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2014 SW Qualifier Discussion/info

I saw that the proposed final deadline for qualifier location/date is in a couple of weeks. How far are we from having this figured out? So far I've only heard two locations put into the mix - Fresno and Folsom. We just had a tournament in Folsom and the courts are beautiful and can be rented. I contacted the Folsom Parks & Rec. Dept. and found out that it would cost $30/hour unlit and $45/hour lit. If we play in May the sun goes down at ~8pm. So if we played 10am-10pm for two days on two courts it would cost $1560. Event insurance is required and to insure to their requirements ($1mil single incident) for 100 people for two days for a "hockey tournament" would cost $200. Would probably have to contact them to see if bike polo would get the same rate.

If there are the same amount of teams as last year (24) the tournament cost would be about $75 + $10 NAH fee. That's the same as Fresno last year. But that wouldn't include food. If there were more teams (like 32) then we could have enough money to provide food as well.

The case for Fresno could be made if they still have the boards and courts. That would save everybody money for entry fees. They also threw an awesome Qualifier last year so they have history on their side.

Just thought I'd throw out the information that I have so we could get a dialogue happening.


I also vote Folsom!

Funnily enough I was at SF pickup last night, and started talking about this. Sacramento was mentioned.

With daylight hours on 2 courts, you can do 24 teams, with lights 32 teams.

Either way, I'm glad this discussion has started, when you come to an agreement, can you contact me, at tournaments@nahardcourt.com


Hey guys.. I really like the idea of the SWQ being in Folsom. They are deff awesome courts to play on and everything around the courts is Great!! My only concern is that last time I was there for the Battle of Cali the courts were not rented. From what I was told it was 1st come 1st serve. Also some one mentioned food.. Honestly food is a bonus at a tournament. Hosting a tournament is a lot of work and last thing u want to worry about is feeding people. People usually go get there one food... But also Fresno, Tee, Mrs tee and there awesome crew did an amazing job hosting the qualifier last year! I can go either!!

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Hey everyone - Thanks for chiming in. That's true that last time we had the battle (and last weekend) we didn't reserve the courts. But they can be rented for events. I would be inclined to have the event be bring your own lunch but provide water for everybody. If we had extra cash from more teams we could look into getting a permit for alcohol. There are restaurants (mr. pickles, subway, chinese, taqueria, sushi, thai, indian) all within a quarter of a mile. A detractor is housing. The hotels in Folsom proper are expensive. Most people will probably want to stay in nearby Rancho Cordova (10 min. drive) or bunk up with Sacramento/Davis folks.

I would like to hear from Tea to see if he wants to throw the qualifier. If Fresno is out then I think Folsom is our only option. As far as California, nobody from LA, SF, SC, Sac or Davis has bid for an alternative. If Tea wants to throw it there we'd have to talk about the benefits between either. A benefit for Fresno is also that it actually has a host city. Folsom is just somewhere that Sacramento and Davis infrequently travel to. The biggest plus there are the nearly perfect courts and there being no need for a setup.

I think charging $90.00 a team or $30.00 a person is just fine. Maybe we can get a room block or something at a nearby hotel but I think that staying with the Sac/Davis folks work as well. I'd really like to see the qualifiers at Folsom because the courts are awesome, and if combination Sac/Davis wanted to organize I know it would be a top notch tournament.

My vote is for Folsom to host the qualifier this year. I think everyone should step up and understand the cost and work that goes into a tournament of this caliber. We should work as a region and figure out a way to cover the rental and insurance costs. There are some awesome sponsors (Jinna) that will help out with some of those things. Tine-Tine and I were talking and think that every club should contribute a sponsor or prize, for winners/DFL etc.
I can tell you that it takes an army... Team peDal jUnkies baby!
Vote for Folsom!!


What dates are you thinking?

April 18 - June 8th is the range we are looking for.

SC, and Mexico haven't set dates as yet, Cascadia is likely to be the last weekend in that range (in case you wanted to avoid clashing with your neighbours)

Mexico is probably May 10th/11th

I was thinking memorial day weekend would be good (may 24-25). That should at least make it easy on people traveling back home on the following monday. That depends on the availability of the court though. What do you guys think?

For me, not memorial day weekend.

I'd personally rather get some bike camping done on a long weekend (obviously this qualifying doesn't revolove around my timeline) but I think Folsom is close enough to where I wouldn't be completely worried about getting home after the double elmin.

