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the godfather of polo in <city>

I am curious to know the origins of hardcourt bike polo in your city. who introduced it? how was it born? how long ago? how has your city's game evolved (open-ended optional vagary)? heavy stuff.


that being said drew and what's his name started polo in COMO in february of '08 after seeing on the interwebs. the rest is history.

anybody from Columbia remember his name?

zach. haven't heard from him in a long time.




pinch,poke, you owe me a coke

portland started in 2002 by a group of messengers, Tad, Cowboy, Hazel, R Kelley. It was introduced by seattle's MessMan, Irving, Mason. We started with tennis balls, and broom handle mallets with wooden heads. Now we got all the new fancy mallets and bikes, but we can't seem to win shit since Balls Deep took the tour de Polo in Seattle in 2008.

OG PDX Team Haus 4 EVA.

So, uh, big polo party in PDX 2012??!!
What's you planning Ben?

confirm or deny

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Dude 2012 worlds fo sho. press paquette soon to come, callin shotgun on that bitch before the things even built.
Skid & Destroy
Axles of Evil

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Minneapolis' hardcourt godfather was Eric "Vegan Ninja" Lappegard. He brought the game back from Portland in 2006. Tried to get it going on a regular basis but it didn't really take off until a year or so later.

Eric was killed in a car crash in late 2007. RIP Eric.



Hard court was started in Phx by Chad, and David in June 08. David brought it over from Dayton and Chad had played with his brother in DC as far as I know, they meet up randomly and decided to get it started down here. Now we are all roommates. Grass had been going on here a whole lot longer though...

Marco (philthy courier} is responsible for getting NOD, MailmanJ, Troy, minimike, the pirhana, and myself involved. He came out to grass polo and played with us for many weeks. Out of guilt or curiosity we responded to his invitation of hardcourt and we are hooked (I think guilt makes a better story).

Thanks Marco!

Grass polo in Phoenix started on a fall afternoon in 1997 in the repair shop of Sun Cyclery. Tommy O (Big Hair Superfan <-- google this), enlisted myself and Tommy L. in the making of bike polo mallets. After gluing chunks of 2x4 on ski poles, we hit the sales floor and invited the customers of Sun to join us in the destruction of bicycles and wrists. We played and the game stuck to us. Tommy O held the torch for the first couple years. NOD was there from the second day we played on. NOD picked up where Tommy left off. He perfected the equipment, organized the games, and kept us in line. Minimike started playing in 1999 at age 10. NOD gets the ring IMO. Ben picked well for the the Phoenix ambasssador

Mike T. - Phoenix Bike Polo

As far as I know Matt Vidal and Dave LA Brakeless started things in So Cal around 3 years ago(don’t quote me). Others are responsible for its growth.

^ does dave still play?

Every time we do it big I call the shop and tell those guys to come but they never show.

that sucks, Dave was damn good. I'm not suprised tho, him and Tim where really the only west-siders into it.

Midwest History

2000-2001ish -->
-a group of milwaukee couriers randomly start playing a version of grass polo with croquet mallets and balls after a drunken day in the park playing croquet, they decide this is way more fun than croquet. though they didn't even call it "polo" yet, this was the birth of midwest bike polo.
-balls (size zero soccer balls), mallets (bamboo with wood heads), and some rules for bike polo purchased from USBPA website (though to my knowledge the rules weren't really used).
-shaggy, an old school milwaukee messenger, teaches madison and chicago grass polo at Lord of the Chainrings 1 in madison.
-some time after this, the original MKE group stopped playing
-there is some grass game played on hardcourt (wooden mallets and size zero ball played on concrete) pick-up played in MKE at Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 1 or 2?
- Later that year there is a mini-tournament played in Chicago at Cuttin' Crew Classic, it is grass game on hard court, matt and cody go to this tournament, re-teaching MKE. they win this tournament, and bring this version of the game (big ball on concrete) back to MKE and the current generation of Milwaukee Bike Polo Club starts playing.
-this summer we meet Madison Bike Polo guys in MKE at BikeBike. the first MKE vs MAD game is played, ben hunter breaks his head tube and keeps playing.
-Fall, Midwest Bike Polo Championships 1 is played on grass in Madison with 6 teams from Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and Detroit
- Jake, Cody, and myself go to Ottawa for North Side Polo Invitational 1, our first small ball tournament, we finish 6th out of 17 (i think) oh, and chicago was at this one too and it was their first small ball tourney too, i think.
-in the fall, Midwest Bike Polo Championships 3 is played in Milwaukee, it is the first one played on concrete but still with a size zero soccer ball and wooden mallets.
-winter. Milwaukee and Chicago switch over to small ball at their pick-up games.
-madison switches over to small ball too. a week before their first small ball tournament in DC, East Side Polo Invite 2, they finish 3rd, Milwaukee 4th
-a group of MKE players lead by Steven Feih breaks off and decides they don't like the small ball and continue to play grass game on hard court, this style of play becomes known in MKE as "Feih Ball"
- Matt Vidal of Madison brings midwest polo to LA and London... and any other clubs that learned from those two clubs can trace their lineage back to MKE

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Awesome. nice one joe. a few clarifications tho:

* i think it was Lord of the Chainrings 2 where Shaggy showed up with mallets, but whatever.

