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Midwest Regional Qualifier - Madison, WI May 19-20 2012


thread 1: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/midwest-2012

1st - Beaver Boys (eric, Brian, Joe MKE)
2nd - Iron Badgers (Matt CHI, Pierre, Jonny MAD)
3rd - Slab of Bacon (jake, Guthrie MKE, Nick MPLS)
4th - Fluffy Ducks (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
5th - Bourbonic Politics (Ben CHI, Nick, Chris LEX)
5th - Border State Bullies (Tim COMO, Jared LEX, Nick STL)
7th - Underpants Donkeys (David, Peter CBUS, Lou CIN)
7th - 3rd times a charm (Brian CHI, Dustin, meg MPLS)
9th - Mitten Polo (Adam, jon, Piet ARB)
9th - Tree City (Travis, Zachary, Evan BLM)
9th - Horsehead Nebula (Nic COMO, Ebbin, John MPLS)
9th - Put a bird on it (Sam, Birdie, Matt MAD)
13th - the Stragglers (chris, Ian, Alan CIN)
13th - Unicorn Blood Transfusion (Aren, Jeff, James MPLS)
13th - Dic-taters (Kevin, Tom, Tyler LAF)
13th - City of Lakes (Sven, Ramon, Jeremy MPLS)
17th - strange magic (Erica ATH, Matt, Alex GR)
17th - Purple Narwhals (Josh, Justin, Michael CBUS)
17th - Hurricane Ditka (Chris, Greg, Tucker CHI)
17th - Mission from God (Rob, Jerod, Omar CHI)
17th - release the krackin (Doug, Nate, Shane DEC)
17th - Straight Edge (Dave, Trevor, JB WPG)
17th - Eat Some Chips (Aaron, Christian, Jonathan COMO)
17th - Goetta girls (Thomas, Chris, Andy CIN)

For anyone curious we were attempting to live stream all of this but saturday morning we came to find out the courts were just a bit outside of Madison's 4G network. However I did film the last bit of sunday, i'll get those games up somewhere on the internets here in the next few days.

Looking forward to see these videos!

polo o muetre

We did a playoff for the 9th place seeing that Fluffy Ducks had already qualified out for NAHBPC out of the South Central and 'Put a bird on it' took 9th place by beating 'Horsehead Nebula' and 'Mitten Polo'.

Fuck yeah Ohio!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

beavers celebrate!

just want to point out one thing:

3rd place team 'Slab o Bacon' includes a MPLS player that is listed as from MKE.

just so we are clear, MPLS on the podium!

changed it...

Lou is listed as a Cincinnati player as well but he is from Cleveland.

If you can dream it, you can do it!


Thank you Madison for hosting, thanks to the mid-west for keeping me honest, it was amazing as always to play against all of you. I'm bruised, scraped, sore, tired, sunburned, my bike is a wreck, and I want to do it all again.

See everyone next time.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

We'll take 'im, Bob.

Best region in which to compete.

If anyone that was at this thing found a beat-up, grey bern watts with an equally beat up face cage, please get a hold of me. I may have left it due to a mixture of starvation and sleep deprivation.

Thanks pals.

  • 2012-05-17_09-16-00_21.jpg

when pigs fly.

If anyone found a cell phone with a sticker on the back I would love to get it back.

Cincinnati, blowing it.

Just losing it.

So.... Hungry.... This was a hell of a tournament, and when I say "hell of a tournament," I mean it in the literal sense, not the traditional. Madison needs to get their shit together on tournament hosting. You can't host an NAH Qualifier and not feed the competing teams, ESPECIALLY with that ridiculous registration fee. I could go on forever, but I think the plethora of heckling in the final game was enough. Regardless, I had a blast. Also, props to the midwest for having the most competitive region of them all! Good luck to everyone who qualified for NAs.

craft services is the new hay bales


Hey Kevin, I wasn't there, and i've heard Lafayette organizes good tournaments.

But you're totally ignorant when you say "Madison needs to get their shit together on tournament hosting." Madison has hosted more tournaments than almost every other city, going back to 2005, and stepped up to host this event when no one else was. Beaver Boys may have four-peated as champs but this is the 3rd time Madison has hosted this event. And there's been food each of those other times, always free, often with plenty of free beer too.

If they're guilty here, it's that they helped set the standard for cheap DIY polo events where players end up spending more on booze than registration and food combined. As a tourney organizer you get tired of seeing that happen. Not saying that's what happened here, but if that's what it was, i can relate.

If people don't like paying $15/day to play on two custom built courts, plus get everything else that goes along with organizing a tournament of this size, that's fine, but then they should channel that displeasure into organizing more multi-court tournaments themselves, or get more involved to help make it easier for clubs to host really cheap events, without getting tourney organizer burnout. $30 is way, way below "market" rate (check out registration rates at other competitive cycling events).

Cheers to that. Outdoor event catering costs a lot. Donation jars at the food table are worthless, never seen more than $20 get collected.

Funny how no one has ever complained about a lack of beer at tourneys. When people get thirsty for beer, wow all of the sudden a couple volunteers are collecting money, players are throwing out $5s and $10s and cases appear. Run out of food or water and people just grumble.

Come prepared. Bring food and water to share. And maybe some chairs and a popup shelter.

maybe a breakdown of where all the money went would be nice.

Why would that be nice? Are you implying the money got "embezzled", or are you genuinely interested in what it takes to organize a tournament?

I'm going to guess the former... so next question... if some profit ended up in organizer's pockets, does this amount to anything more than a fraction of minimum wage for the weeks of work put into this, time taken off work etc? Is there something wrong with that, when no one else was stepping up to organize the event?

If it's the latter, do you ask Fixcraft what their cost breakdown is on the products they sell? Here's a budget from northside regional last year, we only had to build one court, costs added up to $4000 and we're still in the red a bit. Sure we probably could have cut some corners, but not that many, and cost savings probably would have meant even more work.

I hope this sport remains DIY, but some people seem to confuse DIY with "others should do it for me". Sorry to pick on you Brian ... i actually agree that organizers should share budgets where possible, i just feel like those questions can be loaded.

not every comment on this forum is meant to be malicious. think of that next time before you jump down my throat.

the breakdown would simply show where the money went. perhaps the entry fees were higher due to the court costs, or to insurance, or whatever. show where the money went and people can't bitch any more. just a simple suggestion, certainly not a new one. i thought i was pretty polite about it!

and if anyone thinks that the organizers dont deserve a bit of beer money, they can take a walk. but i dont think thats what the majority is thinking.

yeah as i said i didnt meant to pick on you in particular, i was just continuing my rant above

I'm working on getting the receipts together so that i can post a budget for you guys. Food was just not feasible this time. In the past i have used my company to do free or greatly subsidized food. The basic cost for me to do it would have been about $20 a person to provide two meals each day for players. Which is almost the entire registration cost. We didn't have the staff or finances to subsidize this for the food for this tournament. Providing services for players was secondary in the planning. We were focusing on courts and schedule. I know that a lot of other tournaments have provided more for less but we just didn't have the resources to take a loss on the tournament and my hope is that the price of these tournaments begin to rise in order to make hosting tournaments more sustainable.

jonny wrote:

my hope is that the price of these tournaments begin to rise in order to make hosting tournaments more sustainable.

amen to that.


ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

Actually Bloomington stepped up to host the Tourney after no one wanted to host it. But after the email went out we heard from Madison "Give us 24 hours." In that 24 hours Madison formally offered to host the tourney.

Kev, I'm glad you pointed out that you weren't at the tournament as well. It lends a bit of perspective on the rest of your comments.

There isn't really anything to be gained by pointing out all the things that Madison did wrong or simply didn't prepare for after the fact. Simply because Madison already knows how to host tourneys.

We offered to let another city run it on already built courts here in MKE which would have saved $$. And if running it meant bring a laptop and a tv and some whistles and a megaphone, well shit, anyone could have hosted it on our courts. I think people are a bit peaved beacuse they are used to a standard that madison itself set. Whether they are right in being upset or not thats for them to decide beacue usually you cant change peoples minds.

On the food note it can be a bit easier for organizers to not supply food if food is close by because you dont have to worry about indivudauls food preferences/having enough etc. Woodmans was 4 miles away and took an hour to get into and out of with how big it was which was slightly obnoxious. Honestly we are going to just set up a grill with charcoal at NA's and BYOMEAT or veggies. Then also the food is not in your budget becasue some people eat more or eat less some people dont like hotdogs...blah blah. I know I actually eat very little on sunday during a double elim. We will have water though. and i will be assigning a specific volunteer to make sure it never runs out.

jonny i love you team name!
Nice ranking dudes!
Kiss pierre and madison for me.

