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2014 Great Plains Qualifier

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Sunday, May 25, 2014
Host club: 
Saskatoon Bike Polo
Court size: 

Since registration is handled by NAH this year I've put off making a tournament page, but people still might want to ask questions, sort teams, request housing, etc. so here we are.

May 24-25
Saskatoon, Sk
Gurgulis Park Tennis courts
(dimensions 140' x 62', surface= brand new tennis court)
Qualifier format (Swiss rounds Sat, Double elim bracket Sun).
Prizes for podium finish (likely more): top 3 advance to NA's.
24 teams max


Requests for housing:

teambuilding/trashtalking: see below.

Any other Q's, post below and I'll get back to you (the future is now!)


Gurgulis Park
Saskatoon, SK

Signed up

First one on the list............ sweet!
That's all I ever wanted.
Get ready Sasketchetoon, Winnipeg is rolling in...

Regina is hosting it in sask for you! How nice of them

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

regina in the united states!

i still need a team

Hey, Greg from Winnipeg here, also looking for a team. This will be my fourth Polo on the Prairie. Josh: you, me and a third?

so many comedians!

No joke, Josh really needs a team...
And I wouldn't mind some housing for my team and some other Peggers. I call first dibs on your basement Will.

moved outta that house, sorry hombre.
(for serious though, hit up Andrea, she's in charge of housing)

Too bad, I liked your old place.
But okay, I will be hitting on Andrea (seems a better idea than hitting on you anyways).

I'd hit on Will over me any day.


Personally, I love hitting on Will. He is so handsome.

Dashing, really.


Registration is open!

get at me for housing, folks :)
facebook: andrea paperplane
email: andreapaperplane@gmail.com
on here: apaperplane


So far i have the following for housing:
Dave, Zach and JB (WPG)
Neil, Josh Z, Tom (EDM)
Kristie, Greg (WPG)

That is all.
I will update this, ever so slowly, as the teams/players information comes in.


i might spend the week since i'll probably be racing bikes on broadway on the 17-19

Team of two, looking for a third. Josh, you still looking? Or someone else?

you ask all the FB pages too Greg?
I think there might be a player or 2 in S'toon still looking, and I have heard nothing out of Cal but some of those degenerates must be coming.

looking forward to no fun bike polo! Do we have a schedule as far as when we need to be in saskatchewan? Trying to get time off and driving sorted out. Thanks!

The tournament dates are May 24-25. You might want to drive out Friday (the 23rd).


No set-in-stone schedule yet, but roughly it's going to go like this:

Friday afternoon/eve - set up courts, pickup until dark, registration party @Amigos Cantina
Saturday - Swiss starts @ 9am, goes until 6 or 7 (depends on final team #'s)
Saturday night - Party time @ the Hollows.
Sunday - Double elim starts @ 9am, goes until 4 or 5(trying to organize a schedule so that people who need to drive home for Monday work can get out of town before supper).
Sunday eve - court teardown, celebratory drinks.

How much $$ is registration? Or will I find out when I register?

I believe it is $120 per team in all regions.... but it will definitely tell you when you register.


You guys set the bar really high last year for what to expect. Every year has been better than the last. Looking forward to this one, kiddos!

Should I pack a scuba suit just to be safe?

Is this were we start the betting pool of it raining again?

10/1 for a sunny weekend sounds good.

The odds for snow are better than for shine, that's what my memory tells me.

I've been working on this prototype for a couple years. It should be ready to go this year. If it is... you know it'll be Mosquito for the win.


Mosquito / #saskaboom

Hey ppl of Edm, Wpg, Cgy, Reg, etc.
Tell your polo peeps to sign up!

yeah! wtf are you waiting for ;)


For the poloists to cool for LOBP! https://m.facebook.com/events/600636830014091?ref=bookmark

Watch out y'all. There's rumours of slayers from Anchorage, Alaska comin down!


#gpq2014 yo

Mosquito / #saskaboom

wow just seeing the amazing tournament poster now. love it so much! it would look great on a shirt or poster.
i hope you had a swell tournie. post the results!!

EVBP foreva

Thanks everyone! Great weekend, great weather and great ppl! And maybe mediocre pick-up(at best).
Still don't understand some of the calls, especially MVP. But hey, new ruleset... right?
Anyways, thanks for being tolerant and letting WUPASS back into town year after year.
Cheers and love y'all...

Congratulations to the 3 teams that made it through to NAs.
Passless Chaps
Aegis Burn

To claim your spot, you must register here, before Sat June 21st. https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/nahbpc2014

If you don't, your region may lose its spot to another team.

If you know you can't make it, please let the next team on the list know, so they can sign up before the 21st.

Also, the teams that didn't make it, be ready, just in case another team, or region can't take its spot.