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NAHBPC 2014 regions and qualifying system

2014 Proposal

NAH has completed work on a proposal for a more equitable and competitive NAH Championship series qualification. The proposal presents two key changes to the qualifying system - the creation of new regions and a return to an open region qualifying system. Below is a brief synopsis of the proposed changes. Please be sure to visit http://www.nahardcourt.com/proposed-regional-structure-changes-2014/ for the complete proposal.

Open Regions
Similar to the 2012 qualifying system, registration for your regional qualifier will be exclusive to in-region teams for a period of time (two weeks) and then opened to out-of-region teams. The open region system will give players more flexibility as to where and when they attend a qualifier.

Regional Restructuring
The regional restructuring includes the creation of three extra regions (Prairies/Great Plains, Upper & Lower Midwest, from the previous Midwest region, and Mexico), to bring the total regions to ten, and the moving of a number of states to different regions. This will make it easier for those teams from areas who previously found it difficult to travel to qualifiers, or where qualifiers were oversubscribed.

Clubs will be voting on the aspects of the proposal that directly affect it. Your club should begin discussing these proposed changes so that your club rep can cast their vote.

If you are a club rep, you should have already heard from your regional rep regarding an update to your club contact details. Please respond promptly to this email as this involves the upcoming vote on this issue as well.

Again, full details of this proposal can be found here. Feel free to contact tournaments@nahardcourt.com with any further queries.

John Hayes - Tournament Director
North American Hardcourt

nb4 shitshow.

Edit: Nevermind. I'll just see how this unfolds.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I like it.
Curious about why where you finish in the NA top 24 doesn't seem to matter for the following year allocation.
(I can see arguments on both sides of ranked allocation, just wanted to know what the NAH rationale was)

prairiepunk wrote:

Curious about why where you finish in the NA top 24 doesn't seem to matter for the following year allocation.

With the switch back to open regions, the qualifying spot would go to the region the team qualified *in*, not where they are based. You guys qualified in Cascadia, so the top 24 finish spot would stay there for consistency. I can see the arguments for both sides as well, but this was the most pragmatic answer.

He meant where as in "what finishing rank" I think. 2nd is harder than 5th is harder than 17th.

I just woke up. Point system solves all problems. Leaderboard time!

A good question there.

Simply put, we wanted to change the system as little as possible, while making the important changes we thought were necessary.

For 2013 there was no priority for the ranking within the top 24, so we've continued with that.

We may look at more granular rankings, based on finishing position, in the future, but not for 2014, and probably not 2015 either.

Fair enough.
Like I said, I can see both sides of the coin here, and I get the argument that it is more representative of regional strength to just count up the number of top 24 teams at NA's from each. Gives less weight to outlier slayer teams over general quality of polo in each region.

We have several years of qualifying data. Use it.

as someone from a club that previously had to travel 1200km for a regional qualifier, i can appreciate what NAH is doing here. not only will it mean less travel for the clubs around us, but it will encourage more tournament play since travel won't be such a major barrier to participation

With 10 regional qualifiers, it does lower the pressure to have huge regional qualifiers. It's probably possible to do 24 team events, which is nice for planning since it only requires 2 courts. This sets a great baseline and anything above and beyond this is just icing.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

my campaign to rename "upper midwest" region to "Fresh Coast" begins now..who do i talk to about that?

I'm pushing for "Great Lakes" for upper and "Highlands" for lower (in honor of chris simpson duh) but "Fresh Coast" might just need to be considered....

I would accept great lakes as well if necessary.

Here is a link to the map we've used to generate the regional images, so feel free to zoom in and see exactly which club is where:


The lower Midwest region: The Bourbon Belt.

I quit polo if this name doesn't happen!


Santa Fe, New Mexico (PoloSantaFe) is in favor of the changes.
When will these changes take place?

We'd like to look at putting in a bid for the regional qualifier.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Thanks Jeff, I have just emailed you, but I'll record that as a yes.

The change will take place, as soon as approved, for the 2014 season. For the bid process, I'll get Brandon the SC rep to contact you.

Thanks! Let's keep moving forward!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

I've just emailed all clubs (that I have contacts for) to submit their vote to me, on the part of the proposal that affects them, by December 15th at the latest.

The proposed P/GP region
The Midwest
Upstate New York
New Mexico

If you haven't got an email, either your contact is wrong, or I don't have one, in which case please send an email to tournaments@nahardcourt.com or your regional rep.

I will update here as changes are approved.

Mississippi's club have already approved their move to SE.

New Mexico change is approved, all clubs in favour.

Regional name suggestions

Lower Midwest - "Midwest" MWRQ
Upper Midwest - "Great Lakes" GLRQ

Better names to distinguish regions.

South Central - "Central" CRQ
Mexico - "Southside" SRQ

Keeping with the naming convention, Mexico should be the southside. Lines may shift in the future, so let's not name the region for one state.

South West - "Westside" WRQ

Mirrors ____side naming convention.

Prairies/Great Plains - Great Plains GPRQ

Mirrors idea for "Great Lakes" regional name.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

We don't use the term "Great Plains" in Canada, where most of the clubs in that region are located.

This is why neither Great Plains or Prairies work (for the same reasons).

