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Videos from WHBPC 2011

Congrats to Chris Proulx, Rory Crowley, and Alex Churchman, who make up the Crazy Canucks, World Hardcourt Bike Champions for 2011.

1st - Crazy Canucks ( Rory/Chris/Alex CAN)
2nd - Call Me Daddy (Polo/William/Greg EUR)
3rd - The Guardians (Seabass/Julian/Dustin USA)

Here's the first of a half dozen videos i'll be posting.

Full results from double elimination:

1st - Crazy Canucks ( Rory/Chris/Alex CAN)
2nd - Call Me Daddy (Polo/William/Greg EUR)
3rd - The Guardians (Seabass/Julian/Dustin USA)
4th - Iron Ponies (Quentin/Johan/Clement EUR)
5th - L'Equipe (Manuel/Mario/Lukas EUR)
5th - The Beaver Boys ( Kremin/Brian/Joe USA)
7th - Portland United (Arlyn/Eric/Jason USA)
7th - DTGP (Kev/Ngaihon/Hugo FR/CA)
9th - Synthese ( Moritz/Anna/David EUR)
9th - L'Explosif ( Jason/Andre/Messman USA)
9th - The Oddballs (Leon/Drew/Mike USA)
9th - Alpha 1 ( Ian/Alexis/Capriotti NA)
13th - Machine Politics ( Joe/Ben/Matt Lane USA)
13th - The Boston Celtics ( Pierre/Jonny/Javier USA)
13th - Bourbonic Plague (Nick/Chris/Guthrie USA)
13th - Doin It With Our Socks On ( Ace/Nate/Birdie USA)
17th - The Wardens (Zach/Matt/Jake USA)
17th - The Knights ( Forrest/Cody/Dave USA)
17th - You Betcha ( Maja/Charlie/Cherri NA)
17th - Wizard Tactix ( Drew/Ringer/Pete USA)
17th - Los Cuatreros ( Miguel/Rob/Pelon USA)
17th - Moose Commando Squad ( Medic Mike/Marmousou/Oliver EUR)
17th - Top Centaur ( Ken/Henry/Luke CAN)
17th - The Outsiders ( Martin/Joker/Evan NA)
25th - Royal Flush ( Rik/Eddy/Justin EUR)
25th - Trevor's Last Chance (Tervor/Aaron/Paul NA)
25th - Never Nudes (Cole/Brook/Tom CAN)
25th - Monkey Punch (Flo/Adam/Max EUR)
25th - The Full Kenichis ( Tim/Tom/Zach USA)
25th - Team Priapism ( Jason/Eric/Joey USA)
25th - My Face (Eric/Chris/Erica USA)
25th - Mitten Polo ( Adam/Piet/Jon USA)

Results from Friday/Saturday's swiss rounds can be found at http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/worlds

Great game, thanks for uploading. Looking forward to the rest!

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

probably too seriously...


Really enjoy watching these, thanks so much!

Best crash of the tourney. At least that I saw...

chris williams was dishing out the pain all week before sunday, where were you bro?!

Mr. Do wrote:

Best crash of the tourney. At least that I saw...

There was one on Sunday where it looked like an endo resulting in face against head-tube and fortunately the player was wearing a full-face. Cant remember which game...

oh shit! forgot about this one, it's got ninja ball action

wow to this one.

Final Game from Do's corner. Featuring the webcast commentary of Machine & Wheatie. Check out the 2 questionable calls; one an uncounted goal & the other a shuffle goal. At least they offset each other.

Epic game, congrats to both teams!

Funny how much the camera catches. Especially when you're behind it.

Quality job, mr. do.

Do you mean the non-goal at 1:11? It's hard to make these calls at speed but the camera clearly shows it. It's too bad it got missed.

what are you talkin about? at 1:11 That was no where near crossin the line. (the white line is just markings from the tennis court....the yellow line is the goal line....no goal there, at all. The only no goal called that I'm aware of was right at the end of the game, and that was because the time had run out....and noone including myself (goal-judging) could hear it over the crowd, so the only one who knew that time had run out before the goal was scored was the ref.

Oh, I thought the white line was the line.

Lot's of people around the ref heard the whistle at the time. The player who took the shot also heard the whistle but shot 3 seconds later regardless. I don't think there were any questionable call in the final.


