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Fresh Meat Friendly

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Host club: 
Fresno Bike Polo
Contact info: 
(559) 394-5285

"Fresh Meat Friendly". This will be a 3vs3 format on our new courts, double elimination. $5 per player, winning team takes it all!!! Starting around 12pm until we decide to turn out the lights (we control the light system). We're planning Saturday only, but if anyone wants to stick around, Sundays are lovely for POLO.
Hit me up with any questions (559) 394-5285.
C-ya on the courts!!!


Fink-White Park
600 S Trinity Street
Fresno, CA
United States

Signed up

New courts?

Please elaborate.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

playing in a new part of town where we can set the lights for whenever. 2 basketball courts surrounded by a fence. divided in two by boards (about 1 foot high). basketball hoop poles are out of the way.

Team is ready! See you on 19th

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

directions from both North CA and South CA are listed below. Since we're off Highway 99, it'll be uber easy to find. copy and past the link into Google Maps.

from the South: http://goo.gl/maps/8ZIO0
from the North: http://goo.gl/maps/tJBdo

c-ya on the courts!!!!


teams will be placed in a hat and pulled out randomly. no picking who plays who. you play who is pulled out of the hat.


Aw. I was looking forward to watching the GIRRILLAZ knock down some big boys.

Hat tourney is cool too. Esp. since I don't even have a team at this point.


Clearly you are intimidated by the inevitable dominance of $GIRLILLAZ$...

Talked to Tea...sounds like people will choose their team.

Let the #grlllzzz$?! dominate. Everyone can see they sure can't spell. Do we have to listen to bands with names like stella! or *** while you play?

everyone chooses their own teams to play on.

hat drawings will be used for seeding.

there are some reasonable hotels in downtown Fresno. looked em up on Orbitz just in case...

Super 8 Fresno Convention Centre Area $50


Single lefty possibly looking for team

JUST GET HERE! you know you'll get picked up on a team bro


5593945285...if you get lost or here early...there is a tweed ride friday night,,,, ANIMAL aka mat would be the one to get a hold of on that


Anyone need a third? I just got my new Polo Bike and I'm ready to rock!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Anyone need a third? I just got my new Polo Bike and I'm ready to rock!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Happy tired. Yesterday: fantastic weather, ~70 players from across CA, two courts and polo with lights that stay on all night. Fun times were had! Hopefully pictures and memories show up on the internet. I got some numbers:

Winner: Jizzwizards (Ace, Andrew S Kyle, Brandon)
2nd: Kingsfords (Dillman, Joel, Doug)
3rd: Pedal Junkies (Tea, Matt R, John Fresno)
4th: Capitol Bike Polo (Justin, Tsunami, Sammy Nickles)
MVP: Ace
DFL: Scrumdiddly (Sloppy Joe, Nate, Mike from Fresno)

We set up a 2nd court and started swiss rounds by 12:40p. 22 teams. 15 minute time limit. After 3 rounds (~6:30p) lights on the 2nd court went out and it was decided to continue with a 4th round among top 10 teams only, followed by a single elimination final four (top four teams after rounds). Pedal Junkies was on top going into the finals (4 wins, +15), followed by Kingsfords and Jizzwizards. CBP got the last finals spot by a goal, Cadabbers was on the bubble.

The final game was polo like ya want it. I felt good after Dillman pounded in two. Shitty and Ace teamed well and evened it up. Dillman and I...and playing with Brian Dillman was an honor and a pleasure...but anyway we got a groove where I would lead across half and try to make it open for the shot. We were up 4-3. Ace flew down the left side twice and scored great goals on me. Sucks when that last goal goes in and you realize it just ended with the ball going through you. But hell it was fun day and we worked for that final and played it to beer point.

The prior game vs. CBP was the most physical I've played in a while. Even against good players who can take it like they dish it, clean polo is better polo. Turning on the aggro is easy. Turning it back down is harder. It's worth the effort: Clean is better.

I enjoyed watching Pedal Junkies do their thing against Beehive (Stefano, Ulysses, Benson) to make it not just into the final, but to the top of the standings. Tea brings so much passion to bike polo. It comes out in his promotion and organization, and it comes out in his game. Matt and John got cool heads + good skills and the three of them hussle and play smart, and won all their games with big differentials. Well, the Jizzwizards handed them a donut but jeebus Andrew and Ace play serious tight polo.

Love the California polo crowd. Fresno announces a simple friendly and 22 teams invade and throw it down. We keep it fun all the way to the charcoal toss at 1:30a (it was probably fun after that, but I went to bed). We all look forward to April. Gotta figure how to make it happen for 120 players, 'cuz people will want more of that.

Joel....you are the man! Thanks for everything, down to the "T". Even this perfect description of the awesome weekend we all had. It wouldn't have gone so smooth if you weren't there, bro. Thank you for backing me up man.


Thanks for the good times Fresno. Unfortunately my new gloves have gone missing, if anyone sees a pair of small northern Standard gloves I would appreciate them finding their way back onto my cold lil hands.

Sam Bell.. We're still looking, and won't stop till we find them...Till we smash mallets again!


Thanks Fresno!
That was a great event and it's awesome to see your numbers and hear about the weekly turnouts yall are getting. Way to integrate on your own terms with the park and groundskeeper, and the neighbors with their fire, etc. I still think one of the great, but most missed, games of the day was Pedal Junkies vs Cyclopath over on that other court, next time bitches!

I'm so glad you guys made the trip. You're right... that game was pretty awesome! whenever you want to make the trip back to Fresno, you know you have an open invitation. And bring it!! we're ready for ya.


Vegas had a great time. Thank you Fresno.
T you were a great host.
Our three new guys we brought are hooked after everything this weekend.

This really makes the chocie between coachella and smack in da middle really tough.


aw man. 707 in da house!! you know we're naming your sleeping grounds after you guys...707 Bike Shop...
thanks for making that long-ass drive out here. It's always a pleasure to smash mallets with my Vegas peDal jUnkies. Keep the newbies on their toes. I'll be back in your city real soon.

*ahem* Smack in Da Middle


Thanks for an awesome first tourney Fresno.

shotgun your bike!

no, thank you for attending. See ya at Smack in Da Middle