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To the poloverse from NA Hardcourt: a proposal for WHBPC 2011

Dear polo comrades from beyond North America.

First of all, we can't wait to see some of you in Berlin.

In North America, we're in the midst of putting together our 2011 tournament schedule. As an organizing body, North American Hardcourt will sanction and support 5 North American tournaments, including 4 “major” tournaments plus the North American Championships (NAHBPC).

Because WHBPC 2011 is the most important tournament of the year, we need to schedule NAH tournaments around it. And in the absence of a global organizing body that can decide on WHBPC 2011, we would like to offer to the rest of the world our decision-making structure, as North American Hardcourt (NAH), to select a North American city to host for WHBPC 2011.

The idea is that, if the rest of the poloverse accepts, NA Hardcourt would:

1. Get feedback from the global polo community about what people are looking for in terms of format, date, location, logistics, size, rules, and other factors for WHBPC.
2. Get proposals from North American polo clubs for major tournaments, similar to last year’s (see http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bid/nahbpc2010/madison for example). Clubs would have the option of having their bid considered for one of the 4 “majors”, and/or the NAHBPC, and/or the WHBPC. The best proposal we receive would win the right to host the WHBPC.
3. Bids would be due by mid-October and we'll have the 21 NAH regional reps vote on bids in mid-October.
4. Help the city that wins the WHBPC bid to work with the global polo community during the organizing process.

How does this sound to you? In the absence of a global organizing body, we feel this would be the most efficient and legitimate means of find an excellent host city for WHBPC 2011. So far we've talked to some organizers from Australia, Japan, and Europe, who have responded that this is a good way of going about it. So please send some constructive feedback on this. If you think the idea is crap, please respond with an alternative proposal that explains who would do the work necessary to carry it out. Also, please forward this to people who might care.


Sounds great to me.

Priority for me:
-Having dates ASAP. Dates need to be after NA and EHBPC, maybe september could be a good idea, if people could know it soon.

-Make arrangement ASAP about how many teams in the whole tourney, and how many teams per country. Like this people can arrange their proto-league soon. The WHBPC don't need to be a too big tourney IMO, if people could make good selection systeme, no matters if the tourney is a 64 teams tourney.
The number of teams allowed for the whole tourney determine such important things:
Number of courts, number of days etc...

Number of teams:
32, 48, 64,
more? less?

48 is a good number, 64 if the city could handle free housing and enough courts....

what the world region are:
South America
Mixed Teams.

How many teams per region, how to determinate ratio?
Try to have a good idea of all the official number of teams per region ASAP to make the better ratio possible...

Would Madison please publish their books, so we can all know what we'd be getting into to host a major? Costs for the courts, awards from sponsors, what everyone's 30 bucks went to, and maybe most importantly - volunteer hours to obtain it all and set it up. NYC for ESPI's too. Minneapolis for Midwests, etc etc etc.

A few other clubs have opened their accounting after hosting events, and I found it very helpful in planning future ones. Especially as these things get bigger and bigger.


Courts cost for Geneva EHBPC 2010:
Real outdoor hockey rink, 3 x 32x15m
from LAPATI SA: http://www.lapati.ch/fr/index.htm
with good price because the boss is realy cool:
+/- 6'500 Us dollar, with delivery and two guys who show us how to built the first court.

mad_sam (not verified)

I spent a hundred bucks on tacos.

I should have, those things were amazing.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Come to think of it, I don't think we ever published our books for MWBPC8. Not publicly anyway. Pretty sure they are done.

