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aloha bike polo luau tournament

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Sunday, May 25, 2014
Host club: 
Knoxville, TN
Contact info: 
seanmessamore@yahoo.com or 865-209-9796
Court size: 

3 vs 3 classic
swiss rounds day 1
double elimination day 2

2 courts- 1 lg 100x110 street hockey court with metal goals
and a 1/2 double tennis court w/cone goals as of now.
and yes if we get done early we should have 4 VS 4 pickup,and and everyone vs evereyone games

no lights at the courts.

teams of 3 (or something like that)free agents welcome
bring a team or build a team when you get there.
(call or text sean to register 865-209-9796)
$3.00 entry fee per player (to give money for the winners)

after party that saturday night at the world famous KNOXVILLE BIKE HOSPITAL on 619 n broadway.
they will have beer for sale,and we will have a potluck.so you bring some food, i'll bring some food,then we can get drunk! we shall also be screen printing so bring shirts,shorts,hoodies whatever and we shall tag it.we figure around $ 3.00 per item so we can buy more ink.hell we may barter...whats in yo pocket? haha

free beer until the keg runs out
select can beer for sale also (bike hospital has a beer license!!)

Directions to the court: : I-75 North to Merchants Road Exit. Left off exit, approximately two miles to intersection of Merchants Road and Pleasant Ridge Road. Park is on walpine lane behind north west middle school.

Saturday schedule:
try to get there at 11am,start at 12pm
swiss rounds until about 6pm ish

6-7pm get settled in at your sleeping spots

FOOD and screen printing at the bike hospital:
potluck : bring food eat food! salads,chicken,coconut,m&m's,cookies,pizza,drinks.we don't care just bring and share everyone will be hungry after polo!

music actually starts around 9-9:30

sunday schedule:
start at 10am ish(depending on hangover...)

play until we bleed for the winner.
there will be trophies,beer,cash,and polo glory!
may the polo gods shine upon you and the best team win.


northwest polo court
walpine lane
knoxville, TN
United States

Signed up

vote: bench

you have the greatest username on this entire forum

^ Best avatar on the forum

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

seconded slash I should have some money saved up by then to fly down

yo "John Sanchez" (if that is your real name) you don't play in Orlando, although your tags says otherwise. You a cop?


If you guys buy me the bike of my choice, I'll move back and play with ya'll

"Court size: 100x110"


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Lets give bench a go! Let me know how you want to set it up!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

No. No bench. What a horrible idea. The worst. Probably ever. Next thing you'll be talking about wrist shots. Moron.

Only wrist shots allowed. And maybe +2 for a scoop that hits someone in the face.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I am trying to come home to Lexington around this time. 100x110 are you intending on this being wider than it is long? Will there be boards? Can we get more info?

i suppose we will do a bench,that's the way its leaning.it would be more laid back that way.eliijah for the court its a street hockey court,and its pretty huge.tall fences,wooden baseboard,metal goals.check out the photos on our facebook,it has some pretty good pics of the court.i'm still working on sponsors but this should be excellent!would you guys rather have an after party at a bar/pub or a bike shop ?

the court!

what's the word? full sized hockey court? you thinking 3v3 or 4v4 with rotating permagoalie? draft style bench or build a squad? one court? lit?

It's one giant square court. I like the 4v4 idea or bench. You coming?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

4v4 bench with teams of 6 so there're no wackass full line changes! lights? Friday night evaluation pickup for Saturday draft? I'd be down...

event details updated!!!!! booyah!