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Thank You, First NAH Crew

Looking ahead to an election that will bring in some new faces, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who gave their time to the first NAH effort, going back to the very first interim group.

People all throughout the poloverse seem to be raising concerns and suggesting improvements that are very similar to conclusions being drawn within NAH. We're continuing to learn and grow as a community, which is very encouraging looking ahead to 2012.

Understand that when we speak of the "first crew" this includes not only the people who stepped forward to be elected as representatives of their clubs and regions, but also to the dozens and dozens of people outside of NAH-proper who volunteered their time. This first year of progress - with it's successes and flaws - would never have happened without these combined efforts.

Here's to the people who have helped run the first leg. We hope you, along with many new people, continue to move our game forward.

So proud to have worked to now with a talented group of passionate people lifting this sport off the ground! You folks blow my mind everyday!