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NA Hardcourt reps for 2010

The first elected group of regional reps has been elected to NA Hardcourt.  The 2010 agenda for NA Hardcourt was sketched out in November. The following people above will be reviewing that agenda, setting some goals, and organizing ourselves into committees and getting to work.

Cascadia etc Justin (Calgary Meg PDX (Portland) Lisa (East Van)

Southwest Joel (SF) Mike Tretter(PHX) Joker (LA)

Southeast Amandaconda (Tampa) Ryan (Pensacola) Jake Braxis (Atlanta)

Eastside Doug D (NYC) Meg (DC) Ian (RVA)

Southcentral Tall George (Colorado Springs) Malakai (Lawrence Kansas) Rob (ATX)

Midwest Ben (Chicago) Sven (MPLS) Jonny (Madison)

Northside Brian (Ottawa) Kev (Toronto) Angelo (Ottawa)

Congrats all!


Congratulations! Good reps all around :-)


I like your polo.

Congrats ladies and gentlemen.
I look forward to the upcoming year and seeing what this fine group of people will accomplish.


congrats to everyone that was involved! thanks for the support and i am proud to rep this find sport! look forward to working with everyone!

Bicycle/cykel/自行車/das Fahrrad/polkupyörä/bicicletta/bicicleta/reiðhjól/fiets/يَرْكَبُ درّاجة هوائ

Very proud boys and girls

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Ya LISA!!!!!!

Northern Standard

Thank you, looking forward to an exciting year! Congrats to you all!

I"m glad to see some ladies up there. Congratulations.

Bikes, Boys, Beer, Bud
Four things I really love

no mke rep, hogwash!

yea, whats up with ottawa having two reps? bullshit, everything that gets decided this year will be skewed towards benefiting those fuckers. this is bullshit

X 2


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey

We're going to decide on things? Cooooool.

I can't say I know exactly where Ottawa is. I expect the same can be said of most of your US educated representatives. Therefore, we shall not be able to skew fuckall towards them.

Move along.

Ottawa's the renaissance city of bike polo Ben.

yea, thats quite a mandate you have with your whole whopping vote. hey, it only takes one vote

Thanks for your support guys and gals. The vote in the Midwest region was a tough one and I'm glad that I didn't have to personally cast a vote with so many great candidates.

I look forward to working hard to let hardcourt bike polo grow.

Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything,

612 (phone available upon request)

One thing that got zapped in the upgrade was the poll results. instead of recreating them manually i figured it would be easier to just attach some pictures here.

  • Eastside
  • Southeast
  • Southcentral
  • Southwest
  • Midwest
  • Cascadia
  • Northside

wow...100% of the votes! Gee thanks everyone, I'll try to live up to your expectations, and do the best I can. Looking forward to an awesome polo 2010.

Thanks for all the support everyone!

I am so excited to be part of this inaugural group of reps!

Please feel free to communicate any ideas or concerns.

Congratulations Meg and Justin!

yeah dont vote for mke. well see ya on the court suckas