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Saturday, February 13, 2016 - Sunday, February 14, 2016
Contact info: 

Winnipeg is proud to host our 3rd annual indoor 3v3 good time polo tournament. Full sized polished concrete arena, cheap beer upstairs, food, housing, party, etc.

Tournament will also feature a chili cookout Saturdays. Format to be determined based on turnout. We'll either do a full round robin, or swiss rounds Saturday going into sunday, followed by a condensed single elim playoffs. Everyone will get lots of games, and playoffs will be exciting.

Time allowing, we'll hold a few short/casual/fun pullout bench matches.


Duncan sportsplex
55 dunan

Signed up

I don't understand why the poster is sideways. Real poster and more details to follow.

thanks kev!

The same reason your profile pic is upside down you dummy

Registration is now open!

pre-party friday night at the yellow dog!

Americans are encouraged to pay registration fees in beer!

2 cases of hamms will cover reg'n for a team!

What's full sized, I've yet to play in your fine city

60x160 i think, primarily used for floor hockey.