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7th Midwest Champeenships Nov 7-8 2009 Thread #2

Midwest Champeenships 2009 Nov 7/8

See http://bikepolo.ca/7th-midwest-championships for all the details about the tournament.

A second thread before the tournament. This is going to be a big one!

haha you crack me up mike! This will be a fun tourney. Phoenix has got some heat to bring, that's for sure.

14 teams signed up so far, and 14 days until it all begins...

A few things:

1.) Bring sleeping bags. We have floor space but not a bunch of blankets.
2.) Register your team at www.comopolo.com if you haven't already.
3.) Email Chris at hellochris@gmail.com so he can get a headcount

this will be awesome. we're looking forward to having ya'll in town.


Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison, Michigan, Kentucky/Ohio.

If y'all are driving across on Friday after work, you're welcome to crash in St Louis overnight, then caravan to Columbia with us Saturday morning.

It only saves you a coupla hours of driving, but if those hours are 12-2am versus 8-10am, it may be easier on ya. Let me know.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


My house is also available, lucky can point you in my direction.

Big Tides!

tulsa may take you up on that, lucky

You'd be as welcome as anyone, especially if you can con Wren from The Hub into making the trip, but I'm pretty sure you would pass Columbia getting from Tulsa to St Louis.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


haha, yeah, i put that together after i commented - drrrrr

see you there!

anyone need a third? i'm really good at ball jointing and pedaling really fast toward the goal.
74 Miles per hour bitches.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

somebody pick this guy up. he's good.

hey quick questions regarding goalies, i guess this question would be directed towards chris, but would love to hear everyones opinion.

1)what is the tournaments stance on blocking up the frame triangle with something so the ball cant go through the frame? never seen it done, probably because its kinda lame, but just curious.

2)dedicated goalies, using footlong mallet heads?


Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I think both of these idea are pretty natural to think about but in practice would be lame. You could be a little more subtle and I'm sure no one would notice. May I suggest a nine inch mallet head and extra long crank arms.

Lame^534 / √lame = lame

Dedicated goalie: okay
Footlong head: not okay
If that's how you want to play, go for it. Keep in mind these courts are really really big, so a footdown at the goal line leaves you ~90 ft. from tapping out. Dedicated goalies on this court would really put you at a huge disadvantage, just sayin'.

woooo! look forward to seein' denvar again.


damn you drew. sure you can post on the .ca but you can't show up to play with your boys?

if that's what you want to do go for it but expect no mercy!

Haha...that's what I was going to say. If you come with that kind of shit, you're going to get leveled on the court, plain and simple.

Bike Polo Ronin

i shall not want mercy, and i shall not giveth mercy in return. charrrrrrrrrrrrrghe

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Adam, make sure to bring plenty of ski poles with you. I'm sure they line the streets with them in CO. CoMO Polo would be most appreciative.

COMO travel checklist:

1. soy joy check
2. ski poles check
3. gareen sticky nugg check

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I actually still have a box of soyjoys from Denver............


1 box is not enough, you should have at least 5 boxes sitting in your closet collecting dust.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

hell yesss to #3! most def!


So is anyone still looking for a 3rd? This is my first tournament so I am looking for a team looking to have fun, drink some beer, compete hard, and not be pissed if we don't win. If anyone is interested let me know.

DMM Polo

This is my second tourney, first being Denver, and my team is looking for a third. The guy I am playing with, it's his first tourney too.
We like beer, being reckless and planning on not winning. If you haven't found a team, let me know.
And if you have, then my team is looking for a third. Requirements listed above.

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

im coming from atx 13 hour drive and team fell thru last minute. want to play shoot me a call or text 3152782112 casey leaving tomo am.

There will be one or two stragglers from St Louis. We can pick up a player or two. Dave, Polofury, contact me through my profile here and we'll put it together.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


Hey Dave, Lucky, others
I am looking for a team as well. I am a "C" player from Minneapolis who is also looking just to have a good weekend. Let me know if you want to form a team.

Bikes, Boys, Beer, Bud
Four things I really love

I posted up above before seeing your comment. But, my team is looking for a third. We are not picky. I am sure when stragglers get to town they will get a team.

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

Surly Beer, please place your orders with me. I'll bring down a few 4-packs for anyone who wants one.

sign me up for two packs if it's not askin' too much.

Columbia, MO

OK of what? I'll find the best price I can and let you know how much to expect. Good beer in cans, it exists.

don't they offer a sampler pack? otherwise the furious and the bender.

Columbia, MO

A bender 4 pack would be great. Also, if you got room, a 12 of bottled Premium would be lovely. If you dont have the space, Ill also take a 4 of Furious. thank you good sir.

I'll take a four pack o' coffee bender pleeeze sven!


I've never had that, but it sounds delicious.

Bike Polo Ronin

Its so good. Its made with cold press coffee. Real flavor real caffeine.

