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Desert Polo Invite 3 thread #2

How long is the ride from the airport to the courts?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

best poster ever

Minneapolis is still looking for a third. We have zero expectations for this tourney. See Sveden's mini scouting report on the two of us in the first thread. Tell your friends.

Looks like we found our third. MPLS x ABQ

comin in to town tomorrow afternoon. pickup anyone?

and what bottles said, there must be a taco truck on hand. i need to get in touch with my roots.

2007 - King of The Juice

We play grass polo on Wednesday nights. You're welcome to come. 7:30 PM at Desert Storm Park, NE Corner of Colter and 16th St.


x2. I'll cancel my flight if I do not get confirmation on a taco truck.

last call for wheel cover BLANKS!
$5 for pre cut, or $2 for a 24" square piece

email me at acwainscott@gmail.com
lemme know what color you want

give blood. play polo.

Picture of one our nets relaxing on a nice Arizona afternoon. Dimensions are 72 inches wide X 30 inches high. No sharp edges so it should be people friendly.

Really really nice! Great job builder!

Some people thread a pair of old shafts into the back of the net to make for nice clank sound when the ball comes zinging in.

polojoel wrote:

Some people thread a pair of old shafts into the back of the net to make for nice clank sound when the ball comes zinging in.

Yeah, similar nets in Lexington in November. Awesome goals, but sometime the ball would bounce out and you couldn't tell if it actually went it or hit the post. Maybe some time of padding on the bar in the back?

ya some kind of heavy vinyl along the bottom at the back can be helpful, like most hockey nets. acts both as padding to stop deflections and can also redirect the ball up into the net.

  • 393295.jpg

nice....I like the height, I thought I heard 36" before, and I'm not a big fan of that. I think 30 - 32 inches is great!!


Since this is a NAHBPC event, it only makes sense that we go by their tourney rules.


Is there something in particular we are missing? We are using and have stated we are using the NAH rules for this tourney.

The Tourney header still states TBD. Just wanted to know. Do you have a link to the rules?



also for those interested in reffing there is a forum/discussion thread of the rules that you can probably read in order to prep yourself for what should be a fun weekend in Tempe with kind gentlemanly polo, southern hospitality (it exists, right!), and a good ole showdown. All the referee has to do is keep track of time and double check with line judges on goal (and not have to call you out on blindside checks).


.edit. Also, I don't officially speak for the club when I post these rules. It is just a reference to rules last year.

30 second warning!

I sent you an email Mike.

Thanks for your time!


I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Official Schedule:
Friday: Set-Up and Pick-Up.
Registration at the courts until 6pm - at Boulders on Broadway after 6pm. Pick-up all day.
Casual gathering at Boulders all Night

Saturday: Round Robin
Referee Meeting: 8am
All players at the courts: 9am
Party at Boulders on Broadway - Happy Hour all day, $6 burgers & Sandwiches

Sunday: 24 team Double Elimination
All players at the court at 9am
Prizes and raffle after last game
Sponsored Party at Boulders on Broadway after - $2 pints & food specials

this space intentionally left blank.

Who all is refing?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Was a volunteer sign up ever posted? I'd like to help ref/goal judge again.



Taco truck??

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

this is a byo taco truck tourney.

what is SF serving up?

Hope your bringing something GOOD from boulder.

Let it be known, Saturday at Boulders on Broadway I will be accepting drinks for my birthday:)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

hint: he wants 4loko (pre recipe change)

I will also be excepting drinks for my birthday on the next Saturday!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Anyone still looking for a third?

Is that you Twinkie? If so you can catch a ride with me and Pepper.

nah that's Alfredo. he has the drumstick ice cream wheel covers and plays in a riding bib :D

give blood. play polo.

Volunteer List: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AnUPQDBkKBwkdGY4Yl9qYnh6Z3RuMTB...

NAH is working on providing some refs so we may or may not utilize everyone that volunteers to be a referee.

Cant wait. I'll pitch in where you need me.

just finished. $12

  • polo.jpg

Excuse me while I go die of awesome. Holy shit, so EXCITE!

In the teaser theme:

  • Photo01272130.jpg


nice shirt ya got white on black for us construction workers

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

naw sf see there are too many dark polo shirts, im goin classix! girl sizes too, u shall see. don't worry, this polo shirt can be your church attire (polo church)

1 more hour of work!!! then gonna go home and pack and get picked up around 7.
so freakin excited!

give blood. play polo.