* We also had a small grass tournament at LOTCR 3 in Spring 2005, with a few MKE people, like James Lalonde. (photo below)
* madison started playing big ball hardcourt in fall 2005 on the Thunderdome (photo below, ahem... note leg lift)

* that was me that cracked my head tube at bikebike

* madison switched to hockey ball in feb, about 6 weeks before ESPI3 in DC.
* Vidal brought midwest polo to LA, but hardcourt was already strong in London when he got there.


thanks... i forgot to mention to please help me out with some of the dates and details, all of that is from memory and what the old timer messengers here in MKE have passed down to me

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I will never forget that day at Bikebike you guys were totally nuts and your bikes were falling apart(not much has changed has it fellas) it was the first time and probbably last time i was scared to play polo....

note on ottawa- mke played with wooden grass mallets in that tourney and still scored goals of the end of the head..BOOYAH!

I'll never forget that day at BikeBike either. Kev broke his headtube but Ben broke something or other on his bike, then kept playing, then smashed the shit out of his bike on the pavement, then kept playing.

I also remember the MKE crew all having relatively nice (at least functional) polo bikes and the Madison crew all having these beaters that needed to be fixed before and after every day of polo. (Although Jonny was housing and wrenching them all for free so that was awesome.)

MALICE for the people.

from 2000-07 it was still acceptable to ride your street ratio on the polo court, brakeless fixed.

Also history to note:
Cass St.
Introduction of Garage

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

joeMKE wrote:

- Matt Vidal of Madison brings midwest polo to LA and London... and any other clubs that learned from those two clubs can trace their lineage back to MKE

Heh... Funny.

In the last thread, I wrote:

Submitted by trampsparadise on Tue, 09/16/2008 - 9:32pm.

Hardcourt was brought to London via Portland by Ross (no idea of surname). We used wooden mallets and a squishy ball or a field hockey ball, can't remember. That was south of the river in Southwark, after the 2006 Valentine's Day 'For the Love of it' alleycat and lasted a while, loosely. Reignited last year by Yorgo's enthusiasm having played in NYC and it boomed north of the river in East London on Brick Lane.

I'm the only steady link to the first group, Ross came around a few times and donated some mallets for communal and Wee Scott is becoming a regular more and more.

London, UK.

London, UK.

trampsparadise wrote:
joeMKE wrote:

- Matt Vidal of Madison brings midwest polo to LA and London...

Heh... Funny.

London, UK.

he also brought the goal height rule with him eh?

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


ok ok, maybe my facts were a little off. sorry London, i thought he did the same thing in london that he did in LA, i stand corrected. like i said please help me out with dates and facts on this..

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Polo was indeed strong when I came to London. But, strangely, there was actually no polo in LA before I went there. I started a game with Jared, who also moved to LA from Madison, and Dave and Tomas from LA Brakeless showed up to the first game and played a lot until they both quit later. It may have died after I left if not for Alex (Joker) who really built it up in 818 (the valley).

However, the DTLA messengers were also playing occasionally, although not too much on regular basis, and only amongst themselves. That said, they basically started it independently, but only as an occasional thing. Some other kids associated with the Bicycle Kitchen and Bikerowave also did a lot to build it up.

MALICE for the people.

But, yeah, Joe's point still stands. A lot of polo can be traced back to MKE, even outside the midwest.

Yorgo and Mike were really important for the London scene. I guess its lineage goes to P-town via, Ross, but also to NYC via Yorgo, and Mike has been the central organizer throughout those years to the present.

MALICE for the people.

Ross Allan had what I imagine is one of the first hard court polo weddings ever in Portland too. He married Debra at our court in Alberta park with pick-up polo preceding it and Rev. Phil officiating (is that the right word?). They walked out beneath raised mallets and then moved to London. A true class act. I loved getting him riled up. Something about that accent getting all upset just makes Americans smile.
"I'm making it look mean!"

"I'm making it look mean!"

C Murder wrote:

I loved getting him riled up. Something about that accent getting all upset just makes Americans smile.

Wait. Is this like Frasier, where you all think he sounds british or something?

trampsparadise wrote:

That was south of the river in Southwark, after the 2006 Valentine's Day 'For the Love of it' alleycat and lasted a while, loosely.[...]
I'm the only steady link to the first group, Ross came around a few times and donated some mallets for communal and Wee Scott is becoming a regular more and more.

Ha. "Only link", damn you and your selective memory :) I remember those days. In fact, if you remember, your team for that alleycat was you, me and JP, when we won wee scotts red furry top tube pads.

As you said, Wee Scott was a regular for the first league, and Ollie is back playing in this years league too, but thats about it. I really should dig out those pictures Ive been promising to post for ages..

I think you're right about the 2007 NSPI being the first beirut tournament attended by a full Chicago team, but I went solo to the ESPI earlier that summer. Remember? I brought the small ball to Center Street days and BriBri declared that it sucked. Then Drew plowed that kid during his skid.

how could it forget...

and just in case i did forget luckily someone was filming

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

i sholdnt be laughing at that but i am very loud

joeMKE wrote:

how could it forget...

and just in case i did forget luckily someone was filming

i just wanted to reiterate the importance of watching this. cooter is one of the nicest guys and this kid is one of the dumbest.

I'm covering my eyes with my hands but peeking through. Unbelievable. The slo-mo of the kid's dome bouncing off the pavement is a bit much- he should be wearing a helmet.