Sorry for quiteing up this thread with beer talk.

x2 for subtle but proper use of the word "quiteing"


general rules have been posted!


constructive feedback only!

Kudos to y'all for requiring helmets.

sorry I just posted a question regarding the like contact rule on this thread before I saw you post the rules. http://www.bikepolo.ca/forum/rules/2008/07/01/mallet-hacking.
Otherwise I like to rules you posted. Are the ref's going to be be volunteers or organizers?

Organizers for the most part. We're going to have AT LEAST 2 seasoned polo players from COMO watching every match. No amateurs making important calls.


i would hardly call como polo seasoned. but if any of yall have some seasoning to be done ill bring some truffle oil.

CoMO has been on more podiums this year than Madison. Just sayin'.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


actually this is not true, madison has been on three podiums and como has been on two to my recollection.

como has podiumed at three
so maybe we are seasoned, and you all are spicy.

yeah, i wasn't sure exactly about this. Anyway, lucky is wrong no matter what.

they weren't the biggest podia either, but give it time.

Columbia, MO

I'll admit that. I did not research my smack-talking. it just seemed like CoMO was everywhere this summer and doing well, too.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


what tourney(s) did CoMo podium? Congrats guys!
-hero squad * milwaukee, wi-

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

1st at lexington
2nd in denver
2nd in ATL

see pics @ http://comopolo.com/photos

quit talking about 2 minor league podiums dont count.
and thats nothing to take away from those tourneys and how great they were or the people that were there.

COMO from the league of small potatoes.

haha nice disclaimer. are you and your built-in megaphone coming to this ryan?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

but how many podiums have you been on this year ryan?
and how many of those were small potatoes?

im not the one flaunting podiums.
or in other cases the one after getting beat saying they would have beat us at a prior tournament.

did i say either of those things????
i just corrected jonny.
shut the fuck up.

i wasnt talking directly to you either.

I said it ages ago, but I still think we would have stomped you in ATL. You guys had a really close game with a team we beat 5-0 in like 4 minutes. Settle down, silly.


games are games. each one is different at worlds we beat a team real quick for their third straight loss and then they came back and won the rest of their games that day. you cant take whats going to actually happen in a game by another game. we will never know what would have happened quit dreaming and believing those. not saying we would have won but you cant say you would have "stomped" us.

shut up!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

you going to bring the mace or break my jaw for internet jabber?
sorry midwest for the mumblejumble on your thread
its the last youll hear hopefully and wish i could see most of yall this weekend.

i didn't mean to belittle those tournaments. lucky was flaunting the podium business for us, and i only wanted to temper the trash talk with a little humility.

those tournaments were great fun, for sure, and that's the idea. i'm just saying that placing at them doesn't really mean a whole lot in the wider scope of the poloverse.

Columbia, MO

sorry i didnt notice it was lucky saying those things. just noticed it was a bit ridiculous. but yes its awesome that como has been traveling to a lot of tournaments. wish our club could afford it more than just me.

you're right, it doesn't mean a whole lot. Well, maybe it does to the players and the cities they call home, but there are so many tournaments anymore that it's even getting difficult to gauge which are major and which are minor. Depending on where you have your tourney, you could have a small number of relatively new teams to polo, or you could have a handful of really great seasoned teams who consistently place even in the major tournaments that get a lot of exposure.

The really great teams will always try hard to make it to all the higher profile tournaments because, as is the nature of competition, they have a reputation to uphold or a crown to keep. Of course those teams are always exciting to watch, but personally I'm more interested in the lesser-known teams who are quickly getting better and better simply by playing hard every week. Como is a prime example of this.

I look forward to being surprised by the caliber of teams that have lower profiles, and I think the upcoming Midwests won't disappoint in that respect.

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

aw, yer makin' us blush...


what does it take to be seasoned? besides truffle oil of course

How To Season Bike Polo Players:

You season a bike polo player by rubbing it with a relatively thin coat of neutral oil (I stress a light coat of oil).

NOTE: Use vegetable oils (canola, sunflower, etc.), shortening (like Crisco shortening) or lard for seasoning your bike polo player. I recently experimented and found out that food-grade coconut oil/butter also works great.

Place the bike polo player, upside down, in the oven, with a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom to catch any drips. Heat the player for 30 to 60 minutes in a 300 to 500 degree oven. Once done, let the player cool to room temperature. Repeating this process several times is recommended as it will help create a stronger "seasoning" bond.

The oil fills the cavities and becomes entrenched in them, as well as rounding off the peaks. By seasoning a new player, the playing ability develops a nonstick quality because the formerly jagged and pitted surface becomes smooth. Also, because the pores are permeated with oil, water cannot seep in and create rust that would give food an off-flavor.

Your bike polo player will be slightly discolored at this stage, but a couple of tournaments will help complete the cure, and turn the player into the rich, black color that is the sign of a well-seasoned, well-played bike polo player

Never put cold liquid into a very hot bike polo player or oven. They will crack on the spot!

