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New Years Eve in Madison

Hey Folks in the midwest or folks who are visiting the midwest for the holidays. Madison is hosting a New Years Eve party and it will be awesome.

Also, we will be hosting friendlies on the 31st and if enough teams show up we will make it a tournament and call it the Winter Classic #4.

fuck that. we are holding the winter classic. we are hosting a fuckton of an awsome party. we have 200 oysters ordered, plus mary jane will be making cocktails.

i'm in!


I'm seeing some out of town friends, otherwise I would love to party and play polo.


Bike Polo Ronin

fuck off

I know you're hurt I won't be there, Ben, but you'll get over it.


Bike Polo Ronin

I'm so there! I will bring some of my APA's I just brewed. They won't quite be ready, but I will bring them anyway. Hopefully I will bring some of the Chicago polo crew with me as well. Chicago, where you at?

Midwest is best!!

Meg, if I magically got a ride to Chicago, would you could you maybe maybe fit me in the car?


Joe, I can fit five people in my car(4 bikes) assuming Britt isn't bringing a bike. Lauren can come if Drew doesn't end up coming.

Midwest is best!!

Britt and me: IN.

britt isnt playing polo? boot her and take me!

We've got to get you up there. Britt will let you sit in her lap.

ben- its in madison not indiana...please dont go to Gary and expect to find ben hunter

For you Drew, anytime!! Right now it's just me, myself, and I.

Midwest is best!!

Just bought my Amtrak ticket. Hella dope.
See ya'lls soon!


pick me and matt up



yeah, so far it's Myself, Kremin, Birdy, Dan from MKE.
All looking for rides.


Hey if I can come along to that would be pretty cool! Just saying.

Me too

Chicago peeps, the Van Galder to madison is pretty cheap so look at that as a possibility. Milwaukee take the badger bus. Is birdie coming?

If you need a place to crash contact me through the contact form.

Pack your long underwear and beer bong. You'll probably use both.

First in bike polo, made for bike polo.

First in bike polo, made for bike polo.

im hoping to come although im a huge newb. i have a car that can seat 4 with bikes (probably) if anyone needs a ride from mke to madison as long as i can play

Get rad

your more then welcome, it will be fun playing in the cold.

bamboo bikes: http://ow.ly/QaY0
from Olive

Alexis and I did that workshop in October - highly recommend, and they just lowered their prices. Sean will consider a travelling workshop if you can get together enough people to make it worthwhile (4) and find a suitable space. A double garage with a back door would be perfect - main criteria are ventilation and that it can't matter if the floor gets messy. Happy trails.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.
- John Cage

oh. im in madison airport now.. wishing i had the balls to to say screw it and stay. have fun!

Bicycle/cykel/自行車/das Fahrrad/polkupyörä/bicicletta/bicicleta/reiðhjól/fiets/يَرْكَبُ درّاجة هوائ

Milwaukee Bike Polo Shafts?

If your going to Madison for New Years and you want to buy MBC polo shafts let me know and we'll work it out where I'll hand deliver them to you.

Basic procedure would go something like this:

-Order and pay from http://www.benscycle.net/ You'll find them in the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. category
-Choose "in store pick-up" option.
-In notes section mention my name(Matt Hewitt) and "Madison New Years". You can also drop me an e-mail @ matt@benscycle.com giving me a heads up that your putting an order in.

See you all in Madtown!



What is the destination for the Badger Bus in Madison? -MKE, what are the travel plans as of now?

Please refer to the midwest forum for now on Dan. Check your e-mail:)