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NAHBPC 2014, dates? Or range of?

Have we talked about this yet? Trying to get an idea for work scheduling purposes...




yes please.

Deadline for bids? I imagine NAH is moving on this behind the scenes..

Hey all, jumping in before this thread gets rolling too far.

This may not come as much of a surprise to some, but there is a very real possibility that NAHBPC will return to Minneapolis for 2014.

Even before the recent LOBP poll on tournament amenities, in which we all clearly emphasized facilities and logistics as our highest priorities, we have been discussing the very practical benefits of tournament residencies for the NAH Series. These benefits include, advanced planning (for everyone), relationship building with the facility owners and sponsors in the area, guarantees on surface, court size, etc. In the case of NAs, our flagship tournament, in Minneapolis we also have the added benefit of an experienced club, the ability to provide the best streaming possible at the lowest possible cost, and a central location.

In other words, with our time and resources stretched as it is, a simple decision to adopt a policy of tournament residencies would free us to focus on more pressing issues that we get from the community, such as rules & refs, improvement to qualification process, membership structure, region restructuring, adding more functionality to the NAH site, expanding our outreach efforts, pursuit of sponsors, etc.

Also, please understand: residency does not inherently imply permanence. We are also establishing an open call for tournament-hosting bids. This would include applying to host a regional qualifier, the NAHBPC, or even a one-off, NAH-sanctioned event. So even with the idea of residency in place, as other clubs grow, gain experience, and establish facilities, we recognize that there might eventually be reason to establish a residency for a particular NAH tourney in another location.

(That said, please feel free to submit a bid to host an NAH tournament to tournaments@nahardcourt.com, especially those regions who haven't yet settled on a location for their 2014 qualifiers!)

As mentioned above, NAH has a responsibility to many tasks at this point. We are still early in our development and have much to improve with, as of yet, minimal resources. Therefore our work will benefit all of us most if we are able to concentrate our efforts on the matters most in need of development and allow certain decisions to be easy. (Thanks Henry.)

Thanks all.




This is a fantastic idea.

Mosquito / #saskaboom

Would it be reasonable to anticipate that NAs will be approximately on the same date as last year?

If so, what if any was the feed back (if any) in terms of regional teams having enough time to plan (buy tickets, etc) to NAs, and NA qualifiers plan for Worlds having enough time to buy tickets to Florida? Did the timing work well in 2013?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

If the Worlds go to Montpellier they are likely to be a bit earlier again next year, end of August, similar to Geneva in 2012.

That may mean the NAs have to be moved forward, or if that isn't possible, then some system for awarding spots will have to be made which doesn't include the NAs.


NA's in Mpls during July! Bring the heat!


lifting 36000 pounds of sand,and 2 courts worth of wood for such amazing courts was worth every second and a lot easier with such a willing and large crew.
Ya got my vote.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Here is the provisional schedule:

Qualifier Location and Dates decided: Feb 2nd
Qualifier Registration Opens: Feb 9th
Registration Closed Period Ends: Feb 23rd
Qualifiers: April 26th - June 8th
NAHBPC: July 11th-13th (TBC)

Provisional Qualifier Locations (not confirmed):
Cascadia: Seattle
SW: ?
Mexico: ?
P/GP: ?
SC: ?
UMW: Milwaukee
LMW: Indianapolis
NS: ?
ES: Lancaster
SW: Atlanta

can we get an updated qualifier list with dates?




Cascadia: Seatle, May 24/25th (TBC), ? teams
Eastside: Lancaster, May 31st/June 1st, 36 teams
Great Lakes: Milwaukee, June 7th/8th, 24 teams
Great Plains: Saskatoon May 23rd/25th, 24 teams (over 3 days)
Heartland: Indianapolis, May 31st/June 1st, 24 teams
Northside: Ottawa, June 7th/8th (TBC), 24 teams
Mexico: Guadalajara, May 10th/11th, 24 teams
South Central: ?
South East: Atlanta, April 19th/20th, 32 teams
South West: Folsom?, May 24th/25th (TBC), 32 teams

Registration for all qualifiers will open in early March (TBC)

Thanks John


are there confirmed dates for NA's and Worlds?

NAHBPC: July 11th-13th (TBC)
WHBPC: August 27th-31st

Ladies Army and NAH have discussed for years that the NAH calendar would take into account several key tournaments like the Mid-West Open and Ladies Army when determining dates. I realize Toronto has yet to confirm Ladies Army dates, but the date in their bid was July 4-6, the weekend before this proposed NAs date.

Any chance these two are not on back to back weekends? A lot of women are concerned about this, and Toronto did announce their anticipated dates last August.

TO is now tentatively saying late June (via their facebook). Not sure if they were influenced by NAH dates.

(I mean, I kind of want them to be back to back so I can bum around Ontario and the Midwest for a week, but I understand that most people are not in that situation.)

Being that I'm based in Toronto, you can be sure this has already been discussed at length (including with the Ladies Army team), and the decision was not made idly. The last thing I or the NAH would want to do is do anything detrimental to Ladies Army.

We were more than aware of the Ladies Army date, but given the dates of the Worlds, we had no choice in the matter. Many regions are not prepared to play their qualifiers until late May, early June, and the Worlds are late August, meaning the NAs have to be early July.

Given that we didn't want to do it on the July 4th weekend (due to the holiday, and proposed Ladies Army), the next weekend was the only choice without the air fares to Europe starting to get unaffordable, for those who choose to represent our continent in Montpellier.

You can also be sure we tried our hardest to campaign for the Worlds to be later, but this wasn't possible.

Having them back to back may be a positive for some people who would rather spend a week in that region, than have to make two long journeys to that area, in a short space of time. Obviously for others it may be a negative.

Either way, the NAH has very little choice in the matter of when the NAs are, as long as we use a system, where we have a 3 stage process, to fit into a few months.

But it appears that Ladies Army may be moving dates in any case (I will let them confirm that when they are ready)

Indianapolis: May 31st and June 1st.

What do you think of Ottawa or Kitchener for the NS Qualifier? Beginning or mid May would be perfect.

Ottawa is happening, they are just confirming a few things

Yeah! Perfect.



are the dates set for the NAs? I only see up above a date that is "tbc"...

Yeah, that weekend is confirmed, July 11th-13th.

We should get an announcement out ;)