I'll ask the Treasurer to release that.



now I translate the text to japanese. please wait a few days.
my english is not perfect, but almost japanese people can understand that.


hey, japanese polo players, please write your opinion here.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

Thanks Riki. That is very helpful!

this is a summary of original text. it's not perfect translation, but almost Japanese poloist can understand that, I think so.

and this is one of my opinion.

our best dates of the WHBPC are early July or early September, because late July to August are our vacation season. every air ticket is so expensive. (over U.S 1000 -1500$ for only flight)

but i know, it is not most important things for worldwide community.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

I think it's great that you guys are getting the ball rolling, way to go!
For what it's worth I think the following things are great and important to keep in mind:
-Let's not be hemispherically-centric: I do hope Japan, Oz, and SA will all get into hosting the World's eventually so I wouldn't want the rest of us to get too hooked on the idea or make the assumption that it will always be NA's one year, Europe the next. (I do think that given the experience needed to host the World's it's a fair enough assumption for 2011!)
- Support the best and the newbies: I don't believe that all regions have the ability or organisation quite yet to support proper qualifiers for the World's. This means that a Preliminary tournament at the Worlds or hosted in conjunction with the World's can actually be far more important than perhaps we realised. Great teams missing out on the World's because they live in a region saturated with great teams, while less good teams make it through, may not be the right route to go down. That said, I think every region that plays polo, regardless of skill, should be able to put at least one team through. This is what broadens our community and keeps it special.
- Perhaps those organising should take into consideration when the other side of the world generally has vacation time and/or when it's cheap-ish to fly. Prioritising those traveling furthest is a nice thing to do.
- Format and rules should be public asap and should be transparent from beginning to end. Allowing players and refs to constantly see standings throughout a tournament means mistakes can be taken care of immediately.

With the way this sport is taking off, I think that as soon as we decide the 2011 hosts we should begin a bidding process for 2012. The World Courier Champs are decided 2 years in advance and I think we could learn a good lesson from them. Having time to get proper support from our cities could make it easier and cheaper for all of us. We could be talking about proper, multi- court builds. This relationship generally takes more than a year to build.

I think most important thing is audience and situation that all of audience watch polo games comfortable. WHBPC 2011 must set enough seats and stands for audience.
Audience's cheer and support make wonderful play of players and also give all of players courage. Unification of player and audience are most important thing of WHBPC and the future of hardcourt bikepolo.

This is a text completely translated into Japanese.

translated by Maiko Kusaka.edited by Riki. thank you very much, Mai-chan!

北米ハードコート・オーガナイザ共同体からポロ仲間達へ WHBPC 2011 の企画案(2010 Aug 9)




一年を通してWHBPC 2011が最も重要な大会であることを考えると、北米での各大会はWHBPCの期間を避けて開催されなくてはなりません。
WHBPC 2011について議論できる国際的な組織が存在しない中で、WHBPC 2011を北米都市のどこかで開催する、という僕たち北米ハードコート・オーガナイザ共同体の考え方を他の地域のみんなに提案させてください。


1 世界中のバイクポロ・コミュニティーから、大会の形式、日程、場所、設備、サイズ、ルール、その他WHBPCに関してのみんなの意見を募ります。
2 北米のバイクポロ・クラブから大会の企画案を募集(去年と同じ方式、例としてhttp://leagueofbikepolo.com/bid/nahbpc2010/madison)。クラブは、四大トーナメントのうちのどの大会を誘致するのか、またNAHBPC、WHBP、の誘致にも参加するのか選択できます。一番良い案を提出した都市がWHBPを開催する権利を得ます。
3 開催都市の募集は10月中旬を締め切りとし、10月中旬に北米ハードコート・オーガナイザ共同体の地域代表21人よる投票を行います。
4 世界のバイクポロ・コミュニティーと一緒に、誘致に成功した都市を計画段階中もサポートします。

どうかな?国際的な組織が存在しない今、僕たちはこのやり方でWHBPC 2011の開催都市を決めるのが一番効率的かつ合理的だと思っています。
それから、WHBPC 2011に関係する周りの人たちにこのポストの転送をお願いします。


翻訳:Maiko Kusaka 編集:Riki

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

Any bid for the whbpc 2011?
We want to start planning our next summer, tickets to the states are cheaper now.

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

WHBPC will probably be in the fall, so that people have time to book their tickets after qualifying at Euros/NAHBPC/other tourneys. You'll know by Dec 1st.

Any dates?

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

hi kev. making vacation plannings for 2011. any news on the dates? - just coz you said will be out by Dec 1.

The Bisons;