Confirm. Ben played with me and Tera in the 07 ESPI at the end of April and brought the small ball back to Chicago and I'm presuming the mid-west. It was September long weekend for the Northside that year. It was that weekend that we ran out of beer before the MKE crew arrived at 3am. I apologized to Jake for that and his response was thats all right were from Milwaukee, then he pops the trunk with nothing in it but cases of Miller and hands me one. Wow! That seems like so long ago.

team moses!! me you and terra apr 27 2007



Cut N Crew 2007. MAD,MKE,CHI to this day, one of the richest rivalries in polo.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

June 1st, 2008 was the first organized polo game in Troy. Most of the players came out from Albany to play in Trojan tennis courts. I made the first batch of mallets and put the word out on the local bike co-op e-mail list. Prior to that, I played in a hospital parking lot during a house party with a bunch of friends from college.

I caught the polo bug exactly one year before, on June 1st, 2007 in Seattle (my hometown). I learned to play that summer along with Amandaconda, playing pickup with the likes of Irving, Messman, Leon, Gary from Montlake Cycles and others whom I don't remember. I was hopelessly outclassed but enthused...

Our game has evolved mostly in positioning on the court, picks and screens, and mallet and bike skills. We are getting faster, but we still play a very clean game with almost no bike or player contact. The club has only been to one tournament (ESPI 4 in Boston) but we definitely learned a lot there!

Jesse, "godfather" of
Collar City Bike Polo
Troy, NY

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

San Francisco started in early 2004. I was a messenger at pelican't delivery at the time had never heard of polo. This guy Nelson or "Hot Pants" rolled up to the statue one day and showed us these mallets he made. They were crafted from lawn ornaments or something. These tall wooden dog statues screwed onto broom sticks. We had pancakes and mimosas on sunday mornings and played in a school parking lot in the castro. Pretty soon the messengers lost interest and there was just me but all these mechanics started showing up. They were perfect because they were okay with breaking their shit because they didn't have "work bikes" One night a new guy Brian showed up and he was from up north and he brought his street hockey ball. we were reluctant but as we got better with the smaller ball we made crutch mallets and it was a brand new game. Janky James was hanging in SF then and i guess he took it over to oakland when he moved to go work at missing link. The first tourney i travelled to attend was in sacramento and barely anyone but the bay area showed. We took first and i won a homosexual-looking top tube pad that i still rock to this day. Saved a baby falcon from off the court that day too. Then somebody took it to the vet but the vet said "bring it back to where you found it". HA! I don't live in SF anymore. I live in the desert north of LA. Hope to hook up with 818 but I commute by motorcycle. I'll figure it out one of these days.

The desert, like Victorville and Apple Valley area? If so, there's a kid who comes down to L.A. from there about once a month for the Midnight Ridazz bike ride, he'd probably be down to give you a lift to our Friday games. Email me.


Bike polo in Moldova was started by me. My small contribution to that poor country. I hope they're still playing...

Worlds in Moldova 2020!!!

Bethink thee of the albatross, whence come those clouds of spiritual wonderment and pale DREAD, in which that white phantom sails in all imaginations... ~Herman MFing Melville


Bethink thee of the albatross, whence come those clouds of spiritual wonderment and pale DREAD, in which that white phantom sails in all imaginations... ~Herman MFing Melville


I can't remember if it was the Cuttin Crew polo thingy, or the Midwests that were held in Chicago in '07 (on grass), but that was the start of Lexington Bike Polo.

Chris, Tiff and Tall George brought polo back to Lexington from that trip. For some reason, they went up to check it out, played in the tournament, and came back home to get us all hooked.

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

that was the 2nd midwests.....

oh yeah, they were trying to play grass on tricked out track bikes with street gears and aero spokes. total polo noobs, they've come a long way.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

We got invited by lucky i think, he wanted a team from every state on the Midwest map he had to play in the 2nd annual. We did not even bring mallets to that tourney. I think we had played maybe 5 times before that day in Chicago, and when we played in lex. it was in the Rupp Arena Parking lot with a size 0 soccer ball on hard-court, we played two bike widths for goal post distance, I think. That shit was rad!!! When we got home we started building grass polo bikes and mallets, and playing in woodland park, from then the schooling of Lexington Bike Polo began.

That will never work.

Tall George wrote:

We got invited by lucky i think, he wanted a team from every state on the Midwest map he had to play in the 2nd annual. We did not even bring mallets to that tourney. I think we had played maybe 5 times before that day in Chicago, and when we played in lex. it was in the Rupp Arena Parking lot with a size 0 soccer ball on hard-court, we played two bike widths for goal post distance, I think. That shit was rad!!! When we got home we started building grass polo bikes and mallets, and playing in woodland park, from then the schooling of Lexington Bike Polo began.

Was that back during the BikeLiker era?

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

That board was such a joke. It devolved into a dick measuring contest faster than a MBA college reunion.

That being said it helped me meet several awesome from from KC,MO.

didn't Lucky have something to do with it?

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

Me and three other dudes, Ted, Chris and Josh. But Calgary helped with getting a few more people hooked when they came up here and schooled us for a day.

I just wanted to add to the history thread but it was already closed. Montana was totally accurate but the real deal with the Seattle rooftop tourney was that everyone got too wasted and there never actually was a bracket or anything, and therefore no champs. However Utilikilt had provided prizes and they wanted a picture of the winning team. Since Matt Case was their contact he just told them his team, Team Skurt, were the winners.That included me and Alor(rip).Funny thing is I didn't even play that night.We didn't do it for glory we just didn't want to tell Utilikilt that we fucked up a global event that they sponsored. I guess the real winners were every body cause I'm here to confirm that the global polo outbreak can be traced back to the roof of a 24hr porn superstore in 2003. I also gave my mallet and ball to some guy from team safety tokyo that night. So I imagine I'm indirectly responsible for alot of road rash and tacoed wheels over in japan. Sumai masen you guy's over there.

wow so your saying that this sports global outbreak is due to a bunch of fuck ups who cant get even get past a few drinks to pull off a few games. gee thanks

Yeah that seems about right. It's just evolved into a bunch of fuck ups who CAN get past a few drinks to pull off a few games.


