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Fundraiser for solid livestream coverage of the NAH tour 2013.

Our very own Mr. Do will be touring the major NAH tournaments this year, providing us, through the intimacy only the glow of our computer monitors can provide, a livestream of hot polo action at bikepolo.tv.

Everything adds up, so donate what you can! 'Do' swag upon various giving levels include can coozies and t-shirts.

Check it out, here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/livestreamed-bike-polo-championships

Oh, and Hi, lobp! I'm excited to meet a bunch of you in CoMo next weekend.

Well now I have to go buy a prepaid debit card to send money, hitthatgoal

The show of support has been awesome. Thank you ALL so much! This is going to be rad summer. Haha, and the Do Swag is amazing. The Do coozies will feature Dude.

  • Do swag.jpg

WELP, kiddies, we were able to raise a little more than half of our goal. It's not going to be enough to get the stream team down to Worlds in Florida, but we're going, no matter what.

It's also not too late to donate!

Please, throw a few bones to Mr. Do via paypal at mr.do@gmx.us and build polo karma points.

Thanks SO much to everyone who has donated so far! We appreciate and are humbled by your support.

Hahaha, and thank you Lancaster Polo for the, ahem, lighting of a fire under some polo butts about this fundraiser with your blog post. And, of course, HUGE thanks to Fixcraft for drumming up support for this effort, and for being a huge sponsor. I think your post this afternoon nails it:

There's an interesting article over at lancasterpolo.com about the bikepolo.tv streaming project. It's pretty clear how the stream team is going to be absolutely transforming how Hardcourt is viewed and how it will develop our sport.

Now, polo may not be a crowdsourcing community, but it's always pulled through for important events in the past. You don't need to contribute through the fundraiser.

You can paypal any time directly, any amount, to


We think this is a seriously important project in hardcourt and us, or us and some of the other companies can't support it all ourselves as much as we'd love too. Take a sec, thanks.

Hey, uh... dumbguy question:

I gave a few bones on your indiegogo or whatever campaign. Is that like kickstarter where you only get funded if you hit your goal? Or do you actually get the partial funding dollars regardless of where it ended up?

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Naw, sweetie, we get the money that was contributed by you rad folks even if we don't hit the goal with a small percentage skimmed by indigogo. And, thank you.