When the game is tired and times expires why do we reset? For this game it is what was planned and nothing wrong with that, but is that really the best way to handle the situation. Seems easy to know at 4/4 next point wins and at lower ties the ref could announce time expired, next point wins.

Talk to your regional representative. NAH rules

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Cool.. I mean, I think I just did. I believe most reps read lobp so making comments here is pretty much the easiest ways to get ideas to them. Thanks for tagging it with NAH Rules. When a new rules thread starts I try to remember to repost it, but if I forget please remind me.

the real questionable goal is 5:25. Mr. Do I love you and your videos but your fancy graphics do little to change my mind (the goal judge) that the ball never fully crossed the line. Also, perspective from behind the goal is clearly going to be a little different than standing on the goal line. What we need is a hovering sky cam equipped with rockets to explode when the balls crosses the lazer line.

Yeah, that is just hard to see and the graphic don't really help. We're probably a couple years away from cam equipped goals but I guess we can dream. While we're dreaming, maybe we can dream up affordable clocks visible to all with a loud buzzer to end games.

I like the call, Brian.

On the other hand, that shuffle should not have been missed.

No sport is immune from human error whether playing or judging. That particular play was so close that, unless you were on top of the net, it's impossible to know with 100% accuracy whether the ball crossed the line. On top of which, our goal judges are often screened, as it appears was the goal judge who awarded the shuffle goal.
However, the camera doesn't lie. I tried to add graphics to make it more obvious, and maybe it's still questionable, but I think it crossed. Maybe only Rory really knows.
Also, does the ball have to FULLY cross the line or just touch it? I mean, we could get down to millimeters here, when the ball is creeping near the goal line like that. Impossible for a goal judge to definitively see.
I am not trying to take anything away from what was an excellent game, with excellent officiating, played by 2 amazing teams. I just calls it as I sees it. Or as my camera sees it.

i think we have to go with hockey rules, as in daylight, meaning the puck, or in our case the ball, has to completely cross the line to the point where in hockey could see the white color of the ice between the puck and the goal line, hence the term daylight. the other option being football rules which is breaking the plane would be a lot harder to judge without instant replay. also it is a rule clearly designed around the shape of the ball and style of play. we are most certainly playing bike hockey not bike football.

Nailed it. You gotta see that ice before it counts.

I think this is generally agreed upon, but I dont believe there is anything defining it in the rules.

From what I've seen, most people feel that it only has to break the plane, which is why there are so many contentions about goals like this, because nobody agrees on what the boundary is.

What's the rule in soccer, Pete?

x2 on the necessity of the entire ball crossing. NVM I looked it up. This is the case in all ball(or puck)-and-goal sports, including basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, handball, water polo, horse polo...

What are you talking about? Basketball?? Basketball, you put it through the hoop, but if it touches the line it's out of bounds. Football is just breaking the plane for a score. Shuffleboard you just need the majority of the weight across. There are lots of ways to go here. We generally play that the ball needs to cross the line completely, yet people see what they want to see so if it's too big of an issue we usually don't score it.

What are YOU talking about?

If the basketball only passes halfway through the rim line and comes out, its no goal.

American football deserves no comparison with our sport. The objective to score is completely different. Don't bring it up.

Shuffleboard is for bitches. Not even a real sport. Don't bring it up.

There's one way to go here.

You'll bring in a comparison of a game with a ball and a hoop then defend it? That's just silly.

He defends it because the point that was made is legitimate. Many times I've seen a basket ball enter the plane of the hoop only to bounce out, it doesn't matter the shape simply that there is an outline that defines a plane. It can't be counted when it simply breaks the plane, it has to pass all the way through. A back spin and a bounce can carry it out just as quickly off a hoop as a back spin off a post. Definition of a goal has to be clear, therefore all the way across the line, or atleast as far as can me approximated until we have either net cams or goal trolls.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Okay I think it's a sketch, but fine. What about rugby? Whatever! I really don't care how the rule is made, I have no preference. Whatever people think is easiest to see is fine with me.

In rugby it just has to touch the line. Soccer has to completely cross the line. If you're in front of the goal and the ball is on the ground, this might be easier to see than just 'touching' the line. Especially when our lines are rough and hand drawn.

