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WHBPC wildcard teams:

Here is the list of team pre-registred for the tuesday wildcard. There is some spots left, and some players or teams looking for teams or players.
You can fill this form during next couple days.
All completes teams bellow are confirmed. The incomplete one have to fill the form with the missing player name. You can use this thread to find a sub' or a team.
Please try to do it as soon as possible.
An official registration form coming soon, with a paypall acount (price will be 60CHF per team, and 30CHF more for thoses who go throught).
Teams from wildcard can use the bunkers and eat lunchs during the whole Championship.

Complete teams:
1)Nice Touch : Cam, Josh, Dave, - London
2)Tornadoes : Erin, Nik, Jo, - London
3)Les Vieux Fritz : Elena, Michel, Attila - Geneva
4)Kangawallapus: Rob Moss - Melbourne, Leo Felder - Geneva, Johannes Mundry - Berlin
5)The drop bears: Colin Liddle - Adelaide, Yohei Okamoto - Perth, Alastair Osbourne - London
7)321Porno: Claude, JP, Miki - Bex
8)polo 51: salvo lagatta - Lyon, Tom Tox - Paris, kevin bienfait - Lyon
9)Milano Bike Polo: Mauro, Matteo, Lorenzo - Milano
10)Dirty Sanchez: Alejandro Carrillo, Jean-Baptiste Elizalde, Rexo - Barcelona
11)Goal Diggers: David J. Valentine , Matthieu Bachellier , Alex Valcke - Paris
12)CHACALS: Benjamin Nogues - Pars, Yorgo Tloupas - Paris, Floris Couke - Nantes
13)Sirens: Zoe Bierman, Max Knight, John Hayes - London
14)Chifoumi: Sarah Félix Bailat, Fred Gourdon, Jérémie Théodoloz - Geneva
15)France Gall , Anton, Norbert, Martin - France
16)PoloKlinik INTL: Scimmia, Flo, Tobi - Catania
17)Jean Polo Gaultier: Melvyn Buss, Daniel Gäumann, Florian Bürk - Bern
18)Tigers: Cento Canesio - Treviso, Mattia Malanga - Vicenza, Mike Carlo Piovan -Padova
19)Güacapolo: Antoine, Vincent, Max - Brussels/Cambridge
20)Slim Fast: Morgan Morgain, Boran Ruiz, Charles Supa - Lyon
21)TBD: Joséphine - Genève, Valley - Paris, Léo - Paris

Teams with 2 players:

22)Left-Shit: Phil Haarmann, Michi Krusche, TBD - Munich

Teams with 1 player (or sub' list):

-PooLoo: Recep Yesil - Istanbul
-Ali Shippey - Cambridge

Woah, there are a lot of good players in the Wildcard!

Are there still only 2 places to go through to the main tournament?

dang.. it's gonna be a hard fight

Also, umm, any news on the format for the Wildcard tournament? is it Single elim, Double elim?

The number of team who will go to main event gonna be higher than 2 for sure. As we don't have any news from South american teams, less than 16 NAH (14 i think). So i can say at least 6 teams will go over, probably more 8 or 10. Confirmation soon.

The Wildcard just gonna be swiss round the whole day, i think around 6 games per team. This is the best way to give a good ranking on one day.

Can't wait! Thanks Clem.


I let you know ASAP, Clement.

YEAH!!! Wildcard <3

Wow the wildcard looks like it'll be a fantastic start to Tuesday . Prepare for your ears to bleed coz I'm coming in early for this.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

we're in !
Salvo + Kevin from Polo 51 + Thomas from Peinture French =
Peinture 51

  • pastis51.jpg

PoloKlinik INTL (Scimmia, Flo, Tobi) instead of Bike Pollo, SVP

Güacapolo just lost its supposed sub. If somebody is around on tuesday with a bike, feel welcome to contact me...

Program is out:

Unfortunately I am out.

Have fun everyone, sure this is going to be awesome!

-Mateen / Banana Thieves

Hey, lads from munich, still searching a sub ?


Hey charles,
Would be nice if you could join us... We'll be there Monday... Give us a shout, phil.haarmann@gmail.com or 004915116887794

woooooohoooo! awesome, Thanks Clem! Top 6 or so teams to go through, that's excellent news cos i'm travelling half way around the world for this ;)

Looking forward to your cheering/heckling Machine :D

See you all soon!

Think that more of that gonna go trought. I let you know around sunday.

All teams confirmed for sure, and if anyone (who don't already play in the main event) want to show up, ask here ASAP.

Sorry, but Milano is out
we tried to arrange a team but was impossible
too many last minute defections

No prob', but sad. We need more italians in this!

Is there a challonge/podium link for the wildcard?

Coming in 2 hours.
You can also fallow the upper camera live stream here:


fallow it live:

After 5 swiss rounds of the wildcard and 2 play offs games ( 9vs12, 10vs11). The ranking of the 10 teams who go TO WORLDS is this one:
1) Nice touch
2) Jean Polo Gautier
3)Dirty sanchez
4) Ride or Die
5) Sexy boys
6) Chacals
7) Guacapolo
8) Goal diggers
9) Poloklinik Intl
10) Peinture 51