Be careful when cooking with your cast iron pots on an electric range, because the burners create hot spots that can warp cast iron or even cause it to crack. Be sure to preheat the iron very slowly when using an electric range and keep the settings to medium or even medium-low.

Unless they play bike polo every day,your player they should be washed briefly with a little soapy water and then rinsed and thoroughly dried in order to rid them of excess surface oil. If you do not do this, the surplus oil will become rancid within a couple of days.

Remember - Every time you play polo , you are actually seasoning them again by filling in the microscopic pores and valleys that are part of the players surface. The more you play, the smoother the surface becomes!

looks like you forgot to replace a couple 'cast iron pots.'

but i could see the benefits of an oil coated polo player, gliding between players and boards with ease.

Columbia, MO

i used to play water polo. we definitelty "greased up" the night before a game. officials would check our fingernail length, lack of jewelry, and our skin to make sure we were legal (hence the night before pre-grease), as soon as we got in the water, no one could keep their hands on us....ummmm....anyway, so bike polo...


if polo players are a rich, black color when properly seasoned, i guess i've only seen a few of them. none in columbia. maybe two or three at worlds.
thanks for the description!

...as Tim Kinsella put it, "all this whitebread makes me wonder...". I counted a whole four of us "brown" boys at worlds. maybe we're just not fully seasoned? it's not that the sport doesn't have multicultural appeal it's just that people get introduced to it mainly through friends...so i think people are sticking with the polo rule of "like" on "like" off the court as well...oh snap! hahaha. we should be courting the marginalized to come play our marginal sport. homework: make a new friend...embrace diversity. you know I'm just messing with the poloverse, right? kinda...


one of our best players is of African-American descent. he made the always rocky transition from the NBA to bike polo fairly smooth.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

5-1 madison at worlds

we didn't play well, we had our 2 fastest players on a tiny court. flukes happen, everyone knows that. see you in 2 weeks.


i'm not going to midwests, it will be atwell, ben and kev.


pete wrote:

we didn't play well, we had our 2 fastest players on a tiny court. flukes happen, everyone knows that. see you in 2 weeks.


What kind of world do we live in?

I see the size of the courts & am curious as to the placement of the goals. Basically, how much space behind the nets? We play on a similar size court as your large one & have almost 25 feet of space behind the nets

Ya i was wondering about this too. We also have about 20 feet behind our nets on a hockey court.

I don't think we have nearly that much space behind the nets. It's a painted regulation hockey court, so the nets are on the designated area of the court. I can measure 'em and get back to you if you'd like. The second, smaller court will be put on pavement, and therefore goal placement isn't as set.


Here's a frame grab from the video that gives an idea of the behind-the-goal-spacing.


Bike Polo Ronin

it's small enough that you can play a lot of rebounds off missed shots.

Columbia, MO

Sveden- If its not too much trouble I would like two four packs- Bitter Brewer and Coffee Bender. Thank you so much for offering to bring Surly beer. I've always wanted to try it! I made some coffee stout home brew especially for the tournament. I have about 50 beers which won't be enough for everyone, but I will save one just for you! :) Oh and Adam, there was a guy at Los Marcos who put some cardboard over his bottom bracket and it actually work pretty well for playing goal. However, I wouldn't really suggest doing it.

Midwest is best!!

yeah don't do that. los marcos is a little different from most tournaments from what i understand.

Understatement of the century there.

Bike Polo Ronin

Megs, i call one of your Stouts!

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

$5 on milwaukee

I'll take that bet, Paul.

Anyone want to pay me $5 when Kev, Atwell, and Ben win?

Of course I'll save one for you Adam, the host with the most! Although Milwuakee is really good, Chicago 2-0ed them last Sunday at the friendlies we hosted. My predictions... 1st-Chicago A (Ben, Joe, and Matt) 2nd-Milwuakee A (Brian, Kremin, and Joe) 3rd-Columbia A (Chris, Charlie, and Matt?) Count it.

Midwest is best!!

Pete/Tim D/Wayman

are the 2 COMO regulars teams.


COMOMegs wrote:

Of course I'll save one for you Adam, the host with the most! Although Milwuakee is really good, Chicago 2-0ed them last Sunday at the friendlies we hosted. My predictions... 1st-Chicago A (Ben, Joe, and Matt) 2nd-Milwuakee A (Brian, Kremin, and Joe) 3rd-Columbia A (Chris, Charlie, and Matt?) Count it.


Not Yet....Not Yet.

im sure brbri was just wasted...there is another mke team playing int his tounrey besides the beaver boys ya'll...capt. jake/matt hewitt(on team with atwell and brbri at philly) /and guthrie (formerly of DGP France)
dont forget about us..or better yet yes underestimate us go ahead

who's BriBri playing with? i liked that team he had with Atwell.

$5 on BriBri.

