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2017 NAH Schedule: Qualifiers, NAs, and Worlds

Hey everyone, I know we are only into the summer of this year, but we need to be thinking about next season now. Expectations are saying Worlds will be here next year, probably in late September, meaning NAs needs to happen by early August at the latest, and qualifiers needs to happen before the end of June.

I'm not part of NAH officially, but I'm helping to push the initiative to get the season off the ground this year, so I'm asking region reps to start the process now. I'm open to any and all ideas that helps streamline qualifiers, gives people a chance to play, and allows the North American region to have the best teams at Worlds. I'm asking for help, as I don't know every region. We can all work together to make this happen and to do so some clubs might have to step up and run a tournament next year.

I would like to keep this thread to just next season and leave out format (4v4, ect) and rules, if those discussions need to happen, please do so elsewhere.

Let's do it.

Yes. Please get everything scheduled early. Qualifiers should be ironed out well before the season starts.

We need to plan things in europe too ...
Can we plan somethings with a WHBPC 8 between septembre 15-30 2017 !? Or do you have a final date ?
We clearly need to schedule big tourneys earlier.

I think that's the idea.

I'd agree with late Septembre, the weather at the potential courts is much better later in the year as we pick up lots of wet weather coming of the gulf. I'm submitting revision designs to the Parks and Recreation department regardless, if not for world's these courts need to drain and not form ice dams.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Down to help rebuild.