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[WHBPC shit talk] "No european team in the top 10"!

Centralize all the shit talking about WHBPC 2010 in one thread...

No European team in the top 10
X2 If you agree.


lame, i bet we see 2 at the minimum, dtgp beat a lot of good teams at NAHBPC and they didn't even qualify for euros. I can't wait to see some major upsets.

X2 if you think Jonny won't make top ten.

pray to god you didn't just vote against texas. jonny could make top ten playing with texas' mum.

Pray to the BRO you don't think i'm ACTUALLY serious.

chris i can't tell if this is a complaint to me or not.

now uolmo, i'm really glad that you beat me to the punch on the trash thread here, it's like you've become the euro ben hunter. it shows that your continent is moving forward, every country needs a ben hunter. but you need to capitalise trash threads like rawbie boardz, and throw some FUACEOINAEVINOAERGCKINGs in there for it to be a real trash thread.

shall we wager how many euro teams crack the top ten? i'm willing to bet zero. what's your bet? you could even go further and state which euro teams are about to dominate.

i expect to see l'equipe, apologies and cosmic in the top 10 (that's 3). other euro teams that could crack it if they play really well are BAD and rotten apples (UK), and DTGP (fr). i'm afraid most of the other european teams i've seen have a weak leg that will be easily exploited by the more experienced teams, but there's always room for UNDERDOGZZZZZZZZZ!

does this paragraph contain a bet? no.

come on people, i am notorious for losing money on sport, cash in already.

ps i wear my edmonton jersey all the time.

it's true. I've seen him. Loves to lose his money on soccer all the time.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

refer to post 46 :(

Edmonton hasn't been good since Gretzky.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Weak Josh.

Other teams who could make the top ten:

Malice International (LDN). Toros (Munich). Le Club (Barcelona). Motorfuckers (GVA). Tough Shit (Munich).

MALICE for the people.


all european teams will be eliminated by monday!

SPAIN wins it all!!! urhh maybe not.

x2!!!! Spain FTW

*Somebody please think of the children!!*



On a more serious note I think the top 10 will be more or less evenly split.

Teams that I know and that could reach top ten:

Rotten Apples
El Club

The Odds
Haven't seen the others play...

no idea...


"l'équipe" ?! not in the european top ten, is that a joke yorgo?

There are only 15 North American teams going, and about 9 top-quality ones.

I think 3 Euro teams will be in the top-10.

Here's a tip from "ROTW" (as Australia is now known): Mortal wombatz and Top centre to make the round of 32. One of them to make top 16.
ps. They may well shout me down for calling it (don't get me started on tall poppy syndrome) but I'm just "big'n up my peeps" (someone may also have to correct my american slang)
pps. Radelaide City Mallets I've not forgotten you but I can't comment on yr form.
ppps: Polocalypse now to become everyone's second team


Oops sorry of course L'equipe top ten for sure. Top 5 I think. All depends on how dirty the Americans play.


dtgp will be on top of all the euros! they were killing it in madison. i can tell for you sure the gap is closing. let the betting begin. yorgo i like your speculations. lets set some odds.
all north american teams will be eliminated by monday!

brian from ottawa wrote:

dtgp will be on top of all the euros! they were killing it in madison. i can tell for you sure the gap is closing. let the betting begin. yorgo i like your speculations. lets set some odds.
all north american teams will be eliminated by monday!

No euro team will be ranked above L'Equipe...


Three euro teams. Two Canadian. Four US. One mixed.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I call the mixed team!

Euro-, L'equipe, BAD Polo, Clowns
US- ODDs, MM&H, BBoys, Midwest1
CAN-Strange Brew, Trefoil

Not even a mention of "Smile"? Wow Hewitt, are you sure you're taking this seriously enough?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

who is mm&h? who is midwest 1? Who is Strange Brew?

We are Strange Brew.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Alexis - https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AkPjDI3ZCFNjdGxJT2VLQ3IyS1VJbUw...

