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NACCC's Tournement - Free Agents for Hire

NACCC free agents.jpg

!!!Attention all NACCC contestents still looking for teammates!!!

Two of Portland's finest polo players are with out teams for what is going to be the premire polo event of the new millenium. We are currently accepting offer's from teams who are looking for rock fucking solid additions to their rosters. All offers/teams/requestes will be equally considered and a final decision will be rendered by Wednesday 8-20. To clarify, we are not looking for a third person - rather, we are two solo players looking for teams to join. Serious inquires only and good luck bidding!!!


you Should Contact Gentleman James from East Van I heard he was looking to pick up a team.

this whole 'Gentleman' schtick is such a misnomer...


I would have to completely agree with that, but James is still a sweetheart.

A new mallet head for Crandall if he plays with a St. Louis team!

How is it that you two are the only Portlanders up for the trip? I thought the sport was strong out there.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008

St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


it is strong there, stronger than anywhere else i'd say. the top four portland teams are deeper than any other city i've seen. chicago is far and portland players spend their money on beer and drum instead of plane tickets. and they are not the only two portlanders going, just two without teams. there will most likely only be two players from east van going, one can only fly across the continent so many times...

meg, there are a couple of madison teams that would be stoked to play with you if you want. Shoot me an email and i will talk to the folks out here. jonny . d . hunter at Gmail dot

i like your style eric and meg going free agent what at a better way to line up a winning team

we still have pabst money to sign a free agent...crandal! meg i am attempting to find folks for ya here but we have trouble getting people to travel and even show for the most part.
brian went for dirt cheap to keep him on a mke team, sometimes players take less money to be on a team they like.
hero squad 2 reunite?

no dice nyc...MKE!

crandall, i agree with jake. hero squad 2 needs to reunite because that's the fucking team. third in TO left a bad taste in my mouth and only the cool refreshing taste of a naccc championship can clense my palate.

plus, mr kickass misses you

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -


So we held a meeting tonight and there will be 8-9 heads from richmond coming, we are unsure of any teams other than one, Ian, Nick, and Jacob. I am looking for a strong team that needs a third as I was bumped from my usual team with Ian. Normally my team is me Ian and Dennis (steel horsemen) but dennis can't make it and Ian and Nick want to play with Jacob as their third. I believe Im a stronger player than them but I guess thats my ego speaking and for whatever reason Ian (arguably our strongest player) wants to go with that lineup for his team. Hopefully those of you who've seen me play can attest for my game, Im solid. Im a bit salty about being bumped but I wanted to be fair and leave the decision to Ian as to who he thought he could do best with. I did not expect to be bumped, any suggestions?? We also need places to stay and I'll email Ben for those details.

send me an email! sean.phenomenon@gmail.com

Looking to play with a team. I'll take whatever I can get, since no other hometown kids are cool enough to come with.

Comes with own equipment/beer.

aaahhhh, I can't wait to meet all the hot polo ladies out in Chicago. We only have one hardcore lady player and she's the homies girl...... maybe i can meet my future wife and she can show me things with a mallet I never thought possible.... oh ya FREE AGENT!

O h hai, I want to be a fragent, too.


jam your contracts not up. you should be using the madbikepolo website to find your team