal status, become states of the NAH if you will. The legal status was the first thing our Parks & Rec asked about when we approached them as a club. So, how does it break down from NAH, to region and then club? It seems like that has to be determined before a ranking system can truly be implemented.

P/M Hardcourt

reese wrote:

In my limited understanding of other sports ranking systems regional organizations sanction a number of events from which participants/teams are ranked.

With the understanding that NOTHING has been decided, this idea has already come up in discussion about a ranking/points system. It does seem to make sense for our situation. Good call.

The tournament season is upon us and I hope the majority of our reps. are playing more than working on committees. I would like to bring this thread back to the top to talk about how we will progress our sport in addition to the discusion on rules.
One of the ideas that keeps coming to mind while wishing I could travel to the major tournaments this summer is organizing a Hardcourt newbie tour next year.
Goals of the tour would be:
-Play A polo in cities that do not have clubs or have new clubs.
-Develop regional sponsor relations by orginizing these events.
-Expose more people to Hardcourt.
-Develop a NAH ranking system.

To anyone already working in this direction I have some time to put toward these goals.

P/M Hardcourt