If I was going purely functional, I'd have called it North Central, to match South Central.

But the name is really the least important bit of this from an NAH perspective, if that's the only problem you have, I'm very happy.

So, it's really up to you to come together, and work with your future rep to choose a name you prefer. As long as it's not offensive, and logical, I don't see why the NAH, or anyone outside your region should object.

Great, now I can start throwing up all those Westside hand signs I've always wanted to do at polo tournaments Dreams do come true.

You can't take the word "Midwest" away from the places that established the region--Illinois and Wisconsin.

Slight adjustment to the UMW and LMW regions after feedback from Indiana clubs. The border will now be diagonal line straight from the Illinois border to the Ohio/Michigan border, so that Fort Wayne is included in the LMW will all the other Indiana clubs.

If there are cases where you think the system produces the opposite of what we are achieve, please send an email to tournaments@nahardcourt.com, we are more than happy to get feedback.

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sweet we retain Gary, IN in the Upper-MW

Prairies/Great Plains vote has passed 6 yes replies out of a possible 11.

To update the other votes.

6/6 yes votes from Midwest, but plenty to come.

1/1 yes vote from Michigan, 2 more to come, so just 1 more needed for a majority

1/1 no vote from Tennessee, a few more to come in.

No responses from Vermont, Upstate New York or Kansas

Just one more week to get your votes in.

No changes to the above apart from a few more yes votes for the Midwest split

I think that the SouthWest Region got screwed this year. The SF club has 7 players in the top 10 teams of the world. All by itself. And there's still L.A., San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Davis, Santa Cruz, and others to consider... 3 slots this year? Really?

Lefty Bullshit!

Beavers played as a Midwest team this season. Spots go to the qualifier, not the ending player location.

Well, The Control was your only qualifying team, that's why that's happened. If your other teams had done better, you would have more spots.

Of those 7 players, the Beavers already have a spot as champions, so you've still got those 3 spots on top of them.

And don't forget that you can travel to other qualifiers, if you choose.

Given the teams you have, I'm sure SW will have a higher allocation next time round, if Control and Beavers repeat their performance, and if any other teams finish in the top 24.

Vermont vote to join Eastside.

Now what happens to Robin C. Does he move, with New Mexico, as a district Rep?

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Kansas and New York also vote yes to their respective moves.

You need a NAH stamp of approval.

  • 8McGoGa.jpg

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

He actually sends these out...

  • APPROVED.jpg

Midwest vote to approve the split.

Tennessee vote to remain in South East.

The final open vote now is for Michigan to join the Upper Midwest.

Michigan vote to join the Upper Midwest, therefore we have majorities on all votes.

So the final proposal is:

Great Plains/Prairies region to be created
Mexico region to be created
Midwest Region to be split into Upper and Lower
Michigan to join Upper Midwest
Kansas to join Lower Midwest
Vermont and upstate New York to join Eastside
New Mexico to join South Central
Mississippi to join South East
Tennessee to remain in South East

All the remains is an NAH board vote to approve the overall proposal. The result will be announced in a few days.

The NAH board approves the revised proposal 6:1.

We have 10 regions!

P/GP, Mexico, LMW, you'll need to elect new reps.

All regions please start thinking of qualifier locations.

Northsides will finally cut the crap and make it a Euchre competition at Lappin.

Guess I'm qualifying out of Northsides this year.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

And if any one from Puerto Rico wanted to play?? they are somewhat of an American state, right?

Yes, indeed, and they aren't the only territory, state, province, or country not included in a region.

Anyone from Hawai'i, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI, Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala, or any of the other Caribbean or Central American countries, will be considered as in-region for any qualifier they choose to go to. If we find any of those areas regularly send a team, then we will assign a logical region to them in the future.

As yet no Puerto Rico team has tried to qualify (as far as I am aware), and instead have played in the South American championships (at least in 2013).

And potentially Greenland. Though that's a question even FIFA haven't resolved yet. Luckily I don't think it will be an issue for bike polo any time soon ;)

Thanks to the hard work of our regional reps, and hosting clubs, we have finalized the 10 qualifiers for the NAH qualifying tour.

April 19th/20th
South East: Atlanta, GA (32 teams)

May 10th/11th
Mexico: Guadalajara, Jalisco (24 teams)

May 24th/25th
Cascadia: Seattle, WA (24 teams)
Great Plains: Saskatoon, SK (24 teams)
South West: Folsom, CA (32 teams)

May 31st/June 1st
Eastside: Lancaster, PA (36 teams)
Heartland: Indianapolis, IN (24 teams)
South Central: Albuquerque, NM (24 teams)

June 7th/8th
Great Lakes: Milwaukee, WI (24 teams)
Northside: Ottawa, ON (24 teams)

A total of 268 teams will have a chance to qualify for the 48 spots in Minneapolis in July.

Registration will be announced very soon...

*All dates are provisional until registration is announced, please don't book any travel until you have a confirmed spot.

Thanks John, ¿Will registration be announced in this or a separate thread?


bike polo hotline

yelling won't help.

agile for my size.

it's still in the works. i swear we're working hard trying to get this together.

54 days!!


Qualifier registration opens next Friday (South East), and Sunday (All other regions)

More info here:


Guinea pig region.