Fresno's still going to host Smack In Da Middle in April. Just not going to be a qualifier. Want to invite the whole world to come see what the Southwest Region is doin'. So our weekend is usually April 19 & 20th


I'm down with Memorial Day weekend as well. Don't forget there are San Diego and LA folks that will probably be coming. It's an 8 hour drive according to google from San Diego to Folsom. Just throwin that out there, if there not coming then fuck em, any other weekend is fine.

Not to mention Arizona and Vegas. I know it's a perfect weekend for camping but i think we might have to sacrifice it for ease of travel. Unless people are unable to go then!

Its a 9 hour drive from SD indeed, prob a little more from Tempe. But i guess we're used to long drives. The Folsom courts are awesome. Lemme speak for SD, Folsom on may 24-25 would be mint.

If we settle on memorial day weekend we should reserve those courts ASAP!

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Folsom for sure! Don't spend any money on food. We are all adults we can feed our selves


You can throw us in the mix. AZ should be able to host Apr 26-27 or May 3-4. Any later, the Californians would melt. $60 a team including the $10 NAH fee.

wow... this whole thread and no one mentioned j cash.. make it in Folsom

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I think Tempe is a good option as well... experienced, and everything is ready to go.

Book dem courts!

So now that we have two options what do you all think we should do? Should we have a vote on League to determine which location is selected? Should we just take into consideration whoever peeps up on this forum post? There's not really a clean way to decide. I do know that we'll need to book the courts asap if we want to play in Folsom.

I'm guessing the courts in AZ are about as nice as the ones in Folsom? And I'd say the cost per team is relatively negligible ($60 vs. $75). AZ is closer for the AZ folks and LV folks. Honestly I've only had a chance to meet those that travel so I'm not sure how big the scene is there. I'm guessing there's a lot more than who I've met. Folsom is closer for the SF, Davis, Sac, SC, Fresno & San Jose folks. LA & San Diego are right about in the middle (I think). I would guess that less people would have to travel as far to Folsom. But a major benefit to AZ is they have experience and a local club.

Chime in on how you think we should move forward!

Folsom. You will see help from Sac and SF with out a doubt. I'm sure we could expect some solid volunteers from the rest of the region.



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folsom def has nice courts but for the sake of AZ, LV, and SD it would be nice to have a more central location. Salt Lake City is kind of SOL in any location unless they host.

I play for hugs

AZ can throw a top notch tournament. I'm inclined to lean that way.

Plus, I don't mind driving there but I'd rather avoid having to drive around and having courts that I have to drive to.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Folsom. Az have many tournaments under there belt for sure but i think for a qualifier and how the game and everything else is changing as time goes by, i think Folsom for the reason that it has 4' foot boards and AZ has 2' boards. Unless AZ puts 4' boards all around. The drive shouldn't be a big deal. It's about who has the Best courts available and that is Folsom. But the courts have to be rented.

"We don't need no education"

I should add to that that 4' boards is a requirement.

Good points David. AZ has the material for 4' boards. We might need some extra help from our SW family to get it put together.

Taco tony asked me to set up this polll... https://leagueofbikepolo.com/sw2014-poll

Thanks Kev!

I don't think we should discount any city that wants to host! I figured this would be the fairest way to decide. I also think that next year neither the winner of this or Fresno should bid so we can spread out the cities that have hosted the qualifier. But we can talk about that later.

This says you may not submit another entry at this time but I never submitted one in the first place.

same as above for me...

shotgun your bike!

Hummm, I e-mailed Kevin to see what's up



Lefty Bullshit!

Sorry all, fixed. don't make polls when you've been drinkin.

44 votes, 39 for Folsom, 5 for Tempe.

I think the regional reps are reviewing the names to see that there's not widespread voter fraud, so not sure this is official... but i think you can safely bet on it.

Was I not supposed to vote 39 times?

So, assuming it's Folsom, who is the organiser for this, so I can get dates locked down?

it's one of 2 regions we are waiting on.

Tony from Davis is taking this on, with help from surrounding clubs.

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@John H.. Only 3 slots qualify in the SW.

"We don't need no education"


If the Beavers try to qualify in the SW (which I assume), then 4.

Beavers do not need to qualify is that correct?

That was the original plan, but they wanted to legitimately qualify anyway.

So we changed that, so the qualifier the Champions play in get an extra spot, not the Beavers. If they get 5th or worse, they don't get to go to the NAs.

we still have to have the qualifier regardless of how many spots. whenever the beavers and control crush the poloverse this year, we will have more for next year. we need to get our shit together as a region. lets help each other out we have some of the best players in the world here now. not talking shit but very few players in seattle are from there, but move there because cascadia is a strong region. we can be the same and its fucking sunny every day.

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