Martin - I wouldn't be putting myself in the top ten if I wasn't, but maybe it's just not enough, wait that's what team smile said...

i don't see midwest 1 on that sheet.

I'd guess that's you. huh?

found it. USA 3! USA 3! USA 3!

Damn, Hewitt.

crush the hosers!!!!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

crush the hosers!!!!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

i'm betting 2 euros in the top 5.
i'm betting no one drops the gloves.
i'm betting you count my team out.
i'm betting that's fine with me.
i've questioned myself, and the city of new york, and this heart attack, and i'm taking this pretty seriously right now. please please please say you will.

this belongs in the poloetry thread!

pete, you're absolutely right. it's certainly a work of fiction.

I miss you Paul...

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

i will see you shortly. i miss you too.

Okay, this is the best thread to post this on. We will be doing 5 euro bet minimum starting Sunday morning when the top 32 are decided. You pick your top three teams in order and are awarded 10 points for a correct #1 bet, 7 for #2 and 5 for #3. If one of your horses comes in the top three but in a different place than you predicted you get half the points in the position they placed. For example: you pick team a to finish first, b second and c third. If the winners are b, c, a in that order you get 5 + 3.5 + 5 (half, half, full) = 13.5 points. Got it? Start thinking. You get half of the money the other half goes to World's funding. Good luck...

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

you mean half goes to the winner and other goes to the petro in the sail boat?

I like it. Who's the bookie?

Come find me Sunday morning before tourney play. If I'm not there it is because I have been trying to catch up on my sleep before play. Regardless, go to the reg/info tent Sunday morning BEFORE play starts and place your bet with me or whomever has the betting slips.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

do you take paypal?

We talked about that. It would be too cumbersome to organize. Betting is open to anyone present at the tourney before play starts on Sunday morning. Feel free to throw you two cents (euros) in here if you want to help the betters with your polo wisdom (assuming, of course, that that isn't an oxymoron).

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I bet 1 euro team in the top 1.

+1 a spanish one.

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Is the Sunshine guy gonna be doing a live ustream channel and chat window like at last years Euros? Cos that would be awesome.


will you be daytime drunk if so cause ill x 2 it then.

Wait, does this mean if I drink they will put a live feed up? Cause I'll bite that bullet.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

x2 to the live stream!

Please create a thread if there will be a live stream. We all would love that!!!!!!!

OH and I am sure my polo brothers on eh jackals team and Smile will dominate.

sorry rule just applies to lucky cus of his comedy last year during the euros chat.

I loved the euros chat!

I am willing to accept this rule and will help lucky get drunk if it means I get to watch to.

I have people in STL.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

looks like the chat is going to have to take place here https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdDc3bmVTdGVCSzR6QW5...

chat room on the right side! 1st round over with. time for sleep before gulf coast polo in mobile!

L'équipe and cosmic in top 8.
Cosmic is one of the first european team I saw playing with 3 players up during final square of a big tournament. They maybe could manage well against US teams playing like that:

Bike Polo - EHBPC 2010 in Geneva from Cycle Oxford on Vimeo.

yes, they both look skilled and quite good.
however, those fellows need a six piece o wings, and right away.

How american team who gonna win can manage with the idea of having a (fuckin beautiful) trophee with one open sidecut mallet on it???:

I would bet real money that L'Equipe, Toros and Cosmic make it into the top ten.

MALICE for the people.

again with the fake betting vidal, man up and put a number on this. i've been waiting for weeks now.

he lost all his money betting on his own team in april

har, keep walking away vidal, keep on walking away...

I should have betted... my predictions turned out right.


Five Euro teams made it to the top 10, including the three I said above I'd bet on. I made two bets at the courts. Pieter and Jonny Hunter each owe me €10. Please Paypal to my gmail address.

What place did NYC get?

MALICE for the people.

Sorry to hear about your stolen laptop, Piet. You can have the 10euros for your fund. Jonny said he'd send donate the 10 he owes me to you too.

MALICE for the people.

thanks matt, lots of progress in the legal realm on getting it back, we are getting closer every day.

MALICE for the people.


El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.