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Should one be penalized 30 seconds for...

Should one be penalized 30 seconds for...

Player A has the ball and is moving up the court while player B is defending. Player B senses a shot coming and says "Boop" before Player A takes a shot or a pass. Should Player B be penalized for 30 seconds in the box under rule §7.2?

Click the X2 for "No" and reply to this post with your reasoning for "yes".

Urban Dictionary:
1. To poke and animal or something cute in the nose.

Rule 1 in all sports: Know your opponent
Rule 1 subsection A: Know your referee

§7.2.1 is fully ref's discretion. The severity of the penalty is also ref's discretion.

If the ref thinks saying "Boop" is unsportsmanlike, I would first expect a warning (or mention of this during a pregame meeting). If I continue saying "Boop" I would expect a ball turnover penalty. If I still continue to say "Boop" I would then expect a 30-second penalty (I'd consider repeated penalty escalation as part of §6.1.2)

If the penalty for the first offence is 30-seconds in the box (without being told prior to the game), I would sincerely question how saying "Boop" "takes away a clear scoring opportunity" I would also question if the ref has experienced the trashtalking that occurs at the higher levels of other sports.

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Honestly, I would take the word "boop" as a threat for unwarranted physical contact. I didn't consent for you to boop my nose during our game, and a threat to boop me is definitely bordering on assault.

Polo is about creating safe spaces for all people to participate, even those who don't want to be booped or even have the threat of a boop on the court.

On top of that, some people have longer fingers, their ability to land a good boop on someone is greater, therefore it introduces a bias in the game. If we don't have refs who are going to speak up and put a stop to the booping and the threats thereof, then tournament participation and even pick-up numbers are going to dwindle and polo is not going to be inclusive.

The situation you described here is grounds for being thrown out of the tournament. Zero tolerance is the only way to keep this game fun for everyone. We can't have these boopers coming in and adding this level of violence to the game.

Don't even get me started on people who go "What's that!?" and point to a random area of sky, before taking the ball around you while distracted to score a goal. Just dirty, disgusting behavior.


isn't it the same as warning your teammates a shot is coming by yelling "shot" before they shoot during the wind up?

I think it's more like warning your teammates a boop is coming.


Is your question specifically about "boop!", or are you using " boop!" as a placeholder?

Is "Boop!" the 2016 gender-neutral, sexuality-neutral successor of "PENIS!!!"?