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North Side Polo Invite - RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK. The second Annual North Side Polo Invite was a smashing success. 17 teams showed up and played their hearts out. We had representatives from far away lands such as Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, D.C., Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver. Thank you all so much for coming, we had a blast. Here are the results:

1st place - Mother's Baby Snakes from NYC featuring Paul, Zach and Doug

2nd place - Jet Lag All Stars from NYC/Vancouver featuring Adam, Dave and Pietr

3rd place - Mother Fuckers Against Drunk Driving from Ottawa featuring Jonny, Allen and Brian

Top Offensive Female (round robin) - Carole from Ottawa

Top Offensive Male (round robin) - Jonny (with no H/FROM the midwest/Ben's brother) from Madison

Top Defensive Female (round robin) - Quinn from NYC

Top Defensive Male (round robin) - Patrick from DC

Round Robin MVP (as voted by the players) - Ben from Chicago

Playoff MVP - Dave The Hammer from NYC

Entusiasm Award - Dumptruck from Chicago

Top Tube Protector Award - Cecily from NYC

Simpson's Trivia Alleycat - Chombo from NYC

Whew... I'm off to play some pick up

pretty much the best tournament ever since seattle.stay tuned for details on the last big tournament of the year in vancouver, late september, the east van northern crown, the last tournament of the pacific triple crown, a cascadia fall classic.so good to see and play everybody, all hail the flyers!  

i didn't know my love for canada could get any bigger. this past weekend in ottawa proved that, when you combine canada with an effing amazing bike polo tournament, the capacity for love is infinite. thanks for a great tournament and a great time. y'all know how to do it right. i'll think of ottawa everytime i look down at my rad reversible top tube protector...

that weekend was the bomb, everybody

yeah!! thanks to our lovely organizers and hosts for making it possible to bring all the families together in your town. everything ran pretty smooth too. no hurries or fuss, just good times...  

special thanks to carmen for saving adam staudts wheel! 

see yall in a couple weeks (hopefully) and if not, at LOS MARCOS MADNESS in october!

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

real sad and kind of embarrassing Boston didn't even send a team. looked like fun

Just registered on here and this is my 1st post...just want to thank everyone who came to our town, all the event organisers/volunteers, M.O.Mayhem and of course Gizza & Redge for being fine teammates. Man it was so fun and yes I'm still recovering! Won't make Chicago but hope to see you all @Los Marcos.


Yeah, thanks tons Ottowa, the best tournament this rookie's been to so far.  Lived up to all the stories I've been hearing for the past year.  You are wonderful and talented hosts and I can't wait to come back.