By the way did you use fixcraft balls and how was the weather like?

For the most part, yes, Fixcraft hot balls got used. Very warm and sunny with some notable gusts of wind (some gazebos destroyed). We had maybe 30 seconds of spotty rain on Sunday. It immediately blew over. The surface was warm enough that all balls stayed chilled.

balls had to be on ice.

and still sucked

.....yah, what ever you paid the materials engineer to design those things was way too much, those things ain't worth a plug nickel in the heat on a darker surface.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

in case you were wondering.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

What's the better alternative? Franklin reds or Canadian hockey balls maybe?

i prefer franklins

yes to both. i like the d-gels and franklin reds better any day. trouble is that i bet there are pallets of those things sitting around now. somebody should really test these things with an infrared camera before you go and produce a product.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

We think the Fixcraft Hot ball are pretty good at Spring/Fall seasons. We probably will stick to the Red Franklin for the worlds.

whatever the hell the pink hockey ball we were using at pick up the other day was called i like those, it didnt get squishy at all. not sure what they are though...

this conversation is boring. where's the video?!

I just got one thing to say for the future:

Less than $50 worth of 2x4s ran across the bottom of the previously-used court could have fixed the bow in the sheets of plywood and made the ball play a lot better off the rebound. In the future, can we please consider taking the time to add this simple modification to this style of court building? I think everyone would benefit!

Thanks for putting the tourney together. Thanks for the nicest-guy award. Really helped curb the sting of failure.


Sorry it took so long but here are the videos:


I only started recording at the end of the day Sunday, mainly out of frustration that we couldn't live stream i didn't feel like sitting behind the camera all day Sunday. But I got the final 6 matches that occurred on A court (plus the 3rd place match on B court) amusingly 3 of those games that got recorded were beavers vs ponies, i only bothered to put up the 2 final match games, if someone really wants to see the match between them from earlier in the day i can put it up, just didn't bother with it for now.

Put it in too! I want to see who began! First final is a pretty rough and stance game, love it.

Thanks for the videos, they are great.

polo o muetre

Thanks, i appreciate it. I am slightly regretful i did not record more of the tournament but as i said i wasn't in the mood to sit behind a camera all day after we found out that we were unable to livestream the whole thing. I enjoy livestreaming because from my own experience i sincerely enjoy when i'm stuck at home all weekend but i can still watch exactly whats happening at the tournament i wasn't able to make it to. But beyond livestreaming I think more people should be simply archiving polo tournaments in this day and age, it's useful now and it'll be useful in the future. Its easy, no external mics, no editing, doesn't take any effort at all besides the day that you record it.

Tyler I'd like to see the game for third my team lost. You don't have to post it if it's easier to send a file. Maybe it's too big. It probably is.

Edit: Oh fuck it's on there nevermind. I misread.

After all the trading of prizes I'm not totally sure who wound up with the Stray Cat frame. If you'd like more information about parts - fork, headsets, brake set-up, etc. shoot me an email or check in with Travis of Stray Cat Bicycles http://www.straycatbicycles.com/. Big shout out to these guys for supporting the tournament and getting people interested in transporting themselves on a bike in Madison.

That frame ended up here via ebbin. I'll pass along the info. Pretty sweet prizes to be raffling!

NAH fees $360
Boards $827.88
Equipment $236
Generator $72
Rental Vehicles
Goals $52.88
Insurance $368
Fees $211
Prizes $811
Podium (donation) $100
deposit $1000 (returned)
porta potties $89.68
data streaming $32
Total cost of the tournament was $3160.44 total income of the tournament was $2971 with a loss of -$189.44. I covered the cost of the loss.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmbXbmLCsXyDdF9uemhoQW42djc... here is a link to the tournament fees. Now the only reason that the cost of this tournament was this much is because we already had about 40 percent of the boards left over from NAHBPC in 2010. Further my friend mike who doesn't play polo built all the braces and designed the courts and helped build them for free. He volunteered about 40 hours of his time. Sam put in the most time and that time including taking time off work and loads of driving. This also doesn't include any vehicle cost or gas cost to the organizers.

Thanks for the transparency!