I'd vote for completely crossing the line like in soccer. Their world cup has more countries competing than is formally recognized by the UN, they must be doing something right..

fwiw http://www.thestar.com/sports/article/1054646--leafs-experiment-with-goa...

I just re-read my post and want to make it clear that, despite the fact I think the ball was in the goal, the goal judge absolutely made the correct call.

The only flaw I see is in the system of having one goal judge located in a place where his/her view of the ball/goal line can be easily screened. (see: shuffle goal at 13:16, the goal judge appears to have his view blocked, hence awarding a goal. pic below)

However, barring cameras in nets at major tourneys, I have the solution:


the ball.


  • shuffle goal judge.jpg

does anyone think Rory leaning heavily on the top of the goal and playing the ball at 5:25 an issue? we don't play with metal goals back in Aus so not sure what the call is on this sort of thing..

so at 10:30 (sorry dont know names) loses his mallet, and dabs, but then continues to play on sans mallet, screening # 99 (who didn't dab)

i thought when you dab, you are completely out of the play, you don't exist.
just like when a goalie dabs, and the ball hits their foot or wheel, if its a straight shot they would count it as a goal.

so... that was illegal right?

give blood. play polo.

Yeah that was fuckin' weird.

what is weirder is that he was pushing him into the goal line, not cutting him off and pushing him away or on his mallet side...

give blood. play polo.

not sure, but I think Alex was trying to retrieve his dropped mallet before tapping-in, and threw a check on Po Lo just for good measure. I dunno... maybe he forgot that he dabbed.

Mr. Do wrote:

... maybe he forgot that he dabbed.

ejejjejee sure....

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

he was going the long way around to get his mallet that's for sure.

i guess since there was such a pile up in front of the goal, the refs were lookin at the ball, not the dabber.

give blood. play polo.

Beavers vs Wizard Tactix
Ist Sunday game, 32 seeded Tactix upset the #1 ranked team

loving the thumbnail/preview pic, buffering (IN HD, BABY) on my slow ass internet, I'll give more feedback in a few weeks

edit: just watched, pretty damn awesome editing. but I'd like more slowmo. actually, could you make the entire video slow mo?

One of the great match.
I slept only 3 hours and ride to court about 1 hour in Sunday morning. but I'm a lucky because I could watch this game live.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

you can't ask for a more entertaining first game of the day.

We also "upset" the #2 team. Just sayin. Lotsa "upsets" in the first round.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

yea, I want to see that video too.

Daaaaang. Look at you all impatient.

I have been looking forward to this video since I saw this result on Podium. Good work Portland. You really held it together.

#31 Outsiders vs #2 Monkey Punch

good game. evan killed it. setting up screens, making assists, moving bodies.

monkey punch = solid team, heinous uniform

Hah, that's Spring Break's kit! We were watching all their games with pride...

Monkey Punch's team kit is much more tasteful (we traded shirts at the London Open).

Awesome release from Max to Flo at 9 minutes.



Semi Finals - Guardians vs Call Me Daddy

bravo and well done mr.do!

kind of boring to watch for a 3rd place game. too much goal turtling.

I love the still frame LOL

Portland United vs L'Equipe, late in the loser bracket

Wow! So good. Such amazing plays.

here's the first time canucks met call me daddy, on sunday. first loss for call me daddy

Damn Do you are cranking these out!!!! nice work!!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'


Youhou thank you Mr Do!

I'm not saying that the video at ~3:20-3:27 is in any way definitive but I think that we should take touching the goal with your body more seriously as it can definitely have a large impact on important games such as this one.

No body contact with the goal. Immediate dab forced by the line judge/referee. In a perfect world...

You mean at 3:21 when my hips touch the top bar?
Don't put top bar on nets if you don't want people to touch it. Without any or with cone i can assure you that i didn't dab for so few. And put such solid net, so high, with top bar gonna make players use them, even a lil bit. Let an open net and give a goal for that is stupid.
Plus ref or goal judge have trouble to wistle simple fouls, i can't imagine them make that an usual call.
I get called in the game against top centaur because henri check me, and a leant on the nets, just because i can't do anything else, the ref called me but it took me 20 second to understand the fool and who i was wistling on...

No top bar, no issue.