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond B.O.P.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! oish! oish! oish!
porno style polo seattle


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Yes, that is what he is saying. And your condescending tone is not appreciated. We might be fuck ups but we weren't thinking about the "global outbreak" of this "sport" but more importantly having fun. Playing a polo tourney at 5am on the roof of a porn store with messengers from around the world is a bit hard to organize so sorry it wasn't a swiss round robin double elimination 3 day affair. It's come a long way and you should try and understand that rather than make fun of it. So, gee your welcome.
"I'm making it look mean!"

"I'm making it look mean!"

You are my godfather casey. I learned how to play this game from this guy. We were playing in sac, but a wierd long court like mke but with small ball. Jake langdon and me went to ballwackers 1 and were blown away. I guess jake and i and joey started the modern style

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

there has got to be a book deal here somewhere...

more like a magazine article..
chukking half full beers at some sorry sod beatin off in the dumpster next to the porno shop
playing at night overlooking the water, priceless
good times seattle


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Prague Bike Polo (now PC Bohemians Praha) started as a scrapping club. Micah and Rob did it. We went and found semi-usable pipe (the gas pipe over here is "different") and worked it out. The first ball was whacked on the nice portico under the annex to the national theater sometime mid-summer 2009. Way back in the day. We got chased out of there by the grumpy old geezer and now play at a rubberized floorball court at the base of Petrin Hill. We started a blog about it and our team is currently 9 deep, growing fast. It's the cards. Everyone wants their own card.


change your fucking ratios!

BOP: Eating Little Split Pea's shit for years.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Send some fucking cogs! :-D

Seriously, anything for bikes over here is ridiculously expensive. The basic equation is to double the dollar list price then change it to Euros, so most of us play what we ride.

You could also probably find someone's trashed or abandoned bike and swap out the chain ring instead. a 38/16 will be a lot better than what you have now.

That sucks dude.

BOP: Eating Little Split Pea's shit for years.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Lets start a Teeth for Tots program.

Press Release:
The North American Polo Corps Teeth for Tots Program is on again this year and the need is greater than ever. The mission of the program is to collect new or used unwrapped cogs no larger than 40 teeth which will be distributed as Polomas gifts to the less fortunate poloists in the prohibitively expensive European purchasing area.

The North American Polo Corps programs goal with the Teeth for Tots Program is to promote a message of hope to the less fortunate poloists. They do it with the anticipation that these poloists will grow up to become responsible citizens by learning about the generous gifts community members can bring to one another.

I have a small stack of 5 and 4 bolt chain rings I would donate. I cannot afford the international shipping though.

Joey California wrote:

I have a small stack of 5 and 4 bolt chain rings I would donate. I cannot afford the international shipping though.

there are flat rate international shipping boxes for like 13 bucks for small things.. look into it.
you guys want some cogs or freewheels? i have tons here. i'll send them to you cheap as fuck. like under 10 bucks each. i have a few surly cogs and a few shimano freewheels. maybe some ditcas. anyway. seriously. i'll gladly help you out best i can.
get at me. bikepolozine@gmail.com

jawn wrote:

the godfather of polo in ... blah blah ... hardcourt bike polo in your city... blah

(yes, and friday after-the-house-of-shields-opened beers has transmogrified me into a troll)

no, but really, hardcourt:

-name the dude and the shop where this was done and I'll buy you a beer in your town
-Mr. Baby Hair for Halloween of cyclecide.
-Murder was in Portland. or something.

but I'm newish so probably I'm wrong.

Truely though: whoever invented the pneumatic tire invented bike polo. There's no way you could do this shit on a fking pennyfarthing.

and while I'm drunk - take this ratio conversation somewhere new. You prove a ratio has half a crap to do with anything by winning games. Or should I say, you add compelling evidence. so, STFU.

Credo quia absurdum

there wasnt a single team in the top 8 at worlds that didnt ride less then a 1.5-1 ratio.

if your going to post drunk, at least try and be funny. more funny less belligerent. more funny less stupid pictures

:sometimes you have be a tool to get inside jokes:

ben wrote:

going to post drunk

Sweet! I trolled the troll! I'm going try and become funny like you so I can drunkpost more often.

seriously though - just suggesting a new thread for the ratio args.

Credo quia absurdum

Sorry about the stupid parts of my posts here. I mixed you up with someone I thought was a prick, probably because I was experimenting with being prick.

Anyway, I better figure my figuring out by meeting people. Saving for LA and Madison.

humble pie,


Credo quia absurdum

My first-hand knowledge of SF hardtop began in '06.
Janky James and another messenger (Brian) were roommates of mine.

I went to a game at 25th st. and Potrero.
Ethan was there. And Laird from Cyclecide too.

I had a broken shoulder and couldn't try it out.

Then the park was closed and locations and roommates changed.

I didn't see SF polo again until the NAACs '07 tournament (sponsored by PBR!)

I got to play my first game then and subsequently got hooked.

Since, SF has been evicted from a few spots and we are currently trying
to get the city to establish a recognized polo court.

But our recent Halloween tournament kicked ass! It was great to meet and play against
a lot of y'all...

Lefty Bullshit!

No one knows what the fuck happened in Boston for polo. I have seen videos from years years but none of those yarnies come out anymore. I would have to say Tyler Sage started it in Boston, and we all had to catch that tird all the time.

