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Any fools who are coming to mke before NA's email me or jake even if you have contacted us all ready so we can make sure you fine people have a nice place to sleep and a ride to madison cant wait!

i'm flying in with a murder of crows on the 14th. be in at four thirty

whats goin on with thursday rides to mad? heard about rented vans?

also, kremin, need to discuss the budget for some green when we get in. turns out i get in two hours before the other chumps. want to treat their butts with an eighteen pack and a blunt!

Yo, Bizzare! I'll take some home brek MKe goodness. That's PBR right?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

They do sponsor MKE bike polo.

Midwest is best!!

whats going on Thurs at noon? Think I'm gonna be around till the 2:30p bus, if i dont get a ride from MKE to MAD
An address I can look up would be good.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

I'm training it to MKE on Thursday morning and should get in around noon. Will there be pickup all day on Thursday before people head to Madison? Please say yes!

Midwest is best!!

I think there will be pickup at the Thunderdome in Madison on Thursday, just around the corner from the registration party. Reynolds Park tennis courts, corner of Paterson and Dayton.

Kev, I thought they got kicked out of the Thunderdome.

Midwest is best!!

naw it's cool. there was some conflict while the good tennis courts were under repair

Good to hear that. Do you know if the finals are going to be there on Sunday? See you soon, Kev!

Midwest is best!!

nope they'll be at the same courts as everything else.

Plan on pick up all day thursday in mke. at washignton park 41st and Vliet 3miles west of downtown. wokring on van sitution now. if you havent yet emial me if you need a ride from mke to madison thursday night.

how many courts do you guys have? We will have two courts set up at the thunderdome and we are super close to the high noon where the party will be.

Also, milwaukee makes lots of promises and then bails so if you are expecting a ride from them i would make sure to catch double check the bus.

well, it would be silly to attempt to give someone a ride in a car that doesn't even work, and if your best and only option to get your car back into working order was to attach x22 150lb railroad ties with 500 wood screws, that would be silly too... it's just kind of a catch 22.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Milwaukee wednesday night. Zachs pub. I'll be there bitchas.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Yeah!!! Karaoke at Mugshotz Wednesday night!!! 9p-2a!!! First drink is on the house!

I like your polo.

Madison is definitely the best choice for Thursday pickup. The pickup courts Thursday are right beside the High Noon where we'll party thursday night. Between that and the fact that there are two courts, not one, you'll get way more games in in Madison. Play pickup in MKE wednesday but come to MSN thursday morn.

No forget that, everyone stay in MKE so I get more pickup in MAD.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I'm going to Madison.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Julian and I are getting in at 6 am on Thursday morning. We'll need a ride/bus to madison.

evan- I will add you and julian to the reserved list for the bus we are renting.

Evan wrote:

Julian and I are getting in at 6 am on Thursday morning. We'll need a ride/bus to madison.

I think Dr. J and I will be on the same flight. Word.

Leaving ben's cycle on 10th and Lincoln in MKE at 7pm thursday night. arriving at High noon saloon Madison 1.5 hours later
BE ON TIME! Have cash looks like it will be under $20 a person. You will have to take wheels off your bike to get them all into the bus without blocking aisles. Kremin will be your bus captain. Please pass on to anyone who may not see this in time.