$3 on Kremin for MVP.

goes without saying, i'd love to see Ben/Joe/Matt take this thing back to Chicago.

$5 on CoMo not being on the podium.

Shit. I forgot about BriBriMPLS.

Either of you have yet to witness a Phoenix team with Mini-Mike at the helm.



$5 on CoMo not being on the podium.[/quote]

thanks PaulMPLS - (yo Sven, just like me this dude attended Hale School! )Beaver boys will be runnin around folks at this tourney... Fuck off Chicago. Also Sven I haven spent no more then 2 weeks combine in MPLS the past 365 days maybe it coule be like bribrimke with mpls in a 2 or 3 point font. But my moms still stays there so maybe youre right.

Hale School and Kirby Puckett forever.
i lived at 5208 Newton Ave S. near lake harriet
i was in kindergarten/1st grade.
it was tight.

Newton Hill! Where I learned to snowboard, standing upon my sled.

We all know where you learned to play polo and it wasn't MPLS. The BriBriMPLS joke was more a jab at me for forgetting you were even playing.

Paul, near Lake Harriet sounds like a wonderful place to be a toddler.

yeah, i learned to ride a bike around that lake. i owe you guys that.

should be renamed lake harrier
$5 that the highlight of the tourney is the game with ben vs perhourbitch

x2 on Chicago bringing it home!

I've never owned a helmet but now it looks like I must (a reasonable rule).

While looking around the internet for a cheap helmet (i'm poor) I found this site which offers them at $4-6 a piece to "police departments, health departments, children's hospitals, and other organizations seeking to purchase ProRider products in large quantities."

Just a thought, but maybe this is one of those situations where our "organization" could make a group buy. I'd definitely jump at the chance to get a decent headpiece for less than $10.

go to the thrift store?

that is for non profit org's that give them to kids...not a bunch of idiots who act like kids

Oh shit! I totally forgot about PHX. They are definitely in the running for top 3 for sure. Don't forget to bring your cold weather gear!! Also, I guess I sort of have an alliance to COMO. Jake, I'm sure BriBri was wasted. I'm sure the tequila and COLT45 didn't help. Haha! You kids better be ready for big courts. These games are going to be fast as hell! Can't wait! See you Milwuakee kids on Sunday!

Midwest is best!!

you are nuts....your calling como and phoenix over mke? someone please bet this girl so you can win big money!!!

Haha! No jake. PHX, MKE, and Chicago for top three in no particular order.

Midwest is best!!

Tripple Lexxx is coming with a vengeance.

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

dayton is aiming for a solid 7th place. anyone want to battle for 7th?

bring the bread, cause we got the butter.

gem city
diagonal text

gem city
diagonal text

I'll take you up on that! 7 is my lucky number bitches!

Bike Polo Ronin

Anyone still looking for a 3rd?? i posted before but didn't hear back or people already found a player so I am still looking for a team. Just message me directly if you have an open spot on your team.

DMM Polo

join up with brent and rahja

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I know CoMO will most likely have a couple of teams needing a third. We'll make it happen.

If you plan on playing, please register your team at


Thanks to those that have done so already. See you next week!!!


i believe the defending champs get registration fees waived.. right?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

same with returning mvp

Trying to get our third team off their asses to register.

I second Joe's notion. In my humble opinion, Midwest Champeens from the previous tourney should have the privelege of getting their tourney fees waived. Just sayin. What does everyone else think?

Midwest is best!!

i think joe is being a cheap ass

and brian and kremin are straight bums

your just jealous because you have never won a midwest championship.

remember when you guys lost to us three times in a row.

It's $15. It's not that much and you're getting a lot out of it, I promise. (Our budget is getting really tight anyway.)


registered. at least 2 teams coming from KC.

Am I still picking people up at the St Louis airport Friday evening? Dus from Phoenix is out, what about those kids from Austin?

Also, I will have mallets-a-plenty for y'all. Got a batch of 60-something brewing.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


No one from Austin is flying anymore, we are all driving up there Friday.

Where are you getting so many ski poles, lucky?
I heard Hidden Valley was going under but not until after this winter.


I just sell the heads.

I called hidden valley at the end of last season. They switched to composite poles years ago and don't have any aluminum ones left laying around.

So: no airport trips? Cool. How about anyone from Wisco/Chicago or Lexington breaking up their Friday evening drive with a stop in the Lou?

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


If you're selling, I'm buying! I was hoping someone at the tourney would have some extra gas pipe.

If you want, we can take you to our über-secret mallet head depot...


is it possible to play with cones?



If you want to play by yourself in the parking lot.


Bike Polo Ronin



more INFO for everyone about this weekend:

event schedule:

tournament setup:

and of course please REGISTER!!

whewww! i'm excited.

omg! omg! lol! omg!
austin is caravaning up to COMO on friday. we are soooo looking forward to winter weather and super fun polo play and peeps!


Well it's going to be in the 60s this weekend, which is nice fall weather here...but I suppose that might be winter in Austin, huh?

Bike Polo Ronin

Make that low 70s, Doppler Dave.



hehe... "t-boner"

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Here is what I have for soda pops. If you need to cancel or change or add use my contact form to drop me a line.

Chris - Bender and a Furious
Drew - Coffee Bender x2
Kev - Furious
Cien - Bender and Primo
Meg - Coffee Bender and Furious

Roughly $13 for Coffee and $11 for the others, subject to change.

Questions about rules:

"mallet ends must be plugged" -- How do you define the plugged mallet ends? is this to prevent any jointing from occurring during the tournament at all?

"Goal judges/referees will be instructed to decide what is a penalty, and what is an appropriate timeout" -- Is COMO going to have judges? or will you be doing it based on volunteers? And as far as referees are concerned, what kind of power will they have in the match? for example, player A has illegal contact with player B during a heated match (let's say mallet to body or something like that) and player A is told by a referee to tap out but continues to play without listening. Will the referee tackle player A, or penalize him by awarding points to player B's team, or what?

Misc ideas:

Tapping out is obviously something that may require more attention, for example lots of times a player will footdown while within the area of a ball and obviously we can't expect everyone to immediately reverse motion onto their bike and out of play so that it can continue normally. Often enough, a player who footdowns in front of a goal can still physically block a shot, although they are supposed to be out of play (and similarily, a player who footdowns nearby a ball and is slow to move so his teammates can recover it) If it happens that a player footdowns infront of a goal (or blocks the opposing team) is slow to move out and even blocks an attempted shot, will there be any kind of penalty shot because of the shot being blocked by someone who should be totally out of play?

they mean the stick end or shaft end not the head end must be plugged

i also am wondering what a slow mover out of goal will be called as if a shot hits them while obviously they are blocking the goal while footdown.


Ok the shaft end must be plugged, check.

As far as the slow mover, do major tournaments (worlds, etc) have any rules/solutions to this problem?

I'd like to point out, I was suggesting a penalty shot (at the tournament director's discretion). Ideally the shot has to be made from 1/2-1/3rd court (at least 15-20 feet away from the goal) so a point isn't just given away, but the team is still penalized for not getting out of play appropriately.

Get the fuck out of the way or you're that guy who blocked a goal because he was being an asshole.

true that, but even novices don't have quick reflexes.

and even though there's always "that guy", I'm suggesting the rules should accommodate the team that has to deal with "that guy".

especially if elimination is on the line.

That's a good question. I don't think there's ever been a resolute answer to that dilemma in any tournament.(Correct me if I'm wrong.)
It's impossible to say what would have (or would have not been) a goal is blocked by a down player, so the easy answer to that question is no. Clearly, no one can predict extenuating circumstances like ball spin or rebounds or this or that (even if you are 10000% sure it would have gone in had person x not been there), so for the sake of simplicity, if it didn't go in, it's not a goal.
This could also default back to 'don't be a dick' in the same sense. If you're perched foot down in front of your goal blocking shots, then you're being a dick and will be dealt with in that regard.



what if it's not player B blocking the goal but player C) who was sitting at the goal as goalie and just put his foot down a moment before the shot was taken, it would make sense to say that it was a 10000% certainity that shot would have gone in. I think some clubs have a rule that if you're a goalie and you footdown and and you blocked a shot, it counts as a goal regardless.

For the sake of accomodation, it would make sense to have a penalty shot so it remains fair for both teams but awards the team that just got screwed out of a decent shot at least one more chance to make it.

and as far as I'm concerned, the rules are just fine and I'm more than capable of playing along the rules set down by the Como peeps. I just see this as an unclear/unfair issue that would be worthy of digesting at least the few days before the champeenships.

Then player C is an asshole (and will not be allowed to bum beer from me.)

I don't think this is much of a case of accommodation because you're arguing for a rule that either a.) doesn't really exist outside of Denver or b.) would exist nicely on paper but the qualifications for enforcing it are outstandingly hard.
How is a referee supposed to know the motivations for person C footing down? Maybe that person was trying to legitimately block the shot with their mallet before they footed. Like you said, lots of people don't have quick reflexes. Crucifying someone's team for an honest mistake seems a little malicious. (Maybe I'm overly trusting and assume everyone is being earnest?)

I'm not saying that a penalty shot is an intrinsically bad idea, we just have no idea how to dish those out in a tournament setting. By all means, clubs should play with whatever minutia they like to inject into their rules, but fairly big-deal tournaments shouldn't really be the place to test that sort of thing out.


I understand Drew, better to stick with the tournament as it is and to mull it over in the long term. It's not like bike polo is going anywhere too big in too short of a time.

Maybe I should copy/paste this content into something for the rules forums

In any case, looking forward to being in Como!

if you (or me or anyone for that matter - i'm not calling you out specifically) are very skilled in the ways of bike polo, then you can still get a shot in around a player who is slow to got tap out.
everyone knows the rules when it comes to footdowns and dabs, and they need to leave play and go tap out.

On the way to tap a player can still find lots of opportunity to block or slow up other players. I'm kind of at peace with this. As long as a player doesn't hit the ball with his mallet I don't think they've done anything wrong. The direction they choose and when the player chooses to tap is their business. Expecting that as soon as the player puts a foot down they should immediately be out of play is unrealistic. Who says they should get out of your way? Maybe you should get out of their way. Your assumption of the rules isn't grounds for calling anyone an asshole.

1st rule of polo....DON'T BE A DICK!!!!! Me thinks this tourney will be an eye opener for Oklahoma.

i'm pretty sure that's not a real rule

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I'm just envisioning Oklahomans walking around a live ball after they've footed. I'd like to keep the "dirty" play to STL. Ha!

In PHX if the ball is a sure shot on goal and the player who blocked it was foot down than its a goal. If a player foot downs, than he is out of play until he taps out, in our interpretation of the rules so he cant go around blocking and being a part of the play after he has broken the rule. Ultimately for this tourney its up to the COMO peps and their refs to make calls on foul play, but we have played like this for a while and there has been no disputes, tournament play is often disputed b/c there is more at stake though.

i like como's ruling for this situation.. simpler is better: if the ball doesn't cross the goal line, it is not a goal.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

This has never really been an issue in our city but the rule is grey for sure. In the video game version the player can just be removed from the court but in reality the player is still out there. As far as I'm concerned whatever route a player take to the tap points if fine with me. There is surely no rule saying after you foot down you should give way to any player until you tap back in. Maybe there should be, I'd be okay following that. Putting a minority idea out there like what I stated is just part of the discussion. I don't think anyone will consider any of the Oklahoma players dirty. We play by the rules as they evolve. The people that say a point should count because it might have crossed the goal sound pretty silly to me but I'm willing to at least hear it. We are very happy with the rules as they have been laid out and will have no problem complying.

There is no published rule on giving way on your way to a tap out, but it is widely observed. I would say that if you obstruct live play on the way to tap back in, almost everyone I've ever played with would call it dirty at the minimum.

If it's already agreed to give way someone should put it in the rules. Unwritten rules are too complicated for me. I just don't feel grounded calling someone a jerk for breaking an assumed rule. That said, this discussion was just theoretical for me. This will be our first tournament so our goals are just to have a good time, meet some people, learn some things, and hopefully make the top 24. Safe travels to everyone. I look forward to playing against you.

8:49pm Joe Burge makes a comment on this forum. Simultaneously Milwaukee is playing polo at our new lighted tennis courts on beautiful lake michigan. Bungle!

Just wanted to say I really like the structure. Inexperienced teams like mine (first tourney this weekend) will still get to play a decent amount, especially if there is a lower eight/losers bracket on Sunday.

Klik's is a bar I assume? Btown won't be showing up 'til about 10pm....too late for pickup but right on time for drinking?

yeah its a bar. some of us might still be playing pick up, depending on interest.

I hate that I'm going to miss this. Stupid work. have fun y'all.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

i think we should do the soul train saturday after the berlin party. all we need is a big enough space to accomodate people and funky jams. think about it, kids.

-you are not the father-

my other ride is a loveboard

the parking lot?

they have a big old patio on the side as well...

sent email seeking housing. no response as of yet.

gem city
diagonal text

gem city
diagonal text

housing assignments to go out today...

I thought you Dayton guys were used to sleeping in boxes and garbage cans. What do you need housing for?

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

regarding the housing, there is space for everybody who has emailed, and then some. my internet is out at home, but i will be mailing out all the details this afternoon. right now i'm late for work.

Columbia, MO

Vanessa from Kansas City and I are looking for a third lady to team up with us. Let us know if you're interested. We both just want to have a good time, and aren't concerned with trying to win.
Polo ladies represent.
Bikes, Boys, Beer, Bud
Four things I really love

tulsa may be able to help you out with a 3ed, if your still lookin

I'm not going to be at this tournament but i have been responsible or part of the decision making process for the bracketing at every midwest championships (excluding the St. Louis hosted one). So, you know if you need some help i'm here.

I think we got it but thanks jonny. Also Vince wrote some code to make a swiss bracket, hopefully he will post here when we have stopped running around like chickens with our heads cut off. See everybody Friday!

Jonny wont be there!!! whos gonna tweet updates jonny- i will text you then you tweet it out

twitter/flickr tag: mwbpc

i just added a twitter thingy up at the top of this thread.

Does anyone know if you can get Organic Valley eggnog in Como? I'm working on my packing list and knowing would help me out a lot.


we have a swell, locally-owned organic foods market, i'll check it out for you.

Columbia, MO

hey jon, the OV eggnog just showed up at the coop today.

Hey yall! Make sure you save $10 to buy an awesome ATX Bike Polo Social Club tshirt at the tournament! Hand printed by austin's finest. Proceeds are funding our polo tour. COMO is our first stop! Thanks and we look forward to meeting everyone this weekend!

B-B-Beaver Boys
Tim And Erics Awesome Show Beaver Boys - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -


Collar City Bike Polo
Troy, NY

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

Helmets are required, yes?

I have a spare brand-new-never-been-used Mace Trigger Helmet, L/XL. Like this, but black:

Anyone need one for this weekend? MSRP $36, i'll sell for $20 and save you the trip to yer LBS.

I also have some pretty fancy lacrosse gloves that i bought used but are still in pretty good shape. any takers this weekend?

Contact me

i may be interested in the gloves. i'll see you friday. where are we picking you up?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

i dunno, see that thread in the midwest group, we'll figure it out. i'll probably be at schultz's.

i ripped half a finger nail off tonight. i WANT THOSE GLOVES. how much? we'll talk tomorrow

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

they're packed. see you tonight!

i am thinking one pickup in mke and one in chicago. it seems like mke would like to have two pickup locations, but i would prefer one, whatever you want though. pickup at schicagos in chicago and the chapel (where jake got merried in mke)

I wish i could be there to watch this.

So, to recap:

$5 on Chicago on the podium
$5 on CoMo not on podium (too tired from hosting)
$5 on Kremin MVP

still not sure who i think will win.
who's taking my bets?

I'll take 20 on MKE for 1st, Chicago 2nd, and Atwell by himself for third. 20 on BRIBRI for MVP

I will also take that bet on mke for 1st and chicago for 2nd.

so my bet against yours is that mke and chicago will not be 1st and 2nd respectively.

I will also go in on the bri bri bitch not taking the mvp.

lets go coach

its a bet! i'll put you down for $40

ill take the bet against kremin. 5$ that kremin is not MVP

coming up from ATX,team plans falling through.. Anyone still looking for a third?

Coach, i'll take that MKE bet. they'll definitely be on the podium, but i'm gonna bet $20 they won't win. $20 says MKE not 1st.

Ben, that's a bet. $5 on Kremin for MVP.

anyone want to bet $5 CHI won't be on podium? i've got $5 says they will, and Joe Chi will win "best-dressed"...
Ben, where's Madison placing in this tourney? i've got $5 billz burning holes in my pockets. . .

Yeah Paul! I have you down for 20 on MKE not 1st place and 5 on chicago on the podium
$25 count it! Cant touch the joe the lefty for best dressed though.

Wait. You have us for 2nd up there. But then you're taking Paul's bet that Chicago's not going to be podium? Perhaps I'm confused. If not, I'll just say that though I'm not usually a betting man, you're making me seriously reconsider.

Sorry Ben but Kremin did spend a substantial amount of time in Ottawa at the Ev Tremblay Training Facility. BriBri was on both teams that knocked mine out of the NA and Worlds. Not to mention the quincey in philly. and Joe is Joe.

You know I love you, but I'll take your money as well.

I'm not saying we'll be first but you're not even giving us a shot at podium? Please tell me I misunderstand.

No I have you on the podium

Can you guys have Vince put the street addresses into the Google Map he created? Street addresses for Klik's, the garage, and Cafe Berlin would be helpful.

/edit Looking at the map a little closer now, I see that really isn't necessary.

went ahead and did it anyway...

$5 como takes the dance off...

which MKE team are you all betting on? there are two top notch quality teams from MKE competing in this tournament


i'm betting against the MKE team without you on it. You'll always be the heart and soul of MKE Bike Polo to me. Joe is the legs, BriBri is the arms, and Kremin is the sweet, sweet ass. But you're the heart.

$5 on Jake's MKE team on the podium.
any takers? ? ?

also whats podium now? i had heard some talk of 1-4th being considered as podium not the usual 1-3rd so are you guys saying podium is top 3? or top 4? just to clarify so none tries to back out of bets

to me podium is top 3
really if your not first your last ( trademark ricky bobbie inc.)

yeah, podium is top 3.

beaver boys who are the others

capt jake, matt hewitt(member of Wisconsin A-4th place at philly), and guthrie (formerly of DGP Paris now back in his hometown and playing with the hometown boys)

OOOHHH i like it this is going to change a few things
anyone ready for a mke chi mke podium

MKE, MKE, MKE podium

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

$20 says Lexington takes their clothes off.

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

make that $100


okay, i will take the $5 bucks that Jake will not be on the podium.

Also, i will bet that $5 that Tripple Lex given the chance will upset chicago.


he fathered a child, and he's already gambling with its future.
so sad.

Yes, $5 says Jake is on the podium.
Yes, $5 sayd CHI will defeat Tripple Lex, given the chance.

$5 that madison finishes fourth.

and i bet on kremin.

and i will take that bet !!!!
$5 that Madison DOES NOT finish 4th. Ben Hunter, make me proud!!!!

Rolled into Columbia last night. Chamber of Commerce weather. Drove by the rink, very nice. Looking forward to meeting and playing some polo with you all.
My bookie told me to lay off all bets.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

we might be playing pick up tonight, give me a call to find out fiveseventhreesixseven threefivetwo oneseven.

$5 says PHX gets on the podium !!!!!!

i got that $5 as well.

Yep 5 bucks count it! joey got you down for 5
I'm starting an online gambling site for tournaments! This is the most fun i've had at a tourney i'm not going to.

$5 - No PHX on podium.


Dam this is intense! Can't wait to see my boys on that podium.

Also capping all action on this. I think I am 1-4 on this right now.


5 x on your bet ben is in down below


Thanks Joey, they don't know us but they Will! Wish you were coming to this. We WILL c you at your tourney, maybe sooner if possible. gotta go make my flight, so Pumped!! PBP baby!

that's what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!

i'll take that bet, too!

$5, no PHX on podium!!

wow paul! taking any action you can get...ohh and you are the heart of NYC polo.
your not even going to this and youve got about 40 bucks on the outcome...gues who will be watchign the tweets on sunday

i always thought paul was the hair of nyc bike polo

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

paul is the muscle:

Paul's Secret Weapon


look at Doug flexing his skinny little shit...

re: wagers
yeah, i've never been so psyched for the Midwests before!!! let's goooooooooooooooo
have fun, people!

i got that 5 $ too. no phx on the podium.

I wont let you down paul.

All Missouri podium trifecta! 1st St Louis, 2nd CoMO, 3rd Kansas City.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


.. and what podium would that be?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

The Dance-off on Saturday night, duh.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


the dance podium will be MKE MKE MKE as well

leave some podium for the rest of us, bogart.

Columbia, MO

hey, at least we finally have 3 clubs in our fair state.

Columbia, MO

For anyone that hasn't seen MiniMike from PHX play...keep an eye on him this weekend. He could be a contender for MVP.

Bike Polo Ronin


Timmm wrote:

For anyone that hasn't seen MiniMike from PHX play...keep an eye on him this weekend. He could be a contender for MVP.

Big ass x2 on this. I played a pick-up game with him in Vegas and he was incredibly agile and had one of the hardest shots I've seen. His grandfather was playing that night as well, which is probably a first in the hardcourt scene. Ben Schultz was there too so he can vouch.

Must we start a march madness style bracket submission for this one? According to CNN $889.6 million lost in work due to march madness each year. Get to work you bums!! Bye the way, betting against the Beaver Boys is dumb. Donate that money to your local public radio station or something.

Lets meet early tomorrow to play some pickup downtown near MKE market.


pre tourny injury

bad idea

$7 says dayton doesn't place in anything, besides running their mouths. any takers?

gem city
diagonal text

gem city
diagonal text

Columbia, MO

The polo gods shine upon us!

This gon' be a nice weekend!

Casey, my team might need a third (or fourth) player. One of the guys on my team forgot to ask off of work so you could probably be our third if he can't play. If he's still playing I wouldn't mind having a 4th person on our team because I'm going to be running around doing errands and it would be nice to have someone fill in for me if I can't play. We have all been playing around 4 months and we just play to have fun mostly. My digits are fiveseventhree sixthreenine twothreesixfour. When will all you ATX kids be in town?

Midwest is best!!

Got a txt from SkapeGoat last night. Apparently their car asploded and they won't be making the trip. :( Too bad, that kid really can shoot at 74mph.

The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse are packed and leaving in the next hour or so. See y'all tonight!

figures i knew he would show. what did he say that he was going to hit me it the face. i was lookgin forward to being punched. its ok ill get the ground to do his job.

Hey all,
I just learned my team fell apart, so I'm going to be available in case anyone's looking for a third. This is my first year playing and this will be my first tournament. I'm interested in playing on a team that wants to have fun, and won't be too pissed if we lose. The number is 3one4, five66 four9four3. I'll be in Columbia this evening.


I know CoMO has a team looking for third made up of the KC roomies, Dan and Ryan. I think you'd make a perfect fit.

west bound and down, loaded up and trucking. gonna do what they said can't be done.

dayton waves no white flag. we take prisoners.

gem city
diagonal text

gem city
diagonal text

Bloomington, IN is enroute. We'll be getting in a bit late, so leave the light on for us!

schultz and i are drinking tequila. i think that means we're enroute.

MKE drinking pbr and smoking seeds in the back. Mom And dad Madison in the front. Picking up 5in chi in 60 min. Como were gonna fuck you up

Ill be there soon then.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

For those of you living vicariously through the threads instead of making the trip, 43 teams registered, 88 games played, 24 advance, every region represented. And that is just day one. Damn it's time for some sleep.


Sunday Bracket!!

vince you rock

What is the name of the PHX family team?

thread #3: