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NAHBPC 2012: updates / results

First thread: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/nahbpc-2012

http://Bikepolo.tv is the place to be during the event.


hmmm, according to this, The Means and Karmageddon have been playing for more than two hours. They must be getting tired by now. :-)

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Getting in to town today, maybe we'll see some of you out at the bars.

Fuck stoked!

I'm working at Ben's today. come over! we have everything you forgot to pack & a mexican bakery next door!!!

To the mke polo folks. Will there be a mallet making station for the weekend? Would anybody possibly take that on as a project for those in need of tools during tourney?

The StCago tent will be in full effect all weekend for your mallet making needs.

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

Including a new goodie that literally just came off the turret lathe.

Not that I'm still involved in any way. Just facilitating.


Lucky, you are the worst at being Retired.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Turns out it's the thing in polo that I'm best suited for!



Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

When do games start?

I heard 9:30 then heard it would be 45 minutes latter.

On now~!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

impossible to watch though

is the feed working for anyone else?


feed is working now! they went out and dropped some cash so donate monies

i think Jagwolves got screwed over by PODIUM. They beat Jav's team 3-1 but somebody entered the score wrong. They have already moved to the next round.... real shame.

Good thing it's really easy to go back and fix user error on that program......

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

you cant go back and fix a game that should never have happened. Still a real shame even though both teams should make it through.

Working perfect now from the phone, just tuned in!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Friday morning results

Top 9 Teams ------ games start at 3:00
1) Clobber Politics 4/0/0 +12 20
2) Beaver Boys 3/0/1 +8 18
3) The Walsh Diaries 3/1/0 +7 18
4) Jagwolves 3/1/0 +6 16
5) Synergy 3/1/0 +5 16
6) Mitten Polo 2/1/1 +6 13
7) Crazy Canucks 2/1/1 +5 16
8) Portland United 2/1/1 +2 14
9) Put a bird on it

Bottom Teams Start at 9am
10) Underpants Donkeys 2/1/1 +1 11
11) Fluffy Ducks 2/2/0 +6 18
12) JavierJakeJT 2/2/0 +2 12
13) Hotdog 2/2/0 +0 11
14) the Green Way 2/2/0 -2 9
15) Mucho Take It Easy 2/2/0 -3 10
16) The Rebel Alliance 1/2/1 -1 13
17) Border State Bullies 1/2/1 -3 10
18) Les Vauriens 1/2/1 -3 9
19) AZassassins 1/2/1 -5 7
20) Polo-Bred Piranha 1/3/0 -2 12
21) My Dixie Wrecked 1/3/0 -6 10
22) Civil Gwar 1/3/0 -11 5
23) Forget Me Not 0/4/0 -12 6
24) Funky Chukkers 0/4/0 -14 4


1) Guardians 3/0/1 +9 14
2) NickChrisPaul 3/0/1 +9 14
3) The Means 3/1/0 +10 18
4) Sweet Treat 3/1/0 +2 12
5) le tonnerre de fer 2/0/2 +7 16
6) Slab of Bacon 2/0/2 +7 15
7) MANTHOUSAND 2/0/2 +3 12
8) Crusaders of Love 2/1/1 +9 14
9) The Game 2/1/1 +1 10


10) WEST COAST WARRIORS 2/2/0 +4 14
11) 3rd Times a Charm 2/2/0 -2 8
12) Terminally Ill 2/2/0 -2 7
13) Dillodactyls 2/2/0 -3 8
14) Put A Beard On It 1/2/1 -1 10
15) The Manatees 1/2/1 -2 11
16) Toronto City Bowers 1/2/1 -2 9
17) The Royals 1/2/1 -2 9
18) Sleep-poop in the Lion's Den 1/2/1 -2 8
19) Team-Team 1/2/1 -2 8
20) NAH JAM: Tournament Edition 1/3/0 -5 9
21) Harden The Fuck Up 1/3/0 -8 5
22) ziggle bitz 1/3/0 -8 4
23) Karmageddon 1/3/0 -13 1
24) I'm Happy Bro 0/4/0 -9 6

Tune in for the live stream We have it working perfectly It isd steaming better than any other live bikepolo evva. The Stream Team dumped a shit load more cash into the bandwidth and it came out peachy. Please donate on the bottom right of the screen on bikepolo.tv if you can so we can keep this going for days to come :Hope you are loving this as much as we are loving bringing this to you

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yeah, once you guys sorted it, it was awesome, we sat all night in the pub and watched it.