South florida bike polo started by me, i don't really remember, sometime in the fall of 08' at holiday park. I was tired of hanging with the trick fixed kids so i made mallets and basically had to beg poeple to play for a long time until i gained a core group of poeple who were really into it. It grew really nicely since then and now the community functions with or without me. Our play evolved from a strong physical game of smack the ball back and forth across the court to a tight team play with lots of passing and focus on playing the ball and not the player. We didn't make it past the first round at the first all florida campionship last year and this year we took first. We just had our first press coverage from the Sun-sentinal and we have legally turned the rules in our Park to Permit Bike polo on the roller hockey rinks. Tuesday and thursday 7pm - 11 pm at holiday park.
"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


/edit Wait a minute? South Florida? Is that like a city in Florida? Which city did you start bike polo in?

Alex (bikelife) started it here in Amarillo, I honestly didn't expect it to take off like it did. Totally awesome.


Kev, You locked the history of hardcourt thread in favor of this one. Just bumping it to the top.

Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

heh, thanks. people should still read this, if they haven't already: http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/general/2008/09/16/history-of-hard...

Definitely, I remember reading that thread and having a much better understanding of this particular past time of ours. I think it was also the first time I had any concept of Alexis not bieng 15 after seeing him in boston.
Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Thanks for the heads up Kev.

We begun playing in Quito in October 2009 with only a few people in a basketball court from a university, once a week until we got kicked out of there. We moved to a great basketball court and then got kicked out again from there (a public park go figure) and now we play in a nicer tennis court but with drains and holes where the ball gets stuck, but at least we can play there. There's like 10 to 15 sometimes 20 people at most games but not everyone plays and there are times when no one shows up, and we've never had a game during the day. We play with borrowed mallets, that means we have 6 mallets which we lend so that people can play, besides those there's only like 5 people that own their own mallet and me.

But we hope things get better with time and we get more people to play more than once a week.


We started playing in SRQ almost 2years ago. I went to an alley-cat and some folks (Pete, Corey) convinced me i wanted to play. Crashed, ate shit and fell in love with the sport. I swore that day that i would go home and assemble a team to come back and whoop St. Pete and Tampas asses!!!
These are some pics from the first month we played. I called everyone i knew, made a shit ton of mallets and Polo Sarascrotum was born!
We've been averaging three days a week since then!
I found this site early on and it's been a great resource and link to the Polo World!
Special thanks to our visitors over the last year who have schooled and welcomed us to this sport!
Ben, Johnny and Charlie, thanks for being rad ambassadors!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

mikey and i went to jacksonville's 1st "bury your bike" fest in may of 2008. it was the first time we witnessed live polo. we were invited to play, but i guess we were intimidated or didn't want to fuck up our bikes, so we declined. my girlfriend at the time deidre played, so i guess she is the godmother of new orleans bike polo, although she hasn't played since. then in august of 2008 we went to pensacola for a bicycle weekend and both mike and i played with those guys, which was the first time they played i think. that same month will and russell found a spot and organized weekly sessions, so they are new orleans's godfathers of polo.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

I got the bug after finding old wooden bike polo mallets at Bicycle Michael's. That photo is from March '08. We played several pickup games in Washington Square Park using the highly restrictive grass polo rules. Bicycle Michael and his friend used to play grass polo in New Orleans years ago is my understanding.

Our first hardcourt pickup was on October 13th, 2008.

i stand corrected. 10/2008 it is. we should play on grass in wsp again one day.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Hey new clubs! Read the original post above and tell us who got the ball rolling in your city.

The Story of the godfather of Atlanta,

I was bored one warm day in November of 2009 and I decided I wanted to start a bike gang, mostly so we could ride in circles around people and taunt them like in movies of the 50's. You see I had just started riding bikes during the oil shortage and I had a lot of friends who had done the same. After suggesting a bike gang, my friends who rode bikes said we had to do "more bike stuff" to be a gang. I had barely heard of bike polo from my friend Bob, who saw it played in Athens a few times,but it seemed to be "more bike stuff" to me. After watching a video on the internet I was sold and I emailed everybody I knew who rode (like 15 people), and I said if 8 of them replied yes then we'd play. I got 15 replies, so I made 8 mallets from golf clubs, ABS tubing, and JB weld. Somehow it got posted on a race forum and people I had never met showed up too. Our first time we had 15-20 people come and go. Bob had gotten a ball from the Athens kids, and we played on a huge court (120x200) at Georgia Tech that was supposed to be 3 basketball courts. We played 4 to a team because of how big the court was, and it was mostly fixed gear riders with a few road bikes mixed in. The next weekend we played again but 3 of the Athens kids came down and schooled us. Since then we've evolved into a group with polo specific bikes, ski poles and HDPE tubing for mallets, and some wheel covers We've hosted 2 tournaments, and we're starting to travel more regularly.

We play polo in the ATL

ramble history of the delaware bike polo. jan-2010 to dec-2010.

Sam started talking about bike polo in January and was really jazzed about playing, I think he saw it on the internet. I was all like "uhm...bike polo? i don't know about that business". He persisted and held a couple games, the first one was early February or late Jan. I showed up to watch one day and there was only 5 people, so I begrudgingly played and had a blast.

