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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Saturday, May 31, 2014
Host club: 
Bikepolo Ulm
Court size: 
1 Court, 22x42m

1st Bikepolo Ulm Single Player Shuffle Tournament

Registration date: Friday 9th until Sunday 11th of May (Lottery)

Registration infos:
- Players name & city?
- arrival date?
- tent or car?
- referee?

Please register via email at: (Email address to be announced)

Registration fee: 15,-€ per player (payable during registration at the court)

Player list is limited to 30 players maximum and will be published on Monday the 12th of May.

Date of Tournament: Thursday 29th until Saturday 31st of May

Housing: Camping & parking by the court (please let us know if you sleep in a tent or in a car!) Toilets and showers are next to the court.


- Thursday 29th of May:
-> from 10a.m. tent set up & pick up games (floodlights)
-> BBQ & party from 6p.m.

- Friday 30th of May:
-> from 8a.m. breakfast by the court
-> 9-10a.m. Registration
-> from 10a.m. swiss rounds (approx. 6-7 swiss rounds)
-> pick up games in the evening (floodlights)
-> BBQ all day long
-> short bike ride up the river Donau and having a party in a nice bar (www.stiege-ulm.de)

- Saturday 31st of May:
- from 8a.m. breakfast by the court
- 9a.m. double elimination
- prize giving, BBQ & party in the early evening

Staying overnight until Sunday is possible!!

Ruleset: NAH 2.4


Bikepolo Ulm

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