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Boston Southie Summer Tourney: July 12/13


boston's southie summer tourney is coming soon...who is playing?


fuck yeah

I'll be there. looking forward to it. Have I told you how much I love your flyer? I prefer the animating one...

Does not apply at Los Marcos Madness


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

Ottawa will be there with 1 2/3 teams 


Richmond, three teams, that is all

Thanks a ton, Boston.  You put on a kick-ass tournament.  Well planned and precisely executed - it was obvious you guys put tons of work into it before hand.  Fantastic hosts too ($5 to register and we got free beer and food???), perfect polo court, good weather, relatively violence-free games...  Y'all are the best.  It didn't hurt that Richmond and Ottowa showed up too.  Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend.

so who won?

Jen, Robbie, and Alexis from Ottowa won. 

I heard who won.


Doug D

Brooklyn, New York


Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

what prizes?

They got cash, can't remember what else...


did doug play?

not much in terms of prizes thanks to a few sponsors bailing out at the last minute...

just some gas money, sweet trophies, and a few t-shirts...

I'll post the full recap and results tonight.

 Los Marcos won swords.


Again, well done, Boston. Great, well executed tournament, and good vibes all around. Drunken midnight polo with Tiki Torches was awesome. I have some weird looking video from that I'm going to post in a few days. It should be interesting.  

Does not apply at Los Marcos Madness


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

ken wrote:

Drunken midnight polo with Tiki Torches was awesome.

Does not apply at Los Marcos Madness

indeed. I might see about planning a super small friendly midnight tourney using that same setup (except with double the tiki torches and three times the beer). 

Again thanks to all the folks who put this tourney together. I especially want to thank everyone who traveled to play. I, and I am sure all of Boston Bike Polo, was humbled by the show of comraderie from NYC, class from Ottawa and belligerence from RVA.

With a random seed of 16 teams in a double elimination bracket, each city had a team in the final four. The Coque Bloquers went undefeated. We held a playoff game to establish third place.

1st Place: Ottawa - Coque Bloquers (Alexis, Robbie, Jen)

2nd Place: Boston - Judas and the Betrayers (Nick, Tyler, Jav)

Turd Place: RVA - Steel Horsemen (Dennis, Sean, Ian)

4th Place: NYC - BrenQuinnAul 1999 (Paul, Brendan, Quinn)

5th Place with three wins: RVA - Team Jenny (Phil, Steven, Jake)

6th Place with two wins: Boston/Ottawa/NYC - Super Spackle Monkey (Howard, Brian, Johnny)
Boston - Satan Fingering People (Aaron, Jon, Tyler/Brendan)
RVA -Team Andy/Galaxy Defenders/Dirt Stash (Bainesworth, Nick, Ben Z.)

7th Place with one win: Los Marcostan - Los Marcos (El Bueno, El Malo, El Gigante)
Boston - Fuck! (Tim, Jamie, Ruben)
Boston - BackStabbing Whores (Toby, Howl, Mike)
RVA/??/Ottawa - Border Patrol (Zach, Josh, Carol)

8th Place with no wins: Boston - Shit Scissor (Brandon, Cole, Andrew)
RVA - Shooter's Passion (Andy, Sean, Zach)
Boston/Germany - Bomb Pop (Kat, Lauren, Markus)

DFL: Boston - Team Teddy Bear (Eric, Jeremy, Ben)

We beat Los Marcos without having to play them. More of that, please!

"and belligerence from RVA"


i love my richmond! 

WE LOVE PENISCOLA!!!! i'm guessin you florida boys never heard that joke before...

bahahaha ah haaa ahhh



who are you ?


-Don't bring cake to a donut fight.-

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

name is ryan saulsbury/greensboro. use to live in richmond 2002-03 and come back a lot its a second home. ill be up there for bfd again this year hopefully...been to everyone cant stop coming now. yall should play some polo on sunday before the bike lot event or during it down in that location somewhere so i can play with yall while im up there.


Chances are good sunday will yield polo before the bike lot. chances are better that everyone will be way to drunk or hungover from saturday to actually get up before the bike lot happens. equivalently possible is that some people will spend the night at the bike lot in order not to miss it the next day.

Ask people who the polo kids are and you will probably run into one of us eventually. We are usually the loud ones.  


-Don't bring cake to a donut fight.-

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

Yeah, we will be the loud ones throwing around stacks of cash... monopoly cash.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Smoke through the mallet smoke through the mallet!!!!

little late on the post post. but this tournament was so fun. we didn't do well at all. but it was great seeing familiars. all of you guys, boston and everywhere else, needs to get down to richmond for best friends day. we have plenty of places for you guys and gals to stay. it's gonna be tons of fun! shit, and we will play some polo.