The first games were held on tennis courts at Conrad Middle School in Newport and eventually some abandoned courts with giant holes on Race Street in Wilmington. Eventually we started reserving the "Castle" hockey court at Delcastle Recreation area but got tired of explaining to hockey players that we had paid money to reserve the court (yes, we realize it is a "hockey" court, our bad). Plus it was really inconvenient for everyone to get to. Next we played at the Death Rink on the University of Delaware's campus in Newark, DE. This is a big court with a rough asphalt surface surrounded by a chain link fence. We played there for quite some time, skid popping many a tire. One night there were about a hundred little kids playing soccer at the court. The university had given permission for a peewee soccer league to use the court on polo night! Fortunately there is another court close by which became known as "Heart of Darkness" due to numerous lights being out. This is the court we currently play on and the lights have since been repaired. It also has 12" steel plate around the base of the entire court which makes for great bounce passes.

The first games were fun, mostly harmless with lots of bad shots, foot downs and a LOT of crappy wheels being tacoed etc. Mallets were pvc, mop handles, a few ski poles, whatever people had around. As we got "better", the speed and crashes became vicious, some of the original people stopped coming, some new people started showing up. A few nights we had 15 people, which was awesome, but madness trying to decide who played. We started getting wheel covers and experimenting with gear ratios, better mallets and wheels. Lot's of questions about rules, we even made one that you couldn't shoot from past half court because "Long Shot" Sammy would score a goal from anywhere, making games very short! Ball dragging was quickly turned into a "must pass first" rule after a brand new player started scoring goals on his first night by dragging it up and slinging it in.

Perry Z played with us in Delaware on many occasions, we also traveled to Philly to be amazed at how good people were. Everyone told Sam to fix his brakes and David got the nickname "my little pony" for riding a 24" purple huffy.

David, James and myself went to the Flour City tournament in Rochester where we went up 3-0 in our first match only to lose it 4-3. David refused a mechanical, playing the last 3 minutes on a flat rear. Our second game was a whirlwind lose 5-0, but it was a great time and we enjoyed watching our friends from Philly play the rest of the day. David and I traveled to Atlanta with Young Jeffery and Cris GT and played with JessA from Florida.

At almost one year old, there are currently 5 people who show up every week to play with a few others that come once in awhile. I play in Philly at least once a week and always offer a ride to anyone that wants to join me. Looking forward to next year and thinking about ways to get more people hooked. One thing I'd like to try is having loaner mallets that people can take home with them. We've always had them available at pickup, but then no one has a chance to play around by themselves. I would also like to see some kind of friendly competition (provided there are enough players) where we play team games, in addition to pickup, and keep track of wins/loses throughout a season like other club sports.

-my stomach is a pickle-

I traveled to MKE for the COG Invite where I met Doug D. Doug was nice enough to send 10 yellow HDPE mallet heads to Grand Rapids. Myself, Jeff Bolt, and Alex Angus built up the first mallets in town and started playing at MLK park, along with Jeff Kraus and Casey Cronkright and a few others who are no longer playing.

all of these heads are from NYC via Doug D.

When threatened with gang violence, we retreated to our current, more metropolitan location under the US131 s-curve.

Jeff Bolt and I stole the cones that were first and are still used, but Jeff had the first wheel cover so I'm naming him the Godfather, even though he doesn't play anymore because he can't stand Josh Wilson.

wheel cover painted by Dana

In the great pyramid scheme of polo, Grand Rapids is the child of MKE (first exposure) and NYC (first equipment).

The story of Ann Arbor bike polo started in the summer of 07' I went to the FGG symposium in August in Traverse City, MI and they played polo. They had some golf club/pvc mallets for everyone to use, and played with a street hockey ball. I didn't play as I didn't want to beat up any of my bikes so I just watched. It looked like lots of fun so I decided to try and get a game going in Ann Arbor. I built some mallets out of ski poles with wooden or PVC heads, and talked to some friends about playing. I got the first game going early Oct. 07 and we played until the weather turned bad in December. Those first few months we played at Wheeler park on a basketball court, and got 8-12 people usually. After that we took a hiatus over the winter and then started back up in the spring at a new location, Elbel field. That was a huge court, but the cracks were even bigger. It was also very slick when damp, and the street hockey guys would come out there and kick us off their plastic pipe. So we ended up moving to our current location at Palmer Field and our bad weather location, the Thunderdrome (basement of a parking structure across the street) within the same week of each other. We have played the last three winters in the parking structure and had some visitors from other cities on occasion during the normal Sunday pick up games.

Last two years has seen a rise in our local polo. Occasional participants became regulars and built dedicated polo bikes. Then they built their own mallets and even practice on off polo days to sharpen the skills. We are a college town so often players come and go so it can sometimes be hard to get enough for a game depending on the time of the year. This last year a few of us ventured away from Michigan, and played a few polo tournaments.

Of the original players that started playing in 07' there are only a few still playing (3 or 4). We lost a few to graduation, we lost one to Minneapolis this summer, some just don't play anymore, and one stopped playing after I called him out on his pansy ass whining.

This is a good record of polo in a2.

The new generation of players are doing well, and there is a new face every other month or so.

We are starting to get imports from other clubs, our first was Jon Atwell, and another, Sam from Chicago said he will be moving to a2 in the spring.

