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The Ladies Army IV - Bidding

Hello Ladies,

Let's start talking about 2012!!

Not to limit ourselves, but I believe we have interest from Toronto, Milwaukee, Seattle and Portland...

Are women interested in laying out criteria for a tournament proposal, or do you just want to see submissions and vote on them?

For criteria, I mean some basic things that should be covered by all submissions as a baseline to evaluate them against. For example, number of courts, number of teams (capacity), sponsorship opportunities, access to washrooms, water, food, etc.

Or do you just want to see some submissions and straight up vote on them??

I'll talk to Kevin about how voting might be set up.

Let's hear it...


No moss on your stone, Pitbull. Thankful. I believe the criteria you've posted above are worth assessing in a selection...however

Is there currently an acceptable format for tournament bidding in existence that we can adapt?

Does a standard submission format make proposing and selecting easier for everyone or does it dilute the process too much?


...those days are over.


I think portland should have it.

I think that a formal bid format would be rad. im down for that. nice lisa! thanks! and... "no moss on your stone" ... im now stealing that phrase. thanks!

Mud wrestling? Drawing Straws? Flip a coin? I think these are all valid ways to decide.

Srsly, though, there is a tournament proposal form that we had to fill out in order to be considered for the qualifier (THAT IS THIS WEEKEND!). I'm not sure where the template is, but I can probably find it.

Ok, it has you write up:

Description of Courts
Photos of Courts
Anticipated Cost of Registration
# of Players in City
Organizing Team
Food and Drink

I think there are probably some other considerations like:

Ease/expense of travel
Weather (sorry ATX, but that shit was HOT!)
Experience Hosting Tournaments
Ability to Run Brackets at Court (Electricity)

Other stuff?

Portland would love to host, but we're happy to cede to another city as well. Just give me the ladies, I don't care where I am.

OK i just revised some stuff i built for NAH last year:

Here's the form: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/node/add/bid2011

If you want revisions to the form, please get them in ASAP. I will be travelling a lot in the next week so i won't have much time for this. For sake of simplicity i think Pitbull should be in charge of deciding on the form and communicating changes to me, also cause Vancouver is not bidding.

As soon as someone creates a bid, it will appear here under a new Ladies Army category: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bids

As for a vote, i'm guessing you may want to limit who can vote to a certain gender. There are, um, 4 ways of doing this. I have no preference.

1) we create a vote page and we add each person individually to an electoral list who says they want to vote (using a comment or something).

2) we create a Ladies Army club on the site, and someone monitors people who join the club and approves them. Then everyone in that club can vote. (i don't want to encourage a ladies army group page for general LA discussion cause that seems cut off from the rest of the poloverse... )

3) you ask kindly that those of the male persuasion refrain from voting (someone can montitor the results afterwards)

4) you allow everyone to vote regardless of gender.


will you manage the bidding process and serve as facilitator of proposal entries with the support of those that feel they can constructively contribute to this endeavor?

Merci. You fucking rule. Seriously.

you can keep my heart too.

How do we vote? Do we further drive a rift between the genders with this process and perpetuate sexism in this sport? Kev supplied us with 4 options but with our choice comes debate. I won't go into a philosophical diatribe here; know there is precedence being set with the decision. I often feel consensus bores and sandbags processes at time.

My father provided the other X, does it matter?

...those days are over.


the obvious choice (to me) is to ask all the girls who participated in LA3 as well as the ones who were interested (but couldnt make it for whatever reason) to cast their votes. (i guess this would be kev's option #1)

unless someone can come up with strong reasoning as to why anyone else besides those playing in the tournament should determine this...

thank you lisa for taking on this process

I am good to manage the coordination with Kevin. Kevin, I think we can wait on the specifics until the next week or so is done. I am swamped with logistics of attending the qualifier in Cascadia this weekend.

I am going to leave all preferences for voting up to the ladies.

I will say that I don't see any need for a separate Ladies Army group on LoBP - its awesome that everyone knows about this tournament. The guys gush about it just as much as we do.

Whatever happens, can we please have another co-ed before hand? I loved having all the boys there, and it was good to let them play a little.

Also, lets not form a separate group. I think we are all adult enough to handle voting without that.

I'd even let the guys that attended vote, but I don't think they will really care that much.

Hello ladies,

Kevin and I have discussed the form: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/node/add/bid2011

Please feel free to start filling it out with as much detail as possible, there are questions below each text box to help you out. There are four tabs for information for your bid. Please completed them all.


I am hoping we can take two weeks to look things over and know by NAs where Ladies Army IV will be hosted. How does that sound to y'all? We can change it so that its sooner, I just know its a busy polo time of year...

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Ladies Army has traditionally operated in conjunction with another tournament. The first two years it was more of a side event, and thanks to Austin, I think we all look forward to it continuing as the main event. Having said that, please include details as to what kind of side event you are proposing in conjunction with the Ladies Army (e.g. Austin did the co-ed on the Friday. Do you have an urge to not only throw a co-ed, but do you have a theme idea for it?). Please include details for this on the last tab under: "What else do you want to add?"

One last thing:
Please, please, please also take into consideration what the weather is like in your city at the time of year you would like to host this event. I for one am not sure if I can handle the heat like we experienced in NYC and Austin, but would also encourage more amicable climatic conditions than those of the 'wet coast' in November!! Let's try and find a compromise.

Let's continue the discussion about voting on the proposals.

Can't wait to see what comes in!!


Hey ladies, just a reminder that deadlines for submissions is July 15th. Let's see 'em so we can decide and give the host city enough time to organize LADIES ARMY IV!!

Doesn't look like any bids are showing up at http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bids

I just submitted one for Lexington for the record.

Only one so far (yours shows up, i had to fix sumpin real quick)

my only input would be to keep it in the states please!
i really want to be able to go to number IV! or if it is in canada, make it AFTER the month of may. i might be able to get my paper work in order

give blood. play polo.

im silly, where do we put our bid in?


LEXINGTON !!!!!!!!

how are we going about this? who's voting? when do we find out?

yeah i'm curious about the voting process myself...?
who's actually deciding this? i like maija's suggestion above about people who participated last year [i don't necessarily think it should include those that 'or wanted to' because they did not....]

and tiffany i have a question on your bid...you did not outline an event like a co-ed or anything surrounding this tournament...is lexington proposing to only have the ladies army IV and that's it as the weekend event? Please let us know.

also i'd like to know how accessible your city is to fly into....most people fly southwest for cheaper fair and free baggage but it doesn't fly into lexington, and does into mke....
can you outline the best way to get to your city if you are coming from somewhere that needs to fly? i know you kids get everywhere...i'm just curious how...

We would love to have a co-ed tourny the Friday before and then L.A. on Sat (swiss rounds) and Sun (double elim) like Austin did. Lots of guys have already expressed interest in coming to Lex for a Friday co-ed tourny and then sticking around to help run L.A. so the ladies can focus on competing.

As for getting to Lexington... there are megabuses that run to Cincinnati and then SouthWest flies to Louisville. Both of these cities are just an hour away from Lexington. If you could get that close, I'm sure we could arrange a ride for you the rest of the way - Louisville has a party bus that they will be driving to Lex probably Friday, and I'm sure there will be players from Cinci coming down - otherwise someone from Lex can come pick you up.

Thank you for the additional one day tournament Tiffany.

Just to let everyone know, I did check flights on kayak.com and their comparison airlines and flights from SEA are within $80 of each other to both MKE and LEX. About $380 to LEX and $289-320 to MKE. Keep an eye on flight prices...

Only way into Lexington is in Louisville's party van.....

I want to thank Tiffany and Meg for their bids for Ladies Army IV.

I have a couple of clarification questions too for both Milwaukee and Lexington but just need another day to review the submissions in detail before asking everything I want to clarify.

It's up to us how voting goes on these things. My preference would be that only women vote, as we are the ones traveling to and playing in the main event. In terms of which specific women get to vote, I'm not too partial on limiting it to women who played last year as I don't feel it bears relevance to who will play this year.

Does everyone agree that we are having a women-only vote? Can we start there?

Also, a deadline for voting. Is everyone okay with the voting wrapping up by the end of August?

count it!

Whos got the crack!

Thank you!


Agreed on both counts (for the record).

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.


Midwest is best!!

Thanks lady!


Meg and Tiffany,

I am just wondering if you can expand at all on specific sponsorship opportunities, and if anyone has committed to anything if the tournament is in your city.

Additionally, are either of you pursuing a hotel sponsorship for discounted rates, or leaving it to free housing and what's available in the area in terms of hotels...

Meg, how is the second court going to be constructed?

Alrightee, that's it for me and clarifications. I am going to start a side conversation with Kevin about voting options and procedures and hope to have this underway soon!

I am proposing that all women have a vote as to where LA IV takes place. I feel this is the easiest option for both voting, tracking votes and fairness. Please, if you have reason to oppose this suggestion, do so, but offer a solution that is both equitable and practical.

Thanks again to Meg and Tiffany for pulling together these proposals. I am so excited for LA IV!!


No one has committed to anything but several have expressed interest if the tourny is in Lex. Most likely the prizes will come from bike shops, Hack bags (http://www.hackbags.com/), Cardinal Mallets. Of course we will try to get sponsorships from Fleet Velo, Velocity, Brooks, etc. It won't be a problem to get food and after party sponsors because we already have Al's Bar who sponsors Lexington Bike Polo. Also, I'm sure the community bike shop, Broke Spoke (http://thebrokespoke.org/) will be setup to help with any maintenance/repairs.

On another note. Kentucky Oaks and Derby is May 4-5th in Louisville (just over an hour away) and all through April leading up to Derby are the Keeneland horse races (http://www.keeneland.com/default.aspx) in Lexington. So we could adjust the dates if people are interested in coming into town to check that out.

I think there is enough free housing/backyards for camping here to accommodate everyone but we have been able to work out discounted hotel rates with the hotel on the Legacy Trail which leads to the polo park in the past (for Midwest open).





Please see for yourself, consider your options and cast your vote:

Special thanks to Kevin Walsh for the voting assistance.


I am sorry to report that due to unforeseen circumstances, Meg has decided to withdraw the Milwaukee bid for Ladies Army IV.

Congratulations Lexington!! See you around May!

yayay lexington!!!!!
can't wait!!!!

Stoked on making it this year!

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

Hey Lexington,
I was looking for the date for this. Is it confirmed yet? Many Euroladies are keen on coming over...

I'm fairly certain it is the first weekend of May. Email Dixietiff to confirm.

...those days are over.


First weekend of May? FYI, a lot of colleges have finals the week of May 7-13th.

Bummer, May 26th/27th or June 2nd/3rd would be perfect for me :(
Well, gotta wait and hope another year, I guess...

Better wait until its official from Lexington's mouth. We are just theorizing out loud.

Their bid does say "late May early June" so wait and see - http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bids/Ladies%20Army%202012

No worries, I was just trying to dramatize a bit.
Fingers crossed for a suitable date and cheap flights for as many ladies as possible.

Sorry, I'm a bit bad about checking this regularly. As of right now, we were leaning towards having it in April. Specifically, the co-ed tourney on Friday the 27th and L.A. Swiss Rounds on Saturday the 28th and L.A. Double Elim on Sunday the 29th. Before everybody chimes in (which is definitely what we want!), just know that these dates are flexible. We would really, really like to accommodate as many ladies as possible, especially the Euro's!
Thanks for the interest guys! I'm glad people are already talking about it.

That's the weekend before Kentucky Derby, which is what a lot of ladies were looking for! These dates sound perfect to me.

Yup... Oaks is Friday, May 4th , Derby is Saturday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!)

I would also like people to know that Keeneland's Spring meet (which is right here in Lexington) will be having its final races Thursday and Friday, April 26-27. I know Derby gets all the hype, but if you would like to actually see horses and the races and not pay hundreds of dollars for tickets, then Keeneland is the place to go. I'm thinking we could do a group ride to Keeneland on Thursday for all the early birds. http://www.keeneland.com/default.aspx

London ladies are really hoping to come over and descend upon the states for ladies army 4, looking forward to finding out confirmed dates so we can sort our lives out and save some dollar!

Do it! I wish I could have met you at Helle's Belle's but I am lacking a passport and broke all the time, and Midwest's were that weekend. So hopefully at Ladie's Army!!! :)

and some japanese ladies marked the days to their calendar.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

yah!! that would be awesome! I really wanna come out to Japan and hang out with you guys and play some polo!

Will Ladies' Army 2012 need a volunteer grill master? I was supposed to run the grill at World's but I couldn't get my shit together in time. I figure 7-8 months is enough of a buffer to plan a trip accordingly...

We would love someone on the grill, menu is in the works.

April 27th-29th are 90% as of now we will have the 100% early next week.

Sorry for the hold up we just want to meet and make sure that is nothing that is going to interfere with these dates.
Thank you for your patients


"No, thank you for your patients!"

Once you get the dates sorted, can you start a tournament page??
Also, I'll be in Kentucky next week and we are looking to stop by in Lexington, might not be for long. I'll keep you and Tiff posted. Would love to get together to chat about the tournament.

Dates confirmed!
CoEd Friday the April 27th, L.A. Swiss Rounds on Saturday the 28th and L.A. Double Elim on Sunday the 29th.

Sweet, there will be people in town to party Sat night and play polo Sun from Dayton, Louisville, Cinci, Atlanta... so come hang out!

This. Will be. Amazing.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

ladies from Europe and Japan?!?

This is already my most anticipated tournament of 2012 and i can't even play in it....

You can play in the co-ed on Friday!!

Midwest is best!!