X2 I can't wait to get down there!! Also if I get picked up from the airport I will have no problem refing or goal judging/timekeeping or making everyone taco?!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Team Gravypants would like to apologize in advance for all the hurt feelings, crushed mallets, taco'd wheels, and broken mothers. Don't take it personally, we're just assholes.

Regarding menu options, SF is about to dump a fuckton of Gravy all up in your business. We suggest y'all bring whatever you want to eat it on. Taco's, sandwiches, mashed potatoes, diapers covered in gravy... we don't give a shit, it's all on the menu.

Care Factor Zero. Yeah, the ol' care-o-meter is still in the shop, I guess once it's broken it's hard to fix. Who knew?

See ya in Arizona, bitches. Humbly yours,

Team Gravypants

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997

FUCK TO THE YEAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Prescott's 2 teams won't be there until Saturday morning. Already paid.

Just boarding a plane....have the wrong ph number for anyone apparently....where should I go when I get there in about 3 hrs? can I get a contact number from someone.....thx, see you all soon.

JustinGullickson wrote:

Just boarding a plane....have the wrong ph number for anyone apparently....where should I go when I get there in about 3 hrs? can I get a contact number from someone.....thx, see you all soon.

602-819-7877 Chris - give me a call if you need.

this space intentionally left blank.


Follow along live!

nice. teams listed at https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdEg2QnZDQmc0SW1zYlh...

The whole poloverse must be tuning in...nothing is coming up for me but the donate button. I should and will donate but do I need to do something in addition to clicking the link?

P/M Hardcourt

it's timed out for the afternoon bracket. Should be up in a moment.


P/M Hardcourt

oops. guess not! I just got a text that badfingers beat Polo Abdul 5-1 ...

EDIT: and now it's up


P/M Hardcourt

Ahem, and the future of bike polo goes 4-0.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

ya, seabass / julian / polony beaten by kids who have been playing on grass their whole, tweenage lives.

grass Assault: not drinking = cheating.

you should have heard my heckles on this topic. you would have been very very proud!

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997


The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

AM Session results

  • Screen shot 2011-01-29 at 5.36.56 PM.png

PM Session

  • Screen shot 2011-01-29 at 6.39.02 PM.png

Protect Ya Net needs more big fat goals.

All I can say is WOW !

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Thank you AZHC for raising the bar! Glorious times in the sun! Everyone looking forward to tomorrow. Oddballs are tough. Grass Assault is working young magic. Machine looks like a Scottish furrypoof. Desert winter, hot sun and deliciously cool in the shade. This picture needs a caption:

Photo by Mike Shriver

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.


it was nice of the mustache to bring gooch to the tournament

probably too seriously...


Does my shirt say Balls?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

hey funboys, who wants to rub me down with bronzing oil? and wax my mustache for a free ride?

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997


Joker- You are a STUD! Congrats, man!!

p.s. Do you play with two lefties?!

Midwest is best!!

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Short dog shoots left, as do I, and El Pistolero is our righty. When Too Short's not around we'll sub Young Timmy in for him, who is also a southpaw. Timmy has got us to the finals twice now. We have 6 lefties in LA...

Holy shit! That's awesome! There are some clubs that don't have any, so consider yourselves lucky. Also, there is a Stephen that is moving to Chicago soon. Is he any good/is he cool?

Midwest is best!!

Boludo is good peoples

"Pinche Boludo Serrote!"

More Mike Shriver for you. Because I care. I wouldn't want you to think we were just strutting in the sun.

Thank you joel, I love that shot of bottles.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

X2 that better have been right before a goal.

Also, where is his helmet?

it would ruin his glorious hair!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

All right fine I'll be the first to say it, where's the updates? is podium working for today?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Medic.Mike wrote:

All right fine I'll be the first to say it, where's the updates? is podium working for today?

Sunday: 24 team Double Elimination

so, no podium. I think podium only does swiss rounds.

Look at you getting fancy with the web coding. Dan, why aren't you there? Letting everybody else do the work for you?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

From what I understand the kids were knocked out by Seabass/julian/dave LA knocked Leon/warrior/drew into the losers and now seattle plays seattle to play against joker/pistolero and too $hort.

The kids beat Woadies team also.

Not sure on everyone else.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Seabass/julian/dave Knock out Leon/warrior/drew finals versus Joker/pistolero/too $hort Seattle needs two wins.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Joker, Pistolero and Too $hort take it!!! Fuck yes!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Red Army Falco wrote:

Joker, Pistolero and Too $hort take it!!! Fuck yes!



So, who are the first qualifiers other than the aforementioned?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

dunno but i'm at the wendy's. i'm at tim horton's. i'm at the combination wendy's and tim horton's.

nice work joker! and pals

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

This is purely theory.

4The Kids

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

1. Valleros (LA)
2. Whachadoobin (SEA)
3. Oddballs (SEA)
4. Grass Assault (PHX)
5. Woadie's Team (NY/PDX/BOS)
6. Loose Scruz (SCRZ)
7. Badfingers (SF)
8. Jack Move (LA)

Wild Card:
Tent City Tramps (PHX)
Cheap Shots (DEN)
Team Priapism (SF)
Sack Up and Play (SD)

Great People. Great Games. Great Times.

We are proud to have hosted the first qualifier for NA's. I hope we not only lived up to the expectations of the players, but set the bar for future tournaments. Looking forward to seeing you all again and getting in a game or two.

this space intentionally left blank.

You absolutely raised the bar. AZHC threw a tight tourney. Chris gave up the saddle for the director's chair and we all benefitted from a well-run show. THANK YOU!

He made up for it at monday night pick up.

  • DPI-3 NAH Qualifier 161.jpg

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Can we have names of players?


The team list has been replaced with standings from the PM and AM bracket.

Registration is open for the top 12 teams listed above @ 2011nahbpc.og Congrats everyone!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

1. Thank you Chris Altman, Mike Tretter, Jason Boyd, and all the rest of the Arizona bike polo family for your dedication, and efforts making this an event to remember.
2. Thank every one for coming. Great games.
3. Thank the Denver crew( Tall George) for being my house guests.
4. Our sponsors helped make it. A special thanks to Jinna from Thomas Bikes San Diego.
5. Congrats Joker, Pistolero and Too $hort.
Till next time Ya'll.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

nice job everyone. congrats to those who made it. it's been fun following this.

Grass Assault = the Piranhas (from NA's)??

if so that is FUCKING AWESOME!

ya, minus Mike T, plus Mike B

Thanks AZ what a fun weekend.

After a few weeks of moving to Denver from Fort Lauderdale, I got to play a tournament and an amazing one at that! I had tons of fun watching teams I've never seen before and meeting new polo players. Epic games, epic dice throwing.
Thanks Arizona!!

Thanks AZ Polo and Mike T for making our first hardcourt tourament such a great time. The Hive

you betta bring the Heat!


I've never been so sick at a tournament and so damn happy about it. Great venue, great polo, great people. I'll come back to AZ anytime.

Also, I love the photos. Will there be a link to more?

Sac Up. Going to cal! Wooo!
All I can say is fuvk yeah machine! And to everyone else watch out for the 'Lawnmower'

Just got out of hospital . Got a pulmonary contusion on my lung (which means a big effing bruise) and a fractured rib. Sac up and play on.
AZ and evryone that was there you no the score. That was a hell of a weekend of polo and hospitality Thanx are too many to mention poloverse.
But Jush and Lawnmower you need to polo the F#^ up next time and get less sleep and drink a wee bit more.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Glad to hear you are alive and kicking!

yo,thanks AZ..I had a blast and I can't wait till next time.....see ya'll soon!

Thanks Phoenix. The weather was superb, the courts were well done (the ball "hops" were a wee bit distracting), and court A had the perfect boards whereas B had the perfect surface. We are all clearly impressed with the amount of boards done and clearly if you can finish the tournament and hand out prizes/raffle before the daylight is out on sunday, you've already done your job.
My thoughts:
1) Valleros - Great team, Pistolero is classy and good. Someone call The new gov of california and ask them to pardon pistolero so he can come to calgary this year. anyways, pistolero + joker + too$hort was clearly an overload of lefty bullshit and three players who took advantage of every chance they got.

2)Whatchadoobin - you guys looked awesome, played awesome, and Dave was clearly playing at MVP status.

3) Female MVP prize: This wasn't too well thought out, while I like sarah a lot (she has moves!), I think you have to look at the highest ranked female which would have been kelli from denver. she had great games.

4) MAle MVP : I could not believe grass assault lost given how good jacob was playing this weekend. I thought dave (SEA) was killing it and playing absolutely on point.

4) Seeing SF, Santa Cruz and some other Arizona teams while playing and feeling like we were evenly matched was the best part. Besides the top 3-4 teams, all the other teams seemed on a level ground and anyone could have won.

5) I better get my shit together for Little Rock....

6) I bought 2 phx shirts, 1 LA misprinted shirt, won 1 fixcraft shirt in the raffle, bought wheel covers from jinxy, bought raffle tickets. I spent a lot of money :P

Oh yeah, Davey and the rest of the Arizona crew deserves some serious love for putting this tournament up and maintaining it at a high level.
and greg from tempe deserves some love for being an all around cool dude.

Maxxx don't be going all Kanye West and hatin on the MVP winners just coz you cant control an Arizona jumping ball . Nice cookies and fairy cakes Sarah . love ya poloverse

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Thanks AZ. I knew the bar would be raised and it was....Jacob...chicken wings are for desperation...woadie was pretty desperate...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

woadie - hey - way to get your mojo working!

snapshots in my brain:
-All woadie smiling after the last goalazo.
-Jacob shrugging off chicken wings with a win infused frown.

Credo quia absurdum

Yah I have no complaints about my trip to AZ. Top notch right from the pick up at the airport to sleeping on the grass by the pool after pounding beers with the east coast boys. Everything was Fantastic big thanks to everyone in AZ and also everyone I met, aces all round.

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

AZ Thank you guys so much, I had an absolute Blast this weekend!

Even though "Voltron's D$#k" lost its third the night before round Robbin and came out close to DFL the weekend and all the GREAT POLO made up for it. Grass Assault (AJ, Mike, Jake) you three clearly= Awesomeness! Watching Shannon and Kreistens team was hella exciting ,Go Cascadia!!!....818 Jack Move put on a good one and not to mention Sac up Killed out there with Josh aka The Wall...

818 Valleros Congrats My Ninjas (i almost passed out from yelling so mush on the final)...haha!

see you all soon!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

x2 on Thanks for the Blast, AZ!

Mikey we did good! If it weren't for Joush we'd be rolling wild card. I thank you and Boludo too for carrying my ass with the team 2-2 Saturday. Might have been 3-1 if it weren't for Joey and Nano ... fun playing with and against y'all!

Thank you Chris for the honorable work at the mic. Thank you Jinna for the glorious eye candy! Happy Birthday Davey, Matt, No Love! And a bow to the NOD and his fine craftsmanship.


Credo quia absurdum

Can you post the full results please?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

(we had to turn around and go back into AZ for this photo op!)

what a great weekend! had a blast and really enjoyed showin everyone what i can do!
i had a blast playing with all sorts of different people. cant wait for more tournaments, and i really cant wait for next year!!

Machine.... you're an animal. qualifying with a broken rib, AND drunk! crazy bastard
Pitbull... you were one helluva teammate! see ya in Texas!
Maverick... you polo mom, thanks for everything!
Chris... thanks so much for sittin this one out to run the show. Well done, well done!
To the AZ house, thanks so much for puttin up with our crazy asses!

See ya'll next year!

give blood. play polo.

Big ups to all the people from AZ, especially chris and davey! y'all put on one hell of a tournament! Raised the bar to say the least. It was rad seeing y'all, felt like a family reunion... here's to bringing the ruckus everywhere we go!

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997

also, anyone who took photos and managed to catch any of the wheel covers i made, send me the link please! i was lazy and didnt take my camera out all weekend

give blood. play polo.

Me !!

And thanks for hanging around tearing down boards. BIG help.

  • NOD wheel cover 002.jpg

Not Yet....Not Yet.

NAH SW qualifier- Desert Polo Invite 3

this space intentionally left blank.

This might be clearer: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AnUPQDBkKBwkdGY4Yl9qYnh6Z3RuMTB...

Top 12 teams including names:

1st - Valleros (LA) - Joker, Pistolero, Too $hort
2nd - Whachadoobin (SEA) - Seabass, Julian, Polony
3rd - Oddballs (SEA) - Leon Ettelson, Drew Gochenaur, Mike Bell
4th - Grass Assault (PHX) - Michael Boyd, Jacob Boyd, AJ Maldonado
5th - Woadie's Team (NY/PDX/BOS) - Chris Roberts, Jason Stevenson, Johan Ramirez
5th - Loose Scruz (SCRZ) - Andrew Weyland, Jon Westdahl, Morgan
7th - Badfingers (SF) - Ben Smith, Ben Caldwell, Jeremiah Goodwin
7th - Jack Move (LA) - Eli, Brian, Jeremy (no love)
9th - Tent City Tramps (PHX) - Davy Carfax, Julio Castro, Justin (hotrod)
9th - Cheap Shots (DEN) - Jared Rader, Kelli Jurewicz, Jeff Cleary
9th - Team Priapism (SF) - Susan Dabbles, Kim Beson, Eric Bloomquist
9th - Sack Up and Play (SD) - Mike Maverick, Josh Pawelek, Machine

AZ U guys Rock!! U guys had an Amazing and well organized tournament! I had such a great time and such great games and pick ups games with everybody. It was Nice meeting new people. Thank u

"We don't need no education"

Just before the wall came down

  • DPI-3 NAH Qualifier 182.jpg

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Nice pic..even though half the crowd is cut off...

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

oh, I've got the lost and found at my house. I'll post up what I have or you post up what you lost and I'll see if I got it and can get it to you.

this space intentionally left blank.

Some-one left a yellow and black (krypto?) U-lock in the sd polo van.
Guy I have your glove.
Davey I left my sleeping bag there.

As a regional rep, I have to say, you folks have set the bar! Games on time, players on time, great tv so that we can all keep track of ourselves, free food, equal court sizes... great sponsorship and raffles prizes (x2!!). Thanks to Chris and Mike for being so open to my suggestions for Sunday. Joel, George, Mike - great to finally meet you all after a year on the phone!!

As a player, what a trip! Jinxy and Javi, thanks for a great weekend on the court. Chris, man, way to take one for the continent and sit out and run everything so well. Dus, thanks for taking care of our ride into town and for being such a gracious host. Jinna, you ROCK!

Thank you AZ!!

Yup Lisa nailed that one!! x2

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Thank you AZBP!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You! Every year this tourney gets bigger and badder. I was very impressed with how smoothly the thing went down. Podium software hooked up to a big screen TV, 3 pro courts including the high walled "A" court, the very durable metal goals (perfect height, seriously I hope these 6' foot nets become the standard), and the printed scoreboards at each court should also be mandatory. Definitely gotta mention the uniform supply of balls. These 'Calgary Balls' that Justin introduced are the best for warm weather tourneys, I hope they are used whenever possible in the future. All of this made for a very good event. Thank you to all the volunteers and refs who made this happen. Chris Altman, Mailman J, Jeff NOD, Davey, Mike Tretter, and all the rest of the AZ crew I forgot to mention we really appreciate the hard work and brilliant job ya'll did.

So much good polo this weekend, I don't know where to begin. Grass Assault you are major force to be reckoned with. You beat both teams in the finals and another All Star squad during the tournament. Please don't get any bigger or better (JK)!!!... Seattle your club is so deep and talented, it's always a pleasure watching your crew work, and learning from all of you. See you at the Cascadia Qualifier next.
SF, what can I say, you brought a ton of good teams, way to roll deep. Everybody else, thanks for making this a fun weekend! Lastly, I got to give it up for David and Too $hort, my teammates. Valleros been in it for a while now, and I couldn't be happier with this here 3peat...

Arrato, vatos...

oh hey, I forgot to ask. A lot of you had team tshirts, like Polo Abdule,
and if any other team still have shirts for sale, I want one!

give blood. play polo.

everything has been said already, just saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! all you polo people is great!


For tons of facebook pics


Jinna took lots and lots of photos. you're bound to be in one of them

and keep your eye on

he took lots of photos too

give blood. play polo.

All I have to say is this was the best first polo tournament ever. I can't believe I'm going to be leaving my amazing polo family in AZ, but I can't wait to start another polo family in LA. I can't wait for more tournaments, and next years DPI. And the thank you Jeff, Davey, Chris, and Mailman Jay for making it possible for me to even play! Right now everyone in my polo family and polo in general is the only thing keeping me sane! OH and Thank you SOOOOO much Trevor Fray for saving my team! It was awesome to play with you! Now I just need to step up my game!

Some more pics if you just can't get enough:

thanks again guys for making it out and hooking EVERYONE up with a fresh mallet. great photo set!

give blood. play polo.

Mike Shrivers Pix Are up! http://gallery.me.com/dadanation theres over 1000 pix..

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Thanks everyone who did stuff for me/us. Your hospitality was great. The tournament was great. Will be back to AZ. Maybe not for the polo but definitely for the Baer's Den.