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France East League Tournament #3

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Sunday, September 16, 2012
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court

Hi There!
Here is the third East League Bike PoloTournament.
For this way 12 slots will be open for internationnal team.
Inscription should start one the sept 29 at 7PM.
Hope to see German, Swiss, French and why not others teams

Program :
Saturday :
10h00 - Waiting players.
11h00 - Starting 4 rounds
18h00 - End of the rounds
19h00 - Tourism and after…

09 h00 - Waiting players
10h00 - Starting double elimination.
17h00 - Congratulation and gifts

Inscription :
Sent a mail to strasbourgbikepolo@gmail.com (a partir du 29/08/12 à 19h) with
Objet : Tournois #3 Ligue de l’est – « name of the city » don't forget:
The team name, Players name, If you need a couch to sleep, the name of a goal ref.
Inscription cost is 12€

Just ask us on your inscription mail.

Meal & drinks :
Saturday and sunday lunch will be free.
Some beer will be sell 1€ (without pfand) 33cl of paradise.

Check Velo / Mallet :
We want to make a check of the bike and mallet before the tournament.
Be carefuly to you screw, cable and other stuff who should hurt me!
Cheater mallet is allow

Place :
Lingolsheim :

Parc Zimmer
Rue de Graffenstaden
Lingolsheim 67380



Lingolsheim Skate Park
Rue de Graffenstaden

Signed up

Team registered:

1- Got balls - Daniel, Kryzsztof, Hannes - Mannheim
2- Polonium - Guillaume, Matth, Elodie - Strasbourg
3- Doddele - Cyrille, Max Poulet, Julien - Strasbourg
4- Pass A3 - Attila, Michel, Elena - Genéve
5- Polo H - Tom, Fab, Pablo - Nancy
6- Technipolor - Morgane, Jubsss, Manu - Clermont-Ferand/Strasbourg
7- Simples & sympas - Manu, Thibaut, Ben - Clermont-Ferand
8- GranitZentral - Dani, Lukas, Michi - Bâle
9- Ralf le renne - Cléa, Titi, Cricri - Dijon/Nancy
10- The love gang - Thomas, Alex, Oliver - Karlsruhe
11- Alabama Hot pockets - Mike, Philipp, tba - Heilbronn

Kansas City Shuffle ..........I like it

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE