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Geneva for whbpc 2010?

Geneva for whbpc 2010?

Hi all
It seems that here in Geneva we are many people to host the world hbpc 2010. I read a lot of things about 2011 or Na or EHBPC tournament in this forum, but not so much about cities interested by the world 2010,true? If there's a discuss that i miss about that, please show me.

Tonight we have our first Bike polo association meeting, and we gonna probably choose to organize a big tournament in summer 2010. My question is "is there any other cities on the rush for 2010?" and "are we too late?".

The Berlin Polo people just met yesterday night and decided to place a bid for the worlds 2010. We have hosted the ECMC2009 in Berlin, so we already have some experience and some Sponsors. We´re having an appointment with the city this week about the area we have in mind. (there were three or four killer-courts possible). Gonna tell you more next week.

It would be great to see some competitive bids coming out of europe for worlds. both of berlin and geneva would be great places to have worlds.

Geneva in 2010!!

Sounds to me like one could do Worlds, the other EHBPC.

that would be great

kev wrote:

Sounds to me like one could do Worlds, the other EHBPC.

look great!

Clément, is that photo your bid proposal? Cause it's pretty convincing.

geneva for worlds!

I'm all up for swiss organization.
Worlds next to Le Lac Leman would be spectacular. Rolex official timekeeping!! (actually I have a few contacts in watchmaking and could try to help with sponsors...)

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so glad to see the worlds going international...my vote's for whichever city can do it up amazing.


I like chocolate.

Ok people

Tonight we created the Geneva Bike polo association (GVP). And im the secretary.
We vote yes about the organization of a big tournament during the 2010 summer, if it possible the WHBPC. If not why not the EHBPC (but much more interested for the Whbpc).

We have a couple of goods spots (probably indoor) 3 or more courts (pick up games too!).
We want to make a 30-40 teams tournament, accomodations for every team.
Big parties and a critical mass.
and few other events.
Nice fucking week end in geneva, lake, sun and cheap beer.

We think that something like the 27-28-29 august are good days for the WHBPC, and maybe the week end of the first august for the Ehbpc.

Can i get an Email from Berliner people to talk about this. If you have link to threads who talk about all this please tell me too.

We gonna tell you much more in few days, photos, planing docs etc...

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I like the idea of the euro's and the worlds being close. I will be able to come to europe for the whole month with LOTS of bike polo all month!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


Have you some dates for your WHBPC project?

We need to know quickly wich citi orgnise what. Because it seems logical that the ehbpc are play before the WHBPC, and it's essential to have the days to make demand to autorities for good corts.

Can we decide together when the projects need to be voted?

Is there any board to discuss about that on bikepolo.ca? did we need a new board to make clear voting system or can we choose that on bikepolo.ca?

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first, please dont make the ehbc euro only, second spread them apart in time. third 30-40 is too small. big tournys need have had upwards of 68 teams, we dont have a way to pre eliminate yet so, dont eliminate us before we can figure out if we can come or not. fourth maybe we should spread the tourneys out geographically as well.

before cities start to put in bids we should pick dates. montana, when did you decide that the worlds would be for 2010 and when did you set the date for ehbc to be ?

the nhabc will be on feb 29th 2010 and the cascadia world championships will be on feb 14th 2010 and the US hard court bike polo championships will be on new years. hope that makes things easier for you guys to decide your little continents decisions

ben wrote:

montana, when did you decide that the worlds would be for 2010 and when did you set the date for ehbc to be ?


euros are for euros na's are for na's worlds are for worlds. teams from outside the euros should not bump teams out from europe to participate in their own championships when there has to be a cap on teams.

its gotten to big sorry. very soon you small tournament podiums will be qualifiers for the larger tournaments.

there should be fun tournaments around the larger tournaments for those not qualified.

Thanks for advice.

About the number of teams i think that 68 is a lil too much for offering a good housing to every teams and to make the tournament less stressful. We are not close on this point, but that's world, and we think that 3 teams max per cities will be a good deal. If in a city there is 10 teams who want to come, make a one-day elimination tournament to clear situation.

For the dates we have make our propositions. We stay in august because there is holidays for much more people, but if people have some advice, tell us.

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I'm not sure but there are a lot of cities that want to come polo tournaments much more then 30 so limiting by city would be difficult but a good though. I would say that 50 teams would be the minimum. You don't need to provide housing for everyone, maybe setting up discounts at a hostel or getting a good campsite would be cool.

we plan on august too. but before we fix a date we should have a vote where people wanna have the euros and where the worlds should be. and of course euros should be at least two weeks before the worlds. i suggest having the voting done within the next 2 weeks to get things started.

the location we have in mind has 4 hockey-rinks, so we could handle more than 50 teams. but we definitely need support from other cities with refs.

i guess housing won´t be such a big problem for us, because almost every teams already knows somebody from berlin. and we might get a good deal with a hotel right next to the rinks.

So we can fix that the vote began next monday (9 novembre) and finish Monday 16 november at 00.01 , is that okay ?

We can also talk about that together, if we are the two olny cities for euro and world. Do you know if there's other cities for the EHBPC?
We both need to quickly know who do what to begin serious things....

Have you an Email to talk about this? i send something to berlin club with the bikepolo.ca board, but i dont know if it works.

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Clément, Stefan, check your email....

labour day weekend (september 4, 5, 6, 2010), a holiday here in n.a., will ensure more canadian and american participation. we held the world's that weekend of this year so more people would have time to travel and enjoy philly.

I start work the day after labour day and, selfishly, would welcome the Worlds happening the weekend before. Selfishly.

B.O.P. 4-EVA

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

geneva or berlin sounds amazing to me.

let the best bid win.

If Berlin can put on a larger tournament I think it'd be better for them to host the worlds, that shit should be huge.

Plus it would be nice to see the Geneva (winners of the 2009 Euros) hosting it in 2010.

I'd love to go to geneva, cos i've never been, but berlin is a fucking great city, and if it's a bigger tourney, sweet!

Hey euro guys, if you want to vote who runs the euros or the worlds, make sure you inform everyone in the local forums, because not everyone is following the bp.ca one. Think about who can have more courts, because bike polo is getting bigger every week and you don't want to end up in limiting the tourney to one team per country only. Housing for teams would be great. The preweek in nyc was awesome. Just want to say: make it big, with a tough quali, and let only the best play the final day. Everyone will love to watch the games of the top 32 teams. And whoever does the thing, if you need help, let other cities know, we are glad to help.
Paris bike polo!

More courts to allow more teams please! I am stoked about this already.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Yeah, a city that can offer a minimum of 5 or 6 courts would seem about right. I'm stoked on either Berlin or Geneva for worlds and would definitely come to either one.


I don't know how much you've heard from other folks, but the unanimous sentiment here in NYC and from everyone else I've heard from in the poloverse is that we would like to see worlds in Europe in 2010. I haven't heard anyone argue otherwise.

bids are coming for both Berlin and Geneva, wait and see. If you know another city intersted, tell it quick.

Tu as raison.
J'ai posté un truc sur pignon fixe.com et sur le blog des grenoblois, si tu vois d'autres sites francophones à prévenir dis le moi. Merci.

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Salut Uolmo,

Super! Geneve ça va à fond aux Grenoblois! on vote quand?

Fuck yeah! Geneva and Berlin. I do hope that if one gets/takes the Worlds the other will do the Euros. Both would be amazing.

I have to agree that the Worlds would ideally have a capacity of 64 teams. As much as free housing is a key priority for a big tourney like this if there is a tradeoff between free housing/more teams, I would prefer more teams. House as many as you can for free but allow 64 teams to come. That would be incredible.

MALICE for the people.

Oh yeah !

yeah I don't understand this whole "free housing" thing. It's nice to be able to provide it, but considering the median age of polo players you'd think that most of them would have jobs by now and could afford a hotel room, no? Or maybe have friends outside of the polo community that could house them?

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agreed. it should maybe factor into local/weekend events i think, but the worlds? some people have spent $1500 just to get there- what's another $200 for a place to stay for a few nights...

I don't know how many tournaments you go to every year, but the 200 dollars adds up to thousands by the end of the year. So any time it can be done it is very appreciated.

I think the free housing thing has come up as a reaction to the way montana dealt with it at worlds. Some cities can provide a substantial amount of free housing and some can't, but montana was just like fuck you guys on housing.

Not all the people have the money to pay a hotel in Paris, London or any other big city, and then...how organization can knows which players have the money or which ones needs housing...I think housing (after good courts) is the 3th most important issue, the 1st one is having a "real" worlds with 60 teams.

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

housing = very important . keeps it more community based

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

I think it's great when housing is offered, but personally I have always sorted myself out separately so that others can benefit from it. It should not be a stumbling block basically. Free housing = great, but if a city has great courts, great atmosphere and good organisation, I'd rather have a tourney there than in a crappy town with tons of free housing.

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i think free housing is a canary. if you cant do a substantial about of it maybe you dont have the city wide support to host a major.

For us free housing is an essential point.

There's absolutely no cheap hotel in geneva, and i think that's most part of players who paid a fly ticket dont want to pay for exepensive room.
We have a good solution, comming soon into the bid.

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Can you put some more thought into "substantial" amount? How much is that?

I'm an advocate of the notion hosted housing need not be specified or promised. It is excellent to be offered. It does indicate something about city wide support. However, if 10 people are putting on a tourney and 100 people need free housing, cities (like SF) are not going to deliver. I know we had more requests than spaces, somehow it worked out.

A night cost at least 40 $ per person in geneva i think.

What we gonna propose is an maximum housing, and a safety solution with cities autorities who can allow to us for very cheap price (less than 10$ per person) anti nuke rooms from civilian proctection. We gonna try to put this price into entry fee of tournament. So for us, the housing need to be free for everybody.
We want to begin very soon the housing system, to have a lot of people housing into friends flats. I think that the bike community in Geneva can host 100 or 120 players... need to be precised during next months.

More into the bid comming soon.
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Geneva and Berlin... it looks really nice! Yorgo is right. The "lac léman" will just be amazing in august. So on monday, every CITY will have to vote for either of these two cities right ?

Either way- Europe for 2010 Worlds. Make the decision. The rest of us will be waiting and eager.



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