We will be watching it tonight, and tomorrow night as well.

You're awesome Machine. Great to hear your commentary. Go East Van and Cascadia! xo


Is the stream accessible through the ustream website or mobile app? What is the name of the stream so i can search for it?

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

What are "top teams" and "bottom teams?"

Posted some photos on Facebook....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",


a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

MPLS.. I know you have my jersey and I want it baCK please!!

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Joe get off the lap top and come to High Hat.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Results, via Podium:
1st - Beaver Boys (eric, Brian, joeMKE MKE)
2nd - Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd - The Means (Chris NYC, alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
4th - Portland United (Arlyn, jason, Eric PDX)
5th - Clobber Politics (Ben, Joe CHI, Robie OTT)
5th - Jagwolves (kouyo, joey, scooter SEA)
7th - Crusaders of Love (Seabass, Hugo Paris, Leon SEA)
7th - The Game (Christopher ATL, Jason, Sterling SEA)
9th - Slab of Bacon (Guthrie, jake MKE, Nick MPLS)
9th - NickChrisPaul (Nick, Chris LEX, Paul NYC)
9th - Hotdog (Ken, Martin VAN, Henry VIC)
9th - MANTHOUSAND (Chris CHI, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
13th - le tonnerre de fer (Matt CHI, Pierre DC, Jonny MAD)
13th - The Walsh Diaries (kev, Adam, Ngaihon TO)
13th - WEST COAST WARRIORS (Alex, Pistolero LA, Mike SEA)
13th - Crazy Canucks (Rory, chris, Alex VAN)
17th - Synergy (Pelon, Robert ATX, Travis BLM)
17th - Fluffy Ducks (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
17th - The Royals (chandel., Miguel ATX, Mack NYC)
17th - Put a bird on it (Matt ??, Sam MAD, Bernadette MKE)
17th - JavierJakeJT (Javier, Jake BOS, JT RVA)
17th - Sweet Treat (Tiffany, Trunks LEX, Rob Paris)
17th - Put A Beard On It (nate, Ace, Zach NYC)
17th - Mitten Polo (Adam, jon, Piet ARB)
25th - Toronto City Bowers (Lewis, maija, Nick TO)
25th - 3rd Times a Charm (Brian CHI, Dustin, meg MPLS)
25th - My Dixie Wrecked (Rob CHI, Marco Philly, Maxxx SEA)
25th - Border State Bullies (Tim COMO, Jared LEX, Nick STL)

Demon helmet misplaced.
Freegun sticker on top.


Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

i miss everyone already

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

x2 big time. that was so much fun.

Welp, for those who qualified for Worlds, congrats.

Many thanks to the stream team for bringing as much as action as possible to those of us who stayed home. It was fun to watch and listen. I know those involved in the stream likely didn't leave in the black, so I truly appreciate what you did.

And I'll be in Geneva for Worlds. However, I need a 2/3 qualified team. So get at me.

public shout out to my teammate Bruce! you got that polo heart and that fire and that love for the game and it was refreshing to be around that hunger and enthusiasm. keep honing them skills and hustling every play and you can expect some great things.

I know I've said enough ...........but.........Best most HardCore-T ,fecking next level fecking fantasmapolorific polo ever. To beat an allstar line up like that The Beaver Boys truely are The.North American HardCore-T as feck Bike Polo Champions of the Poloverse. Thank You Milwaukee.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Pelon and Rob, i need you on my side way more often. You guys are awesome. SYNERGY!!!!