The the player who will remain nameless counldn't take what he dished out. BigMatt/we called him out on it and he doesn't come anymore, go figure.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I played a few times in philly in like 05 +/- a year. i don't remember with who, but i don't recognize anyone from the current players.
I moved to rochester in 07 and saw a few ex BMX riders were playing by some really primitive rules. mallets were flung and every shot, regardless of shuffle or shot was a goal. rode laps around the court for tap outs. joust for every goal. really primitive, but really fun. everyone got better equipment, and started plying a lot more come 08 and 09. there was one kid that jut came and hung out and did trick track stuff. he was there before i started showing up. less and less of the bmx kids showed and more and more of my peers showed. one day only 5 players showed, so we got coop (the trick track kid) to play (in like late 08) he got hooked. As more new players showed i developed the more standard rules.
so our club went:
Coop and i are, i guess, the seasoned players. I've played longer, but he's been at more pick up than i have, if only to hang and drink some gennys.
now i live in a polo house, where all four of us are players, two are rather casual/new and two of us have at least 2 years of serious playing under our belts.

and ann arbor also has a thunderdome? that is our night pick up spot.


Denver Mallet Mafia was born in Spring of 08 because of Adam Sampson. Adam, a native of Alaska, had been in California and learned about Bike Polo from Joker aka Alex Dash. I know this because he told me and I was there when the club started around March of 2008. I was one of the first six or so players to begin playing on a sketchy blacktop court in the middle of capitol hill where lots of traffic went by and saw our games.

So without a doubt, Adam is our god-fah-za. We played on our fixies back then and quickly learned not to play on nice bikes :P. We learned a physical style of play from midwests in como (our first tournament, witnessing st.louis' intensity changed us) and now our more experienced players have begun to play a finesse, Seattle/E.Van style of game.

Thanks to adam for starting such a great thing (Especially for me) in Denver. And thanks to Joker, and the rest of the poloverse for telling me about your origins and making me ponder our game we call hardcourt polo.

So does that make Joker the Great-godfather of Denver?

i suppose jawn created this thread in the hopes that someone from Nanaimo/The Future would pipe up and kiss his little ass.

instead, i'll rep my O.G. roots and go with East Van. and i have no idea how it started. suck on that, jawanathan.

2007 - King of The Juice

actually i WAS curious how polo spread to the rest of the world. your post is unhelpful and deviating from the topic. buy a vacuum cleaner and do your own sucking.=)

I think this is a little history Nick from Boston was looking for.
I don't really know much prior to 2006. I honestly don't think much polo was being played then. In 2006, some Boston messengers and some other people played at Basketball court in Chinatown. Most people played on their regular street bikes and mallets were made of wooden blocks and aluminum table legs or golf club shafts. We started out using a little inflatable ball. Sundays were the only days we played. Some girl, I think her name was Gina, organized on hearding people out. She eventually moved to seattle. TylerSage, Howl and I were out there many Sundays. We eventually played on the top floor of a parking garage later that summer due to Chinese volleyball leagues using the basketball courts and we started using street hockey ball.
In 2007, Tyler scouted out street hockey court at the other end of the city and at that point BostonFixed had been established, so tons of people started heading out with a few people from the previous summer moving away to another city and some remaining to play some polo. We got lots of people, but it was hard to get in on games. I won't go into details, but a huge division happened where the group split in half and started playing polo over the river in Somerville. Some of the more competitive people kept playing in Boston.
2008 started to become a little more organized and competitive. We finally came to have set nights, not a lot of random people, mostly the same crew coming out. More and more people started making polo bikes and a tournament was held here that year.
2008 and on, same crew for the most part, we'll get a new person here and there which is nice.

I'll give Jawn the props he deserves, Pakaloo worked like hell trying to get things lively in P-ville and Nanaimo for years, coming down to Victoria semi-regularly to get his fix and he was a regular at our events showing up early with coffee and powertools, but it wasn't until Jawn moved up there that the spark really hit the fire in coal town. I don't remember the exact season or year that Jawn moved though... 2009 most likely. I think late summer/fall cause he moved for school but I blocked it out of my memory since his departure from Victoria caused such heartache. Nanaimo first started showing up at our tournaments in the 2009 Winter mixer I think, and a number of Nanaimoans (phred, jawn, eric, luke, steph, kate...) made it down last april to our Spring tourney.

Hardcourt polo on the island can proudly trace its roots to East Van, but Ottawa's Mallets of Mayhem are where my own polo roots lie. In April of 2007 the infamous Brakes came over for Recyclistas' spring party and threw an open afternoon of friendly polo on the sunday after the party. Ryan Harris scouted the location for Topaz park and the Brakes made mallets for anyone to borrow. I only heard about this event randomly at the party the night before but was super excited to make it out having played in Ottawa on and off since 2003 or 2004 (I forget which, I remember my first game there was still snow and we were still playing up at the old Cathcart st courts. I think it was spring 2003 but I could be totally wrong). I had played periodically in Ottawa before coming to Victoria but since I would go away during the summer and there was no polo during the winter I couldn't play all that regularly and Naomi and I moved to Victoria in the fall of 2006.

On that sunny sunday afternoon in April Victoria bike polo was born.

Being the heart of the bike community in Victoria, Recyclistas was the hub through which polo spread that summer. The first game following the Brakes' sunday invite was a wednesday evening at topaz park only a few weeks later I believe, featuring the usual suspects: Triane, Will, Ryan H., Francis and myself - I think there were just the five of us (though I could be wrong) and other than Francis we all still play regularly in Victoria. Other shop ne'er do wells and miscreants started coming out withing a couple weeks, Tegan, Chris L., Leigh P., and it quickly spread through word of mouth, largely due to Triane and Ryan's promotion at the 'learn to fix your bike' classes that the shop runs, and through Will and Kyla's midnight mystery ride. I was visiting East Van a lot that spring which really pumped me up on polo so when Naomi returned from Ottawa in May the scene was just starting to coalesce. A whole posse from the woodworking class at Camosun (Chris R., Erin, Fry, Nolan) started showing up regularly, The Velo Vixens (Adele, Jenny, Justine, Kyla, Triane) were quickly a fixture and Tegan brought it to the courriers (such as they are) which brought out among others Ryan D., Jeff M. and the infamous Wild Bill Ryan. By early summer the bleachers at Topaz park were the place to be on a Wednesday evening, with a regular crowd of players and onlookers of easily 20 or 30 people. I made the first mallets and started bringing a golf bag full for new people to use but most of the regulars started to make their own pretty quickly and Will and Kyla's house became our storage space for spare mallets, cones, lights etc. For the longest time most of our mallets were golf clubs simply because ski poles were hard to find, but Ryan and Andrew are the only people that I can think of who still rock the club shaft here.

