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hello everyone!
i am proud to announce Philadelphia as the host of ESPI VI
all details to come shortly, but i can say our location is confirmed and we will be hosting it in july, probably mid-july.

if you have any suggestions please send me a msg or leave below.

as well, can the regional and club reps for the eastcoast please contact me so i can set up an open discussion with you all regarding some specifics!

thx for the patience everyone!!
can't wait for the summer!!!!


is this a NAH qualifier?

• Each NAH region (7 in total) is responsible for holding a two day tournament accommodating 32 or more teams. Swiss rounds on day one and double elimination on day two. This tournament must be held before July 12th

yes-to my understanding it will be

We are game. If you need anything let DC know.

fuck ur face

DC has team. Hope yawl are ready for some fun polo.

fuck ur face

save a few spots for Boston. We might not be on top of this timecode pay pal sign up business just yet.

Working with nahbpc on dates. July early can work too. Dates are tbd.
Excited! Its time Philly did this again.

how are the courts?...

Haybales; y'know, for old time's sake.

that's where i was tryin' to go without really goin' there, but you went there. somebody had to say it.

i just don't want my heart broken again

hellochris wrote:

i just don't want my heart broken again

I heard that :(
this year, if any of you see any one going near my bike, I want you to kick the shit out of them, even if it's me

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Bike theives will be tied to the hay bales and lit on fire.


yes yes yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

the courts are ideal. three together, two built, one a permanent outdoor hockey rink.
with extra space for storage/stuff...covered. photos and layout to come.

yes this is the east coast regional qualifier.
alexis. it's going to be amazing. i promise this to everyone.

COVERED?!?! do you all play there pear round?
I cant wait to see pics


No haybales I promise.
Guys I helped with espi last year in ny. Learned.
I'm planning this like north americans last year.
please understand this will be fluid and amazing.

chandel. wrote:

No haybales

Phew. However, registration costs will suffer huh?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

is there no end?

when three local juvenile delinquents playing on bikes they stole at Worlds two years prior return to win ESPI VI it will come full circle.


Red Army Falco wrote:
chandel. wrote:

No haybales

Phew. However, registration costs will suffer huh?

my brother, I'm sorry to inform you that the system will not be designed for the likes of you
however, it would be great to see you here. please come through.

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

I gotchu boo.

...those days are over.


security guards with riot gear?

wow. ha. i knew it was going to be tough...but its too soon guys! too soon!

we're just getting it out of the way early. in all seriousness i have great faith in your polo-facilitating abilities.

yesssssss. shortest travel distance to a tournament, by 7.5 hours, yet. delaware to provide support, comic relief, dogfish head, etc...

-my stomach is a pickle-

Good news, glad to going back to Philly. However, if this is supposed to be the Eastside regional qualifier -- NA in Calgary starts Aug. 4. If Eastside is mid-July, that leaves the teams that qualify at Eastside only two maybe three weeks to work out seriously long-distance travel. I think you've got to move it as early as possible in July or earlier...

first weekend of july will be northside qualifying tournament. that leaves only the following weekend in july before the deadline for making the cut. so if you make it earlier july is out

has the location for Northside been determined yet?

toronto or ottawa

why can't it be the same weekend?

this should really be in May or June at the latest I think

ok noted. thx for suggestions. keep 'm coming

Got a date yet?

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

how the 2nd weekend of june to keep in between mids and north tourneys

Danger zone!


Norfolk, VA wants to send at least one team. No idea who i'll play with but damnit i'll be there with some team as well.

sign up the butcher the baker and...................


welcome back brother....we missed you...count it...!!

count it. you got your third.


ummm..i think the "package taker" has first dibs on this one MR DUCK

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I thought you were the "landscaper" these days. WOADIEEEEEEZE NUTS!


team cannabis is going to smoke y'all up.

i want to... team debate teeem need two more for teeeem.

lookin for a team for this definitely


you got werm?


Werm is available. Im playin with the Butcher and the Baker


sign me up..... looking for a team

and you know this man.

ok confirmation on the date coming as soon as the location permit is secure.
i will say we are looking at june 11-12.

now. anyone else with suggestions or concerns about ALL aspects of this regional qualifier please msg me or leave it here.
thx! can't wait!



Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

the registration will be organized soon.
mike t from pheonix...call me!

Out of region free agent here.

How we coming along?

fuck ur face

apothecary_13 wrote:

How we coming along?

Please make this on the weekend that is most convenient for me. I have nothing to offer in return. I intend to frown all weekend. Count Me Out or Carry On reunion show please. Buffet. Waterslides or laser tag maze. Registration costs around 6 per team. Have Seattle make the shirts for the weekend and say something funny or witty. Limit registration to 13 teams, all out of region. Bacon, egg, and cheese.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

its coming along guys. i can tell you that registration will not be for about a month....so hold your horses.
but i can promise a fun tournament with amenities provided and loads really close by...

i was considering a hotel discounted rate close by as well for those interested. it will be hard to house everyone within our players houses/friends places....so please consider this option.
i'm going to find out exactly how much and where asap though.
who would rather take this option as opposed to floor space in houses around the city?

Where would the court location[s] be. I would be staying at my friend's place, just want to get an idea of the distance between my friend's place and the court.

Is there a solid date yet?

date is june 11-12...the location has to confirm this but i am confident.

the location is rizzo rink, front st and washington ave.

looking for a team for this, holler

me too, i'm hop on a team


Just got to talk to some Boston people, but I'm also looking for a team.

please follow this thread...


and follow this blog for all info in one place...


thanks everyone!