Just want to call out a few people who made this shit go down so well....

1. All the organizers of NAH tournaments this year, from the DPI crew all the way through to Capt Jake.
2. Jerod. I've never seen a performance like the one he put in all weekend.
3. Nic B for strapping himself to the east end of Court A for about 16 hours to goal ref. Great use of a bungee cord.
4. Lewis for reffing the last half dozen games, i think he did an awesome job. Lots of other great reffing happened too--we're getting better.

I got to agree. I was very impressed with the reffing of last few games!

polo o muetre

Lewis was on point. Very clean and well timed reffing.

While watching over the internet I would also say that we were impressed by Lewis' reffing. I was happy to see a serious ref.


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

http://fox6now.com/2012/07/06/harcourt-bicycle-polo-championships/ WAKE UP SHOW

http://fox6now.com/2012/07/06/bicycle-polo-championship-goes-on-despite-... ONSITE INTERVIEWS

thank you friends. fantastic weekend, and some polo was played and watched. jake superman punch sealed the deal, then the double seal of the weekend was naked swims in the ocean. to much to type out and try and process. just gonna chalk that weekend up as better than fantastic.

yes, we talk with a twang, get rowdy, and never never never sleep more than 3 hours.

lets do this again soon, and get weirder.

gem city
diagonal text

Thanks Milwaukee for the hospitality and for having such a flat city to ride in. Congrats Beaver Boys for the first place finish in your hometown and I expect to see an incredible rematch of you playing the Guardians in Worlds. Seriously the quality of polo has gone up so much!

Also, There were 10 Seattle Bike Polo Players in the top 8... no other club was able to do what we did at North Americans by putting so many of our own in the top 8. So please, like us on facebook, check our blog out, come visit for two or three weeks so you can play 6 days a week, and be ready for more epic games next year. We should have some seattle bike polo equipment going up for sale soon so you can represent "Where Bike Polo Started" and one of the top clubs in America.

Thank you Milwaukee. Thank you NAH. Good luck at Worlds (for those attending). The stars in the polo-verse were very bright this weekend. I hope to see you all again soon.

if you haven't registered for Bench Minor 3, and that's a lot of you slayers that i saw this past weekend, email me with your name and city so we can do this draft. Bench Minor 3 has a thread here, and will be in Ottawa, ON Canada, last weekend of Sept.

Thanks a lot Milwaukee for the awesome three days of polo and for having so much fun in your city.
Well done for the organisation, courts / games / ref / party / bbq / etc.
Thank you all for the great polo games, playing and watching.
Congrats Beaver Boys for the first place and congrats for the first 16 teams and good luck for Geneva.

I hope to see you all again soon.

starting with the first final game


a double dose with your double espresso..the 2nd and final final game




photo time! sorry it took a few days.


Un-edited photos from Milwaukee!

Fuck off

Thank you Milwaukee. That was a great introduction to US tournaments. I had a blast, saw some incredible polo played by even more incredible humans. Rad times.

Special thanks to Ben Scultz for my future flag-scar from the boards on court 2; to Kremin for trading me his hat (that shit's magic); SWEAT TREAT for being the coolest teammates- love you Willou and Tiff.

Just great times. See you guys at worlds!


Lost my favourite helmet in Milwaukee . It is stickered up with Harden the Fuck Up sticker , SF bikepolo orange and blue and a few others

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

they got mine too! :(

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

it wasn;t our fault you had such a great time and were overserved so much you lost your helmets....any idea where they might be. one of the bars or the distilery?

Good point , capt But I actually left mine at the courts . No biggy if someone picked it up I'm sure I'll see it again. Lost a brand new mallet in AZ and got it back a year later , unused . Faith in the poloverse and ANTS

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

re-up to nic b for hours of thankless goaljudging and especially making a confident call in the finals...was not swayed by the crowd or players. he played in the tournament and goaljudged every time it was needed...take notes people. if we want to continue diy style this is what it takes.


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

just doing my part. thanks!

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!