That summer Victorians attended a number of regional tournaments, the Cyclocutioners played at East Van's Last Riders of the Apoloclypse (Ryan, Tegan and I), and at the Tour de Polo 2007 (Tegan, crash-up Chris and I) and a whole posse came out to the Polorobics which was in the fall. Ryan H. played with Soren (and Bjorn?) and they took the tourney by storm.

At first we were playing full court on a lacrosse box and loving the fast-paced big court chaos but when Tegan and Chris and I played at the tour de polo on single tennis courts in the pouring rain we couldn't play for shit and couldn't stay on our bikes, dabbing like crazy. We came home and told everyone to start playing half court or we'd never be able to hold our own in other cities. Leigh Pieterse was the most adamantly against the change but we started switching back and forth and gradually the short court became our norm except for the odd full court chaos match.

We held our first tourney in the Lacrosse box of topaz park in August of 2007. The boards separating the two courts were made of broken pallets and it was the first tourney Ballz Deep ever won if I remember correctly: the first place prize was a board game called "North to Alaska" that Naomi and I got at the St Vincent de Paul. In honour of our stodgy British roots the tournament had a "formal" dress code (though I don't recall if many people actually followed it), we served cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and had tea and baked goods to offer. We threw another tourney in December 2007, as part of Recyclistas birthday party, our first winter mixer. This was won by Lisa, Leon and Seabass - after winning the tournament Seabass promptly dodged off to ride in the alleycat and effed up his collarbone within two blocks of the courts.

For a long while our night court was at topaz as well, Jeremy would bring out 6 construction lights and 200' of cable and set them up every wednesday, but eventually (I don't remember exactly when this happened, sometime in 2008 maybe?) we shorted out the socket and couldn't get at the breaker so we had to move to a new night location. After playing in poorly lit elementary school parking lots and playgrounds for weeks - a period during which a lot of players drifted off - we found the Fernwood basketball court and it has been our regular evening home for a few years now. Since the winter of 2008/2009 if I remember correctly things really jumped up a notch here, with regular a attendance throughout the winter of more than 6 people most nights! And if things go well I think we have just solidified an on site location to store boards and extra lights and maybe even nets so we might even be moving into a new, post-ghetto court era in Victoria. Can it be true? No more chasing the ball into the grass, no more cheese grater community centre wall? We'll keep you updated...

If anyone wants to correct me on any of this feel free to, this is mostly from memory and so I could have some things wrong...

Nick wrote:

We held our first tourney in the Lacrosse box of topaz park in August of 2007. The boards separating the two courts were made of broken pallets and it was the first tourney Ballz Deep ever won if I remember correctly

Naw, Me, Piet and Rory took that one. Black Death Stars or sumpin like that.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Yeah , we believe that The Tamale Lady is the undisputed Godmother of polo in San Francisco

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"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

So I'm in Basel, where Strom is the godfather of bike polo and guess what he sends in his pickup invite? I believe he helped make a 2005 tournament in Zurich happen.


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Credo quia absurdum

Strom stayed at my house once, he is a nice guy. He really likes swimming in the Huron River at the rowing docks.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Hey Dingo tell the story of how you started bike-polo here in Melbourne! Pleeease... I like the bit with the bikes and the hitting of the balls.



User ddub introduced the game to me in 2007. We played with old golf club shafts attached to pieces of wood as the mallet head. Tallahassee had been playing every once in a while since 04 or 05 even? I'm not sure. There was no cue people simply jumped on a team whenever they showed up for "pick-up". Those were the most epic 7 vs 7 games on a court with no walls and tiny practice cones for goal posts! Either way, it was so much fun and I am still in awe of how quickly the game has changed not only in Tallahassee but all over the world!

We're not exactly a large club even now, but the history of Bike polo in Manhattan Kansas comes outta Spencer and Dany(Sevem on these boards). They started trying to muster people to play and after a couple times I heard about it. A few weeks later, some "Chripsters" in the area got involved and for maybe 6mos to a year, there was regular polo(I quit after a month or so). After a few key players moved away and others lost interest it totally died. This was something like 2009-10. Last summer 2011, Myself and Sevem restarted polo. We began playing weekly with a totally new group, and attending tournaments etc. Recently Dany moved to Czech republic and we became an official Kansas state club. We are working now to establish an official court with boards.

tl;dr Dany (Sevem)

Wow. I can't believe that Chripsters is actually in the urban dictionary. Bryan is right, back in 2009 we had nearly a full year of polo, 2/3 nights a week with 2 simultaneous games. Then people moved, got intimidated by the ones that were getting aggressive and the Chripsters took their fixies elswhere. After a year of hiatus, Polo was back in 2011 hopefully for good.

Berlin, 2004: http://instagram.com/p/R8MOW2L1tK