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NA teams going to WHBPC 2014

So we have a deadline of July 28th to claim our NA spots, or lose them.

Once you are confirmed on the list below, please register here: http://whbpc2014.montpellierbikepolo.fr/#register

I'm managing the list of teams. Please see this post for the current list, of who has what spots.
Please post here once you are claiming your spot, or are not going (so the next team can get it)
If you aren't in the top 24 teams at NAs, but have team with 2 NA players, who want to go, please contact me on this thread, or at tournaments@nahardcourt.com. We want to fill all those 24 slots if possible.

Current list (if teams are confirmed not going, I'm removing them from the list)
Champs - Beavers - registered

1) Guardians - registered
2) Control - registered
3) Mosquito - registered
4) Koyo/Stiven/Pierre - registered
5) Nino Dios - maybe?
6) Memento Mori - registered
7) Significant Otters - registered
8) Royals (Jon/Jordan/Branden) - registered.
9) Family - registered
10) Ride Your Bike Machine - registered
11) TBD (Luke/Dana/Dom) - registered
12) TBD (Brandon/Tiffany/Thomas) - registered
13) Danielle/Ali/Julia - registered
14) Johnny - Mark/Kropa/Stevie - registered
15) Kristine/Jacki/... - confirmed
16) ....

1) Ratking - registered

Other players going, looking for a team:
Oleha Riden
Brandon Carter
Kristina Kinsel
Jacki Rust

Brigands are going. Will let you know if anything changes.


Why were we taken off the list?

You should probably speak to your teammate about that.

You can still make a team, and almost certainly get a spot, but not as 1/3 brigands

Ok, I found a third and we are both qualified for worlds but he qualified at australasians, and another NA player who isn't qualified. Would we lose our main event spot and have to play in the wild card?

As a non Nahbpc team you'll go to the bottom of the list, but you may still get a main event spot. Can you send me the team Info so I can add you?

All teams have been contacted, and the list is being updated as I get answers

I'm into going to worlds, so if there are any incomplete North American teams out there ok playing with a cascadian teammate who shoots like a girl get in touch!

I am also looking for a team, if possible! Hit me up!

Can you give me your name, and I'll add you to the single player list.

Hurt Feelings are out, Tall George hates France.

There are now some free NA wildcard spot, and likely more to come. First-come-first-served...

Fidna is not going.

available for a 3rd if anyone needs a player...

Also up for a wildcard team....

Milwaukee, Eh? respectfully declines the invitation to this tourney.


Thank you!

Last change to form a team for this... otherwise the spare spots are going to get handed back to the open pool

1 main event
7 wildcard

I have my ticket, available third.

jacki rust

There is a main event spot open, just need another north american (a euro third is fine). Speak to puta (Kristina Kinsel) from Austin.

Also try Oleha and Brandon, not sure if they are still looking.

or wildcard

jacki rust